Sample user article - sex manipulations/conditioning in dreams

it seems that spoiled spychopathic mind programmers dictators don't like if anyone writes about their working. Huh - last night's dreams were 'awesome'. What are sometimes this idiots doing what concerns forced dreams(this is sometimes for some done even just like that in awake state). Well - basically it's a will breaking method - but it goes like this.
First in dreams(or for real) someone that is usually implanted is made horny(this includes when one has no wishes what concerns sex). Then - suddenly - somewhere in between, things are done in totally opposite direction - but usually harsh terror/violence is used for that. If one is in dreams put together with opposite sex - that person will in dreams always became totally violent and agressive, but in main mind programming phase this methods may also be used a lot - until one is sexually psyConditioned. I think that with this writings - i just 'decoded' where many "disorder" subConscious roots are comming from - but i won't write about it here(one is always welcome to come to 'workshops' if one is interested in this things for more). This methods may also be a reason why some are subConsciously fearing the opposite sex..

also, dream books are a fairytales - a brainwashers tool helpers and a bible to hypnotize people.. Dreams are manytimes manipulated with a reason - that's why some people prefer not to sleep at all.. You can quicky check mind programming affection - try to stay awake for two days without any drugs - and you'll see what i mean(no, we are not batteries).. There are frequencies and 'electronical helpers' that can aid to sleep..

Personally - i don't have anything agains normal sleep, but when one is sleepy and tyred and depressive all day long - then something is wrong.