T.I. day - 29.aug will be again here soon..
You can check a new found article about extreme trauma based monarch mind programming in news section.
You can check a new method to test if you are a t.i. in the news section(thanks to targeted-justice website).
One can also check buying a t-shirt about the subject from pacts website(People Against Covert Torture & Surveillance International) here or a coffe mug here.
There is a movie in news section that describes exactly what's going on with some of t.i.-s(targeted individuals) - which is an obivous abUse of "managing the market".
A good site about similar subjects and non-state ritual torture is here, i also recommend checking it's home page.
There is also a tons of books/organisations about the subject eg here or amazon and others.

This site is all about Healing/recovering from psychotronics(sect/cults brainwashing) - mostly via mind programming(because mindTech is used),
brainwashing in the old days - for many many reasons - but the good old exploitation/opression/(sexual)slavery/psyExperiments is usually a goal,
in short - abuse of social/market engineering. Wireless mind programming/control was fully tested in 20th century on anything alive or dead, altough
public doesn't know much about it. When mindTech is covertly abused on individual/mass for exploitation/opression reasons - it's called remote/wireless terrorism.

This symbolic old pictures says it all - which is modern psyConditioning or mind programming(eHealth) abuse.
I created another webpage like this - but much more simple - here.
If you are in a hurry - a basic info and a must have for any t.i. for self protection.
The basic version of this site is also in pdf book format which can be dowloaded/read also on a smartphone here,
i recommend to first read this small pdf book - optimally on a smartphone - and only then, to check/read this website.
I created a basic smartphone application TiApp - for now only description. Download, install, share, share, share.
29.aug is celebration of targeted individuals world day(many many people nowadays).
At the same time - this website also represents targeted individuals from Slovenia.

Za prevajalnik celotne spletne strani lahko klikneš levo zeleno črto(for translation you can click left green line).
Skupina za targeted individuals in vse ki jih zanima kaj se s psiho-fizičnim zdravjem danes zares dogaja tule(t.i. support group in slovenian language).
Vprašalnik če ste del el.pogojevanja v sl.verziji je tule, letak pa tukaj(questionare of m.progr. and flyer in slovenian).
Testi kvalitete vode - ni del namernega mind programminga ampak vseeno(water quality tests - not a part of deliberate mind programming - but here anyway) - tule.
Zelo priporočam - simptomi težkih kovin v telesu - tule(toda največ virov od psychotronics zlorab) in tule. Tolko od "korone". In - zavajanje preko cepiv - katera kadar vsebujejo nanodelce - brainwasherji/psyIzkoriščevalci/diktatorčki zlorabljajo za vodenje ljudi/trga preko RNM(remoteNeuralMonitoring)/ipd, težke kovine v telesu tudi pripomorejo k temu da je nekdo bolj na "radarju" za vodenje črede.
Hkrati zaenkrat sam merim kvaliteto ambienta kjer se živi(hiš,stanovanj,itd) - kot je kvaliteta vode, zraka, nezaželjen emf-smog in frekvenčna polja, mail je na levi strani links/email.

What's here:

Another quite ok site is rose lab and this - altough ehs is really covert m.programming.

This site is updated quite regularly - so if you like - you can check it again and again.
Instead of only reading about tantra - it's higly recommended to either read:
for quickest preview/understanding/facts: read down 'What is mind programming abuse in simple terms?' and then
go to left menu m.progr => What is mind programming..(scroll to green text 'Show/hide images' and ..II), Symptoms and after that to Tips and links/email section.
Or, recommended whole of this page + left menu 'm.progr' section.
All other left menu links can be viewed/read independently.

It's pretty simple - if you want to know what is really going on - read this site or research, but if you want to be
a part of unknowingly brainwashed/guided exploited sheeps - go watch/hear lullabies news on tv/radio/etc or listen already too brainwashed people.
If you think you are psychologically fully free and that doctor is your first health care provider,
you are still living in a global/personalized lies - fairy tale - brainwashers wireless ai created in your head via wireless psyConditioning.
This is in a way a good news - because then - there are known causes that creates problems which are not natural.
What is "corona" or "virus"? a simple psyExploiters marketing lie for 'livestock' management..
what is mind programming abuse? brainwashing via neuro-marketing.. but - advanced (global) modern wireless brainwashing,
in short - investments in professional wireless modern slavery circus via special telecommunications.
When you read info here, remember - that this is not to make someone worry/burden more - this is brainwashers wireless ai job,
but to reCheck lies brainwashing is instilling and dismiss them, it also mentions what kind of systematic cruelty abusing wireless mind technology can do.
Spoiled psychopaths motto is very easy: systematic abuses/tortures are their way/tools to get what they want - the more method is a "stab in the back" type - the
more they'll use it, with "undetectable" global illegal mind programming business - world became a brainwashed nuthouse where black market business is trying
to lead others via covert mind programming(wireless brainwashing)
And finally - a Prohibition & Law Against wireless Mind Control/Programming(directedEnergyTools) tyranny/abuse/torture
doing guinea pigs psyEnergySocialExperiments/business/etc. For more than 2+ years - it should be considered a crime, since by
then it's usually obvious. For now - many T.I.-s are a part of 24hours tortures usually 10+ years or whole life.


