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Quick preview of what hokus pokus can be done with mindTech/psychotronics is - here.
Quick preview of types of mind programming is in what is mind programming - short version - here.
Quick preview of Health/vitality &Essential Mind Programming understanding via picture diagram is here.
Quick preview of methods of wireless mind control and how one becomes a part of brainwashers "radar" is here.
Quick preview of how 'livestock' microchipping for human farms of live beings via "radar" works here.
Quick preview of brief history of this and a practical psychophysical health management/programming examples.
Quick preview of usual body microchip locations and what they are used for - is here.
Quick preview of what is a modern psyTorture is in left menu under 'Voice hearers' at third paragraph.
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How is "corona virus" created by 'innocent' mind programming.
Spiritual abuse thing is under NeuroEthics++ menu section.

Some that call it life - is nowadays a bunch of automated "undetectably" wirelessly mindControlled people/'livestock', some more - some less.
On this site - one can read how this most popular mind control business/terrorism amongs crooks and organized criminals works + symptoms + tips + other.
The thing is that quite many think "who would do such things?" you just don't know how mind programming abusers / spoiled psychopaths think - that's all.
If one grasps just this sentence - it's almost enough: wireless artificial intelligence is nowadays abused on most.
Put someone with a headache/migraine, tinnitus, depression, disorders, hysteria, "virus", etc into a good shielding area - and voila, diseases
for people that have some of foreign micro/nano objects/implants in their bodies or nanochips(or even without) - will magically disappear.. show more/less.
All of this subject is quite big - so this site tries to explain how terroristic illegal pure psyEnergyExploitative sadistic system/nwo brainwashers paradise works.
The same plan that psyEnergyExploiters use to wirelessly trying to manage people's health is this: from nano(meridians-chi-points/other) to ban till interplanetary.

Do you think slavery was abolished? ha haaa - it's not even close.. it transmuted into more "undetectable"/advanced form - kind of sport..
PsyEnergyExploiters have fooled humanity pretty well - they from always had an hobby to create global brainwashing systems to suit their needs.
There are two political systems: the regular known one to public and the other illegal parapolitical - "undetectable" and fully based on mind control, brainwashing and sadism.
The later is guided by "intelligence agencies" guys/girls/others - managing black market(drugs, lower bought criminals,2% at police/fbi/telecommunications, etc) and with that also somehow manages commercial one.
Also - regular politics don't know anything about nonCommercialSpirituality(other dimensions of consciousness, quantum physics, etc) and as far as i know they mostly do not deliberatelly add to modern concentration camp - at least not in our country, but parapolitics/(a few spiritual crooks with their own workers here and there) knows exactly what nonCommercialSpirituality is(that's why they can also manage regular politics life if they want to) - this is why they create all this black comedy to 'undetectably' play "rullers of the world", they eg created "intelligence agencies"(just look on wikipedia how many official cia experiments in the past were there or sra(and especially this) - which in fact spiritual crooks use as whole blown "quantum" consciousness engineering as a brainwashing tool also always used in monarchMindProgramming which was psyExploiters invention) which helped them create wireless ai based mind control that nowadays undetectably with ease manages others psychophysical health and lifes also via thought/emotions manipulations(especially if one doesn't know how wireless ai(kind of synthetic telepathy) works) for managing the market - at least pasivelly or for doing psyEnergyExperiments on people for better production/moreExploitation like monsanto on vegetables, for me this is dictatorship - since someone is systematically destroying standards/properties of others that wants exclusivelly only for him/her-self - via active/direct mind programming with "undetectable" force - nowadays via mind control services - a part of organised criminals network, the only criminal(weasels criminal) there is.
It seems crooks created together wireless mind control center based on past harsh psyExperiments(concentration camps,prisoners,weak woman/kids,"mental patients",civilists,etc) - which is in modern world shared by them for mind control services worldwide so that they can play kings and queens. Of course - someone could also do this kind of mind control at home show more/less.

Brainwashing is well known business from before - with mind programming this became extreme global violations thing of most people.
The most work was by psyExploiters put into covering that no one is affected wirelessly by mind control - although we all are in some way or another by wireless ai.
It could be an acid reflux, a lump in throat, bad feeling, mind-chatter, (almost)daily headache, an anxiety or nervousness, an inability to think or intrusive thoughts, weakness/lethargy, nanochip a little pulsing in someone's soles/feet, depression or even a full blown (paranoid) psychosis/schizophrenia - a full psychophysical health spectrum management.
In fact - wireless ai is used as mediator amongst people who are not aware of how mind programming works and brainwashing/psyConditioning/managingPsychophysicalHealth/torturing people(targeted individuals) along the way - illegal modern "commercial" mass psychophysical social guiding system - kind of "ibm" - international business machine. Why? simple - good old greed.
Reading this is not mandatory - but it could help to understand the big picture.

