Trust(alsoWorldwide) - the most used method of manipulation via mind programming

This are something like "global soul" manipulation/exploitation parasitic power games.
Eg, with this - psyExploiters mostly try to show their public faces as someone who one can trust to - even if one is worst than war like criminal(doing wars for their gains - eg ai learnings,psyExperiments-alsoWithDrugs/etc), and of course try to show others faces as someone who one can not trust to - even if that person doesn't have a tiny bit of intent to deliberatelly harm others. This is also through commercial seen media, although all other types of psyConditionings are via subConscious methods.. This is a chapter per se, so i won't go into detail about it here.. So - this is quite a lot used in worldwide trust manipulation - who one can trust to and who can't - no matter if one can be trusted to or not..
Here - i don't mean trust as that mehican/spanish limonade movies - i mean that kind of trust that one would not deliberatelly harm to others - eg exploiting someone whole life via mind programming - the basics of freedom exploitations..

In monarchMindProgramming - one is with full spectrum especially trained, to not trust to anyone(or just a few specific people who are later in life a part of group "social experiment" - artificial subConscious socialization - so that one is in a kind of their like life social kindergarten) - eg they create a bunch of people who spoil a kid - only so, to be later deliberatelly done exact the opposite - "friends" turns to worst enemies - bullyies etc - which is of course psyConditioning method..
Of course - the worst spiritual/psy tortures that are done on many that went through monarchMindProgramming - their "kuKluxKlan" probably doesn't use on themselves(at least not for soo long).. hmm - pussies..

Who do you think this "kuKluxKlan" people are amongs the worst ones? some are known, some are not.. They have all kind of people, one working there, one there, a few there and so on, so some of them - whole together - have quite a spectrum of knowledge - although they always abUse it - eg mind programming on expence of most people's health..

what is the consequence of this brainwashing used on most people worldwide?
well - exactly what's the goal - crazy(psyConditioned) heads.. because crazy heads(mostly subConsciously) is easier to use as a tool/manipulate/(psy/energy/sexually/spiritually/emotionally)exploit/etc..

yes - craziness can be ok, although this that is a part of deliberate mind programming for someone's asses, is opressive/negative - "dark" slavery/sadistic/heavy kind of craziness, so it's not a part of something ok.. Then - it's no surprise why soo much people take antidepressives/antipsichotics/etc..

Dark/heavy/sadistic craziness(a lot used for (dark)sexual conditionings) is an old brainwashing method.. and it can be used in favour to someone for quite a lot of things..