emf(electromagnetic)/emi(electromagneticInterference)/rf(radioFrequencty) fields - aka "dirty electricity" >>

are you hyper-sensitive?
Many people - including most of t.i.-s are. So this issues can have both - regular or t.i.-s(mindProgrammed) people..
Hyper-sensitivity here means hyperSensitive in general(which emf/emi/rf "dirty" fields can make), so also - hyperSensitive to emf(electromagnetic)/emi(electromagneticInterfearence)/rf(radioFrequency) fields - aka "dirty electricity"..
"Dirty fields/electricity" usually means either that there is too much of such pollution in one's home/etc or that there is something wrong with home/etc electrical wiring.
What concerns this - i have a few meters that tests this - but - i am not an electrician - so if there's something wrong with wiring - i am not the right person to fix it.
Grounded houseElectricity is usually better for hyperSensitivePerson.

"Dirty fields/electricity" can many times create health problems, eg - headaches/migraines(sometimes like someone would stick a knife into the forehead), head/blood-pressure, fatique, depression, mental fog(unability to think,sluggishness), irritability/nervousness/anxiousness.. The list is almost endless..
There are many studies and proofs being done and there are many available books/literatures/netInfo about it - so i won't go into too much detail here..
You can check this wikipedia webpage.

Some would probably not even believe, what dirty electricity alone(withouth anyone targeting anyone deliberatelly) can do in terms of any kind of health problems. Some say that there are also some doctors with this same issues - didn't check it, but they probably are..

There are probably quite many workshops/professionals/etc about this, but this will also be a part of "healing/recovering from psychotronics and sexual abUse" if enough people will be available..
The first steps that anyone can do to lower this fields are also true and valid for what's under 'm.progr.' ->> 'tips' section - mostly what concerns wireless devices.

If you want to check, there are some online shops what concerns emf polution at left menu - shop/advice.