Some are having sex as tabu theme - but this site is about destroying tabu myths
about brainwashing and wireless mind control, which also includes other things that not all are talking about,
altough it seems "how's the weather" seems to be much more important to quite some.
Some have decided that humanity psychophysical health must be electronically controlled,
this is unfortunatelly nowadays a case - humanity psyche/illnesses/disorders/etc are wirelessly programmed every single day for wireless "social experiments",
in passive mind programming mode - this is not noticed, i for example didn't back then - also because wireless brainwashing symptoms are redirected to acceptable innocent illnesses.
Brainwashers saw that people's heads that are wirelessly affected withouth being aware of it - can be leaded easier like kids in a kindergarted - because thought/emotions are easily affected, the same goes for people who are not aware how mind programming works, if one wirelessly engages just head - anyone can be easily covertly manipulated - especially if one is not aware this exists - this is why psychotronics/quantumTech was already perfected by more than 50years ago, goal of mass brainwashing is the same as in any brainwashing - Thought Reform for whatever psyEnergyExpoiter goal is, "virus" is such marketing lie to fool 'livestock' psychologically and more entrain victim of 'illnesses' mentality to be more in their psychological kindergarten so sheeps can be easier guided/exploited without being aware of - how. PsyExloiters are mostly bullies types of people - like on that rooster/chicken fight scenes - where they try to make rooster/chickens angry to fight to each other - similar method was/is used on humanity(with pure intensity on most targeted individuals mostly 24hours a day) - but brainwashing techniques must not be understood/known by 'victims' - this is also why they make so much circus with 'virus' on tv/radio - their cheap psyTricks. Crimes against humanity is a soft word describing this "business".

What is mind programming abuse in simple terms?
it's having an individual/group/mass of people wirelessly mind controlled
from the comfort of one's home/elsewhere by eg a smartphone for longterm business/opression/exploitation/torture reasons, kinda a "highclass black market" thing.
It's one of the most overlooked human rights violations, since it's still used on humanity here and there for longterm wireless guinea pigs "psychological experimeentation".
Mind programming can be used for ok things, but brainwashers ab(normal)uses it for wireless mind management/exploitation of people/resources worldwide(some more some less) for so called human farms/psyEnergoSocialExperiments.
It's wireless mind control psychological experiments automated by professional 'marketing' brainwashers/exploiters - nowadays a business that started a long time ago.
Mass mind brainwashing is simply done by lies: mind control symptoms are simply brainwashed into illnesses/disorders(eg burnout,bipolar,anxiety,headaches,depression,agression,'hearing voices',psychosis,epilepsia,etc).
Is it legal? well - it's mass 'covert' social engineering on many for exploitation/opression reasons(like monsanto does on vegetables for better production/experiments), mind fixing/raping(wireless brainwashing) of individuals/group/mass 24hours a day for business(some more/less) - that was done soon after electricity came into existance, so no.. Wireless mind control is on a black market the most popular business practiced for decades, also by people in the past sacrified animals/babies/other for satanic rituals for more evil blood/energy production by then, sacrifying others is their way of life. Nightmare? ha haaa, unfortunatelly yes, altough this will usually not be noticed until one is a part of active/direct mind programming or before death, most are a part of passive - but: start to boil a frog instantly in a hot water and it will jump out, cook it steadily slowly and it will be hypnotized and overlook warning signs('cancer' amongs others are done that way by psyExploiters wireless ai strategies) - this is how passive mind programming works. This can be done since psychotronics are understood also by modern 'home' and optionally stoned criminals that have business with a few in (special)tele-communications(sigint/humint/etc), this is how regular laws are simply bypassed - older mind control guinea pigs experiments on populations are even officially acknowledged and are on the web. Protests against mind programming abuse were already done in the past. There are psychologists/doctors that do aknowledge this - eg this one. Symptoms can be checked in m.progr -> Symptoms.
   How is such business done by anyone nowadays for 'gestapo'(spiritual knowledge abusers/criminals - top level mind programming abusers)?
simply.. one downloads names of illnesses/disorders from the internet(could be also a 16 years kid that wants to be quickly rich doing dirty job for 'gestapo' clowns), then using psychotronics to affect victims psycho-physical health wirelessly(vacciness usually adds to it - since they can make organism more toxic/weak and electrically conductive), automatizing this via computer ai and voila, we can have modern slavery sport - which is not a problem even for half a year, but for business - this is done on mass of people whole lifes. more/less..
Do you think that only 'schizophrenics' are treated with 'schizophrenia'(which is systematic subtle destruction of someone's psyche)? no.. it's used everywhere in small amounts for psyConditioning/brainwashing, in wars soldier were wirelessly tested with it(one goal of wars was of course testing modern wireless mind control business - which is nowadays a case as mind programming abuse on civilists), nowadays it's used on many for energetic 'subconscious' dogs training tricks - but with small intensity and it's called nervousness/edgines/irritation/anxiety/agression/dementia. There is a book "Games people play", but this could be called "Games brainwashers/proExploiters play".

