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Quite usefull information - but don't just 'eat' it when you read it - it may have something to do with you or it may not.
There is a lot of white lies on the net what concerns this subjects - so that's why. I don't recommend reading this when one is too tired.

There are a looot of books about the subject, some of which concerns whole population, also, anyone - including kids(add/adhd/neurol.Disorders/etc) - can become
a part of active or even direct mind programming nowadays, older people are usually a part of active via dementia/rheuma/etc treatment - a part of global automatized brainwashing business:
Here a few inventions taken from g.patents, but there are thousound, if not more that are ab-used in mind programming.
This inventions are not a problem. A problem is that some people are systematically using them for mind programming(modern hard brainwashing) - some devices are even advanced from this one's and/or custom made. Why they don't just use a big shovel or a hammer, that would beat someone on the head daily? Hmm - because then, it would be too obvious.
So, there are already many inventions that are used for this - many more are available at any link at the bottom of each page.
For any question/proposals(including tantra like therapies/workshops) or if you have some interesting information regarding anything about mind programming, electronic harassment, brainwashing methods, etc, or you have some ideas about anything about this, you can write me at down email. If there will be some ok article, it may also go into top left user articles "articles" section. In future there may also be a forum to it, if someone is sending me tips about all of this - they will go there, depends on the tip..
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