What happens when one doesn't know the real reasons for anything "unexplainable" - eg (chronic)tyredness/burnout/anxiousness/harsh-nervousenss/etc?
Maybe you guessed it - perfect global brainwashing, which is what brainwashers were always after for - creating such psychological fooling 'systems' - eg "virus" marketing lie.

Ha haaa - there were times when "intelligence agency" guys maskerade into soldiers and tried to put some antenna somewhere - puffing grass along - so that civilians
would think an army is putting new antenna, but in reality - someone just hired black market guys/girls, also for many times amplified psychotronics towers - for new psyEnergyExperiments or new "managing the market" tests.
A few such specialized towers/antennas(or equipment that modifies/modulates commercial signals + in-body nano/micro-chips) - and one has modern slaves and crazy heads or disorders or patients or mental patients more that it needs them(usually not directors on the paper), altough i think that quantum tech doesn't need such antennas - which are sometimes put directly underground into the soil/earth so that others don't ask what this is for.

So, minds and psychophysical health can be wirelessly used/manipulated/managed/destroyed?
With mind programming yes - quite easily via quantum/mind-tech/special-telecommunications, which are the only tools it can do that.
In fact, better quantum/mind-tech can affect anything - as much as anything under water as much as anything above earth's atmosphere + non-physical dimensions(also dreams).
Covertly, whole world can be managed/controlled by it in the most unfair ways - which is typicall technological oppression/control - and for more than 50years unfortunatelly it is via sadistic E-Health(electronic/wireless psychophysical health) management, either from one town or from more smaller places, but mind programming abusers probably have their world mind control leading center somewhere, which is the only terrorism it exists - all other are artificially created by this to terrorise 'sheeps' to lower humanity standards(eg via "virus",wars,concentration camps,etc) or a by-product of it.

Why would psyEnergyExploiters want for others to become a part of their wireless eHealth management "radar" - for human farm?
  1. psychological experiments can advance by their wireless ai "legally/undetectably", hmmm - some are soo brainwashed that they forgot about their nonCommercialSpiritual rights for example and that nature is 100% not doing bad psychophysical health/vitality in the form of illnesses/disorders/mental-illness(bad nerves,(chronic)depression,"cancer","virus",etc) business on humanity.
  2. managing humanity/market/other via covert opression/control, so that they can manage humanity's health/psyche/mind/spirit and via that - anything else(one's mind can be eg used as their wireless subconscious/superconscious tool - this is done also externally via tv/radio mind programming infra-structure("virus" marketing lie) and this is why also subliminals are so popular/everywhere), with that preventing others/slaves to come on their standard level - which is typical dictatorship: brainwashers are mostly self-centered brainwashing bastards/crooks and control freaks leading black market business that tries to drive commercial one, and are obsessed with slavery business even from before, mostly for "we'll manage your resources/mind/psychophysical-health/etc" for our asses.
  3. then, spoiled psychopaths all have something from this modern wireless mind control(mind programming) business that works something like communism one - one gives new torture,psyEnergyExploiting/fooling/etc method that is implemented by them into wireless ai and one gets something back: "virus" marketing lie is typical to manage/fool 'livestock' psyche and was implemented at the begining for global brainwashing also via tv/radio, but you can check for more in "Quick preview of what hokus pokus can be done.." at the top of this page.
         Maybe brainwashers want to say "you fools, we are fooling/destroying/energetically-robbing you and you are still blind as hell"! well - that's why nowadays it's sahara everywhere - unconscious/covert/"undetectable" wireless psychophysical robbing/destruction is not seen but it works - mostly energetically - this is why prozac was/is so popular. Wireless energetic destruction with something like microwaves is one of their most powerful wireless tool/energetic-weapon, if used with a little more power like mostly on targeted individuals - one can in a few seconds become like an audrey hepburn - because nervousSystem is attacked - psychic attack, i get this all the time and body starts shaking from inside out, if/when i do a proper shielding - this usually stops - but this depends if wireless ai has figured out what someone has done or if one has changed a place where one is resting/sleeping(when one walks a little - this is gone) - it's slow death treatment/energetic-torturing because one can not really rest - this is also why many sleeps but wakes up (chronically)tyred. For one night, if one has "psychic attacks" and goes sleeping somewhere else one usually sleeps ok and wakes up rested, but the 2nd night if one sleeps at same location ai already figures out new resting position of a person and (chronic)tyredness is there, wireless ai checks this something like gps but more accurate(regular gps doesn't work inside houses/buildings, but this does).
  4. psyEnergyExploiters currently literally owns humanity so to speak - modern slave can also be rich, if someone would say "i own humanity" probably not all would belive it only because modern mind control is not understood by all - but with covert mind programming this can be easily done because psyche/mind-power can be covertly centralized and (ab)used - this was even in the past a lot tested on groups/countries by known(not-covert) "cia" experiments, altough the worst psyExperiments have been done and mindTech is nowadays easily fooling humanity and playing everyday with all people's heads with eg "virus". This is exactly how human farm works - regular farmers use earth/soil as their tool, but psyEnergyExploiters uses mind/spirit/psycho-physical health of others covertly for more production/exploitaation for their own asses - this is what modern wireless brainwashing business is all about, quantumTech has advanced enough for this. Brainwashing is the oldest 'job' and they did slavery tricks a long time ago in history, but with mind programming - world became a covert nut-house playground on humanity for spoiled psychopaths on physical and nonPhysical planes, someone's wireless mind control machines leading humanity in the most sadistical ways possible for good old exploitations via psyEnergyExperiments. This is usually not seen - besides possible persons bad psycho-physical health, but one can wait the old age - and may totally then know why i call this modern wireless concentration camp - "rheuma" is for example wireless energy science abuse/destruction and most older people go through tortures we as targeted individuals are a part of even before or when someone is a kid.

