add/adhd in children, autism, etc. Disorder?

Here is an example of two kids, one having "add".

Well - the thing is simple:
mindControl leaded by ai and managing markets via psyExperiments makes "disorders" ==> autism, add/adhd, etc.

I know exactly how this works, add/adhd is nothing but a mindControl, and when one is experiencing this it feels like spoiled children would pull one's consciousness in all directions - one literally having no peace of mind from inside, this is why someone can't be concentrated from the inside - this is exact definition.
All that are part of active mind programming usually have this monkey-mind treatment 24hours a day - a part of mind programming market management by psyEnergyExploiters ai, it goes to almost not active when one is doing something - but becomes more active when one tries to rest or is at same place - not moving, which prevents anyone a part of this to really psychologically/physically rest - so it adds to social hate/isolation conditioning if one is not aware what's going on or at least harsh nervousness conditioning - hitler was for example also treated this way, then when some saw what can be done with this wirelessly - it became a part of human farms business - eg totalitarian parents trained with similar methods for kids that were a part of monarchMindProgramming/etc - so that they are more opressed in life and that all that crap done to someone in that processes doesn't come up into conscious mind.

Typical sign is destroying someone's focus from inside and it works exactly like described above or:
when one is resting with attention eg in the middle of the head, mindControl's artificial consciousness/energy goes right there(destroying any idea if it was there - so this is also idea destruction via mindControl) - so a child(or adult) must shift it's attention somewhere else, eg in left part of it's consciousness or the right part, depending where mindControl "catcher" striked.
Now, this may sound almost fun at start, but with time it becomes exhaustive as hell, because then, instead an adult making it's basic things to survive, one must fighting this 24hours a day - which is a part of such oppressions via mindControl.

This is just one method of active mind programming, but in so called targeted individuals(which add/adhd children for sure also are) - there are at least three methods doing something similar simultaneously, to destroy someone's psychoPhysicalHealth, why?
simple, one is not corrupted enough and "satanic sect" ai writes who will be psychologically tortured like this for modern marketing mindControl advances, so that some get all the best life has to offer - while other get "mental illnesses" and disorders.
Some just builded their empire via corruption abusing mindControl, that's all.

By the way - if "sects" ai systems(or them) find out that some kid has "spiritual properties"(psyExploiters seems to allow this for themselves but destroy this properties in others - which makes them dictators) - they will find that kid and destroy him/her so bad via mindControl and otherwise, that s/he will not even know what's his/her name anymore, because "sects" from always abused nonCommercialSpirituality for their own asses and they don't like anyone to mess with their modern concentration camp systems managing explicitly "their" world/market of modern slaves - which works in combination via nonCommercialSpirituality+technology, exactly what scientology diagonal cross represents(with this i don't imply anything).