So, if you think that something in this world stinks - you are right,
covert mind programming and ai used on maaany people for 'psychological experiments' stinks - which smells bad probably also onto other galaxies.
If you think you are being paranoid - you can be sure proBrainwashers tricks are at work - making someone 'crazy' wirelessly is their favourite method.
The "hard truth" is simple: either allow that there is something more than just eating and shitting in life and/or research what mind programming is, OR be squashed
somewhere "on the journey" by mind programming systems leaded by ai which some made to manage markets, and with that - 'undetectably' managing psychoPhysicalHealth of most.
This is why average person is like some apples - sems-ok/healthy from outside but rotten from inside only because of the wireless mind-controlled arrangement of the world, which brainwashers make sure regular people don't recognize them for what they are as wireless-mind-control-experiments business/torturing but as 'illness/disorder'(power of global brainwashing sport), besides things could take many years before it's also seen on physical body as a concequences of psychological-energetic-spirit body management.

Many got it completelly wrong what is meant by health, personally i don't know anyone that has specter of health completed.
I am not interested if one goes over whole world, the criteria of vital health as it should be is simply this: sleeping a few hours
and get up full of energy without forcing oneself to get up and to do whatever one wishes whole day, let it be usuals stuff, work, project or spiritual practice or sex with strangers or whatever - and still - have some ok energy left at the end of the day, if this is not so - something is seriously wrong that many people overlook, typical nowadays 'unknown' problem. Vital health dictates quality of living and/or ability to have fun without drugs/alcohol, drained or brainwashed or person with disorders won't even know what fun as it should be - is. What's one of the black comedy? people with drained energy try to correct that with drugs/alcohol(i was amongs them cca 20 years ago) - but it doesn't work that way - at least not in the long run.
Why is this so - why vital health is not at the optimum of most? this site tries to explain that - but in short: wireless "social experiments" business, psyEnergyExploiters/brainwashers invested a lot in global psychotronics machines completelly managing/exploiting humanity/other psychophysical health - so that they created such system of energetic/mental opression for modern wireless mind control 'livestock' management also for consicousness/energy trafficking and to have a goody working bee slaves. So yes - it's still crooks paradise - the core of corruption, maybe they are also soo stoned that they don't know what they are doing. There was once an documentary on tv: "unusual symptoms" what concerns people being more intensivelly managed/targeted than the rest - either t.i.(targeted individuals) or ehs(electro hypersensitive people) and when they went into cave - this unusual symptoms dissapeared. I think that psychotronics/radionics abuse also works better in areas with (non quality) electricity(emf smog) and too much telecommunications(also wifi/etc as electro polution) - because sigint or psychotronics can both use/modify/override commercial/other telecommunications signals for "undetectable" modern wireless concentration camp circus.

more/less about it..

More about what exactly is covert mind programming abuse in a few sentances?
So, yes - technology is not only tv, radios and a light bulb - in mindTech systems - it's much more involved.
Hmm - "the bosses" don't have an licence for genocide business/sport, so it seems they are trying to get it with "corona/covid".
Well.. it's a black comedy.

So, if there will be enough people - 'workshops' will be available for whoever want's to drop life burdens,
unneded violence(by this - i don't mean anger) and possibly live a little bit more quality life(email in main webpage 'links' left section).
    Of course - this didn't came overnight, so it won't go away overnight - but someone that want to get rid of this, just usual talk isn't enough.
It's quite a lot of things to be done, and to understand what's going on(and there are many things to do unburden/heal,etc) - recomended if one want's to get rid of subConscious stuff - not getting rid of sub-un/conscicous stuff is pointless:
So - a little openminded and therapeutic types of people or one's that have a school from psychology/psychotherapy/etc or would like to be in such areas for managing unusual subconscious states or doing work in a sexual healing group(males/females) - are more than welcome. Of course exploiters and one's playing sexual games aren't.
People drinking alcohol or/and taking drugs are not welcome(maybe in the future if one will be serious about ditching them).

What can one do about this?
There is a loooot of things - eg promote targeted individuals stuff and other things..
If anyone is interested - quite a lot of things has to be done in different areas - also via experiments.

One of the fbPosts:
not so bad sound, but wrong lyrics and a little cheesy video..
there are many spiritual teachers that teach gratitude, but
in mind programming "gratitude" many times subconsiously means "jealousy"(in down video)..
Hmm, wouldn't it be good to ditch jealousy worldwide? i am all for it..
how many "problems" sprouts just from that..
A video about it is here and an original fbPost is here.