All know that there are museums of old torturing devices, but all don't know that currently the same types of people that used them before, nowadays just sophisticated their methods for the sport - which is mind programming abuse(wireless electronic mindControl/brainwashing) on all with their "intelligence agencies" guys/girls strictly for pure automated global psyEnergyExploitations/'socialExperiments'.

A few times i watched osho videos on youtube and once he said "drop conditioning like you drop a hot/glowing stone from your hand!". This is not totally true - because you can't drop something that you are not aware of(this is also why 'workshops' are there - to drop psychological junk/burdens). Still - i didn't get that sentence, today i know what he meant - albeit this is easier seen when one is a part of active mind programming and is not believing psyExploiters brainwashing campaign. PsyConditioning thing is that braiwashers use this method: anything that most people think is or take for granted what is a part of them - psychologically - can be and nowadays unfortunatelly is manipulated for managing the market from inside - partly or fully. So psyConditioning(also subconscious messed up old beliefs) is nowadays acting like it's a part of you from inside(ego - artificial personality) - albeit it's there so that life juice is sucked out of an individual more('cancer therapies' for energyStealing and stuff), which is the most effective brainwashing - parasitic psyConditioning and in passive mode(most people) one usually doesn't recognise this - i also for example didn't back then.

If you would be global psyEnergyExploiter, where would you hide brainwashing? maybe you guessed it - right into people's body/minds..
All of us are experiencing something called "the system" or nwo everyday which is mostly automatized wireless psychoPhysicalHealthManagement or modern genocide business) via ai - but some don't know how it works.
For those of you who know what is nonCommercialSpirituality - probably also know that spirit itself is nowadays also easily manipulated/designed via mindTech.
Terrorists have somehow came to the best wireless mindTech in the world, and what they have done with it? human farms via ai - modern slave can also be rich.
Humanity is till today sooo brainwashed via 'illnesses/disorders/mental illnesses/spritualBrainwashing'/badParties/media/etc - that most forgot how it is when one is not brainwashed.
So, brainwashers/psyEnergyExploiters wireless ai(artificial intelligence) is illegally/"undetectably" messing with all people's minds/health to lead
the market and our lifes in such a way, much more intensivelly via psyTortures(as "disorders") for targeted individuals. This is where most problems are comming from in general.
MindControl has become very very popular sport for more than 50years - especially by "rich criminals" - total wireless mindControl dictators also via "intelligence agencies", which are either psyEnergyExploiting, torturing, robbing, opressing humanity and leading people's lifes via automatized mindControl - typical spoiled psychopaths - global media is usually influenced by them purelly for brainwashing business - eg "corona" lies. Avarage human life is used for advancing such things - born/exploit(ai and them try to advance more mindControl strategies)/kill older people via "rheuma" torture is their motto - i call them bee trots. For example - while regular human would be thrown to jail if it would rape someone, they are applaused by their collegues for the same actions - they use wireless mindControl to clean up some area of people to fix or microchip just one person. Enforcing illnesses/disorders has become their biggest "undetectable cia" business, this is how they are 'above' standards of others - other's minds are destroyed into tabula rasa - while their aren't via pure technological mindControl oppression/business.Show more/less..
So yeah, again - i would say there is quite a lot to do, also if someone wants to live a semi ok brainwashing free life.

