are side effects from many pills just "side effects"?

reThink: are "side effects" just side effects? of course not - many pills should be re-evaluated, a part of modern concentration camp psyTricks, especially for older or "too healthy" or targeted individuals so that market is easily managed by ai+mindTech systems.
Especially antipsychotics/antidepressants(what was prozac used for in the past?).
How to test this? simple..
Healthy male/female takes antipsychotics 2x a day - after 1month(like the mcDonalds food experiment), one's psychoPhysical health becomes exactly what proBreinwashers want(not doctors), although it may give a false feeling it's better - which puts a "pink glasses" on.. So, why don't they just write "poison to kill rats" on them? simple - because then no body would take them, as simple as that, because brainwashers know that if you put label "safe/healthy" on poison and is a part of "health system" - not many will doubt if this is relly so. Well - anyone can try it on any camera. Just listen to video guy "symptoms" at start - this is the "trojan horse".. What does this "medicine" do to some? false hope conditionings - aka happy pill, like a guy on video later says - but - what is really for? "use as less as your own head as we can manage to, legally, while you become zombified moron and we can do more psyExperiments and manage your life easily so that we can grow our asses the sadistic way while you are more that a half killed - oppression"..
This is not my perspective, unfortunatelly this is how it currently is..

One of the videos being on happy pills - although like i talked to some people, things gotten much worse for many. When one with 'disorders' goes to psychiatrist one thinks that psychiatrist will somehow manage his/hers health, but - the problem is that usually no one of client nor psychiatrists knows the real reason of someone's bad psychological state, problem is of course much bigger - and of course - a pill won't correct that.
ProExploiters are idiots - but not so much that they would command to teach their advances/knowledge of mindTech in commercial schools.
Altough they use the word idiot on others in this way: Id-IoT as identified as Internet Of Things (health human scada network management).
The problem with some of IoT(or even IoE - internet of everything) is that some hooked people as a part of this IoT.

The same is with vacciness which can include nanoparticles in them so that someone becomes easier target of braiwashers "radar"(remoteNeuralMonitoring) to manage someone's psychophysical health easier, who first ordered in the history that humanity has to vaccinate? professional brainwashers and it was for good of all when radioactive material were used, some vacciness probably still has radioactive particles in them.. and nowadays proBrainwashers still dictate what ingredients is in them so that pfiser&co tries to protect from lawsuits if someone dies or has other problems from this "side effects". ProBrainwashers use vaccines as trojan-horse thing - eg nanoparticles/alluminium/other. There were times when new born babies were vaccinated right when they were born and many died, so nowadays this is done later so that 'livestocks' health is destroyed from start but can at least a little breath so that it can be through life at least psyEnergyExploited. Health personels just does their job - but if someone is putting something into one's blood bypassing all organism protective mechanisms - one should at least clearly show to all vaccinated what exactly is in them under an electronic microscope, at least that - and explain exactly what any ingredient is for, else psyEnergyExploiters can fool whole health system with all other people being vaccinated. Bypassing all protective body layers without exactly knowing with what one is vaccinated is always a water on proBrainwashers business.