1st brainwashers tool/method - sadism, abuse and sistematic torture

yap.. abuse/sadism is proPsyExploiters favourite tool/method which is also a part of their ai(artificial-intelligence) and quantum/mind technology.. Create someone "crazy" so that no-one would believe some person is an good old method(also to shut someone down via such opressions) - some practiced this in old times on wifes that were deliberatelly made socially isolated(some probably on husbands too). Craziness is very easy to create - put a mental garbage in someone head - eg - put microchip into someone's head(or somewhere directly on nerves) instead of phone - and voila, you have your modern mind controlled slave - many many people nowadays - some via mobile(or IoT - internetOfThings) networks for social experiments on a group of people(or potentially whole world) - although usually not fully activated on all - because then - it would be too obvious - psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar, "disorders" are for example done that way(or by the help of psychotronics).

Why would psyExploiters tell this to public - public is supposed to be their mass experiment tool and their EnergyPool of Consciousness(which can be used neutrally for many things - completelly bypassing monetarySystem(of course they don't do this just for control - but mostly - so that they can have all the best and all the "fun" - new "rich/poor") - this is where depression/etc comes from) - their slaves for modern wireless psyExperiments although for biggest business there is. Why do you think some experimented with black slaves in the past? nowadays just new methods are used - because you can't psyCondition human with the same methods as one would condition animals - it would be too obvious. Mind programming abuse is a perfect tool for it - because it's "not visible" and done in front of people's lives.

what's on down pic is i guess in a very very little fractions a part of life - but in active mind programming this becomes obvious(what happens if someone that is mentally completelly healthy is "unconsciously" forced without his/her knowledge to be with primitive(or "stupid") people and that people are also driven via mind programming and are not aware of that - which is nowadays a part of ai strategies via mind programming abuses)? ProBrainwashers are counting for that person to become primitive(or stupid) too. Exactly this is what mind programmers artificial intelligence is doing on most people as "mediator" - modern "social experiments" business for psyEnergyExploitations and more psyExperiments - this is why there are so many lunatics out there - sadism is 1st and most used method by proPsyEnergyExploiters for psyConditioning, extreme psyConditioning on all levels of life is done usually via monarchMindProgramming - most hollywood actors, singers, other workers were done via this(also - audrey hupburn effects on some people) - hmm - a superficial world via modern slaves for their highness.. EnergetiX is of course also a part of divine business..

Also - what are doing some doctors(others) which is on down chart - dismiss your oppinion - not just that - but facts, why? they are either breinwashed or a part of mindProgramming circus..

Hmm - guess why things on down pictures may also go to someone's nerves?
What many times happens with babies? babies needs are mostly ignored(many are on down picture) - babies can be of course also a part of brainwashing. This is the idea(probably why some cry) - to mold psyche in that years, so that one grows-up with that "known" inner false "security" brainwashed feeling which brainwashers later in life manipulated easily(THIS is proHipnosis). Which gives many people a false feeling of being at home - this are usually subconscious "innocent" sadistical conditionings in favour of brainwashers.

One of quite known proBrainwashers method is to do thought/emotions reform:
If baby for example grows up with deeply psyConditioned psyche - that "sadism" is normal - because this may be the case right after birth while someone is still powerlesless/unconscious, then - things may go very wrong in someone's life in favour for brainwasher(s). This was by then the idea of brainwashers/proExploiters/extremePsyExperimenters. ProBraiwnasher's methods are to instill as deep as possible slavery/sadistic mentality - so that that becomes new "normal" for a person(this is thought/emotions reform) - which is a part of artificial personality - ego.
Ego is completelly superficial part of someone - parasitic one, the less you are identified with it - the better, this is probably why some gurus/psychotherapeuts also advice - "learn to watch thought/emotions" - the same is recommended by me, because this is one of the games modern brainwashers play globally via automated wireless electronic brainwashing via passive mind programming. In active - things becomes more obvious/intense - eg 24hours a day destruction of someone's psyche/health - also via intrusive thoughts,migraines,hearing voices(which is nlprogramming),shakings of the body from nowhere(like mild electroshocks),pain in parts of the body,psychosis,agression(or melancholy) out of nowhere without any reason, etc,etc. Some are mistakenly think that this is a part of "mental illness" - but mental ilnesss is just a word invented by psyExploiters - so that proBusiness of mind programming abuses can covertly run, the same holds true for example for word "cancer".