What is mind programming:
It could be called black magick or witchcraft or voodoo in the past - but it's a science.
As such - it has many applications - one of them is also so called human farm - very popular nowadays.
It's having humanity wirelessly mind controlled from the comfort of one's home/elsewhere by eg a smartphone, kinda a "highclass black market" thing.
Mind programming/control ab(normal)use specificially - is wireless mind management/exploitation/opression/tortures/etc
of people/resources worldwide(some more some less) for so called human farms/psyEnergoSocialExperiments.
In fact - electricity has many applications, when it came into existence - there were
two separate paths of it: commercial(tv,lights,etc) and the other one - psychotronics via wireless physics and how it can affect the mind.
Popular covert sport was born: any kind of wireless automated/manual mind control by electric power: E=m x c2 => E = mind x control2.
Nowadays - world is a perfect example of totally wirelessly mind controlled society - mostly psyConditioned/programmed emotions+thoughts daily.
This is what produces what gurus call - "sleep"/psyConditioned trance state/neuroticMind, meaning - not being psychologically fully free but working/doing/living/thinking via brainwashed states - which is of course the goal of any/global brainwashing, to redirect your own basic needs and instill new ones which works in brainwashers favour - this is the only reason of shallow/artificial/non-complementary-healthy society.

First, personally i am not against mind programming - but it's covert abuse which is so popular amongst crooks.
There are many things that mind programming can wirelessly do - but here i will mostly explain it's abuses in this world.
Some are doing servers hacking/penetrating - while psyEnergyExploiters were/are doing alive beings wireless penetrations tests,
to make as much individuals for their 'livestock' management under their covert control, usually either to suck or destroy vital juice
from group/mass or doing other covert psyEnergyExperiments/business, this is why they like to sarcastically joke "others are like a switzerland cheese" - which is meant as energetic body/mind/auric holes. Hmm - and then there are people - "where does 'cancer'/burnout/depression/other comes from?", one becomes sucked up from inside and shell from outside like an rotten apple(this is why hands shake to older people) - altough it might be beautiful from outside, at the same time it's meant for "undetectable" opression reasons to "manage the market" in such sadistic ways. And then - it's "show must go on" - which is nothing but psyEnergyExploiters covert illegal global marketing mind programming circus in their favour, "good" boys/girls got weasels wings this way. This is how quite many have in the past literally became rich overnight.

(T.I. stands for targeted individual - which is a person a part of more intense - active mind programming: psyPhysical torture and destruction of health)
Ok, mind programming is professional wireless mind control that can control whole mind including all 6senses - to create world/market that brainwashers/psyExploiters want,
in direct(usually monarch) mind programming - this is literally full blown mind programming - including all 6senses - visual/hearing/energetic field etc, but for regular management this includes sight(mostly subvisions - remember that cinema pop-corn experiment?), energetic parasitism penetrating directly into nervous system via mind/body(used in all modes to fry nerves/organism/mind(psychic energy harvesting via 'nervousSystem'?) but with different intensity - old people mistakenly call it rheuma and others - burnout/depression/fogyThinking/heavyPsyche/heavyBody) - probably primary for energy trafficking - in active mind programming one full body is injected/filled/bathed with a kind of microwaves/rfSmog and this creates tremor/weakness via whole 'boiling' nervousSystem + sometimes skin/body a little higher temperature and disables someone in 1minute and one must usually rest because of burnout/lethargy/stressedOut effect - it's more concentrated when one is on same spot/location eg also when one tries to rest or sleep, hearing(subliminals and/or "hearing voices" in targeted individuals manytimes literally as mind fucking/torturing someone or harsh bullying because others don't hear it - mostly via ai management), thoughts(much more intensive on targeted individuals - eg via intrusive or blocked thoughts/mind which temporary disables individual and must usually rest) and control of psychologicalStates(but fully wirelessly), head/neurological pain(eg migraines,enforcing electroMagneticForce and similar in the head as psychological pain), emotions producing/manipulation/control, sometimes smell and mostly pain/pleasure is manipulated in all - some more(T.I.-s) some less.

Of course all that can be done also with a few nano-chips+telecomunications for someone to enforce new personality/illness/torture/etc for 'livestock'(i think in our area we all have them - but this should be checked). In many, psychoPhysical health is typically 24days managed/destroyed and bad psychoPhysical health is literally mind programmed/controlled/enforced and is experienced exactly like this in targeted individuals - this is why they create word like "disorders","mental illness",etc(this is active mind programming via so called dew(directedEnergyWeapon) and/or 'non lethal weapons' although some make suicide - which also includes intense energetic control/opression/destruction like ghost would operate in someone's body(ai selecting microwaves/other treatment to torture someone's nerves - this is where mostly literally bad nerves and/or neurological disorders are comming from) which is also used a lot on many older people as "rheuma" - but is systematic torture(psyEnergyExploited slaves must all die! for god sake) - either via nano/micro-chips and wban like implantation variations or psychotronics). All of this are not symptoms - but deliberate wireless automated psychoPhysical health management/oppression/torture in psyExploiters favour - something like bio/neuroFeedback(which destroys or recreates new subconscious believes) - but fully wirelessly - so called believe systems are unconsciously created on the way on most - most on ones that don't have a clue mind programming exists and is abused like so, that's why some noncorrupted gurus are usually a little bit more psychoPhysically healthy - because they don't so much identify with "their" thoughts. This is why psyEnergyExploiters/brainwashers had through century always create new names of "illnesses"(eg 'swine flu','cancer',etc etc for non t.i.-s, for t.i.-s it was "disorder"/"mental illness"/etc) - to mask what is really going on - so called human farms although i call it their pigsty world. show/hide more..

Mind programming is also a top quality science of all aspects of life - albeit not all are aware of it. ProExploiters abuse quantum and quantum/telecommunications like technologies
to manage markets and people's lifes(99% yours is also) along the way(many are nano/micro-implanted in early age so that someone's sect has more 'livestock' heads and more work power - hmm - i really don't know how they manage this "3million modern slaves to me 1million to you" or is one big human farm for all of them), altough some use mind programming for ok things.
Most people are nowadays a wireless in-body electrochemical 'lab' for kind of "satanic sect" people, meaning anyone's mind/state/energy/thoughts/emotions/nervousSystem can be wirelessly altered by ai in realtime or by people who made it for psyExperiments/socialPsyExperiments/mindControl/opression/etc. This are people who use the most advanced mindControl to subordianate markets/others without you/anyone telling this - because global brainwashing would then not work(brainwashing always worked that way), others must not know what's used to manage their lifes and how.
     ProPsyEnergyExploiters view/super-vision is very simple: whoever is not a part of them is their wireless "work bitch" via mindControl managed by their ai(mostly thoughts/emotions/health management) - this nowadays means mostly for all, for most bosses and similar too. Of course no one is in reality their "work bitch", psyExploiters just managed to fool a lot of people worldwide via mindTech abuses - including doctors and similar(health managed via quantumHealth methods are "above" their knowledge). Tv/radio/etc is also a part of this - workers there don't have to know what's going on - they can be wirelessly brainwashed what to thing and believe(all 6senses can be manipulated) and share the deliberate fake "corona" news to populations. This are very convenient - not to big - indirect automated brainwashing systems, but in reality abusing mindTech is pure dictatorship, psyExploiters are mostly self-made dictators/opressors.
This is how some builded their empire - through corruption, almost over night when mindTech became more available, this is where most general psychoPhysicalHealth issues are comming from, also 'neuralDisorders' in kids - eg add/adhd.

You probably heard of brainwashing but i almost bet that you didn't heard of energetic/chi stealing/brainwashing and direct global "innocent" thought manipulation - show/hide more..
I also bet that you didn't heard of consciousness laudering - similar to money laundering - but here it's done via any form and corruption core is in nonCommercialSpiritual waters - eg this,
this symbolic picture just represents that most humanity is nano/micro-chipped(or other methods are used) for "livestock" management of anything psyExploiters wish - including simulating (mental)illness for psyConditioning/brainwashing/torturing/oppressive/production purposses and/or manage media for brainwashing purposses - all by a push of a button - this is the meaning of human farms, "undetectably" programmable society. PsyExploiters got kinda dictators wings.
Whoever is against this modern sadistic slavery system or modern concentration camp manytimes becomes a part of active mind programming, hmm - that would be also myself.

Show/hide images - and good deescription below them.
Show/hide images II - picture says a thousand words so here are more general purpose pictures with explanations and some health tips.
And a sample form of mind-programming(mindControl) for business/psyExperimentation on individual/s.
In the old days this was human experimentation or brainwashing, but nowadays.. almost(if not) always (commercial) social engineering,
tools used for this are mostly specialized psychotronics here - which some have but don't abuse them, any kind of
covertly implanted microchips(most won't remember), frequencies and artificial intelligence(ai) that drives all of this. One of the sites against such covert abuses is this.

Covert mind programming is also this(coverBookWords) - so called neuromarketing.

Types of mind programming / electronic brainwashing:
There are three types of mind programming(all are a part of electronic wireless mind/emotions/health management),
passive(most people "undetectable" brainwashing), active(so called "targeted individuals",people with "disorders","mental illness" and so on), direct(100% mindControl usually used in monarchMindProgramming).
The difference is in intensity and spectrum of psyConditioning/healthManagement, here types are sorted from low("innocent commercial") to full intensity.
Although here mostly negative brainwashing(psyConditioning) is described - there is also positive brainwashing(eg brainwashing with artificial joy or psyConditioning someone with richness).
But - in both cases the goal is simple - wireless psyConditionings(the only reason why this world is so shallow) - with time surrendering one's will on subconscious "un-detectable" level, so that psyExploiters have all the fun and other things - both sustaining artificially covertly.
  • passive mode(most people - non invasive - mild unnoticed mind manipulation/override(mostly thoughts/emotions/health), psyConditioning with mild sadism or even artificial joy):
    this is meant for "undetectable" - so wireless ai is daily throwing here and there thought/emotions and fooling population for psyEnergyExploiting/guiding psyche purposses(also eg throwing in a little fear emotions/energy into individuals/population in synchronicity with brainwashing lies on the tv/radio so that one goes vaccinating with their brainwashing cockail for more 'market management' purposses) - this is why i recommend checking here and there "your" thoughts - recommended also by some of noncorrupted 'gurus' and some psychotherapists(active mind programming is another story - which is a part of all mildly visually/auditory as neuroLinguisticProgramming after birth and harshly also energetically before death as "rheuma") and psychotronics works with sensing(for example - i didn't notice this while this was in effect about ten years ago) - if ai detects that one is consciously starting to see that something is wrong - ai stops for a while and goes in more passive state of conditioning. Headache, bi-polar or many other "innocent disorders" like chest pain/anxiety/nervousness and/or heartburn/acidReflux/stomachAcid problems(more in active mode) and/or burnouts/depression that are in effect because of passive conditioning. A very common thing nowadays are unheard subConscious subliminals or silent neuroLinguisticProgramming(anyone can test this) - i really don't know if anyone is not a part of them, some say they use them in their advantage - but i don't think reWriting with force nervesSystem(which can with time also produce any "illness") - can do that. Synthetic telepathy is also quite popular for thought/emotions patterns creations/psyConditionings in individual mind/body - may also be microchipped usually in early years. Most won't notice anything about this while this is in effect except maybe heartburn/acidReflux/headache and maybe anxiety if you are not yet brainwashed by it(if - and when you have it, watch it's energy - how it works and where does it come from - it's probably activated microchip thing or psychotronics hot spot).

    "Health system" necessities - what is used to create local/nonlocal human farm sport? also for managing mind programming markets?(hmm - some in the past literally became rich overnight). of course - creating illnesses names mostly to cover up chi stealing/trafficking/psyExperiments - rheuma and/or rheumatoid artritis also goes here - here is a list of possible creation of any illness(some in that list is in plus - but nonethless it can be used for minus). This are meant to work slowly with time - wirelessly, a part of modern passive sadistical tortures for "lower rase" and a part of "psychological experiments" usually in combination with vaccines, so later statistic is made how people(testing objects) reacted to it via life - nowadays it's more than 60% of population in this category, somewhere someone must have a database of all of this psyExperiments statistics/knowledge, just a wild guess - "cancer clinics"/"darkWeb" in combination with "cloud"/regular servers? Most health personell usually doesn't know about this. But - what would corrupted doctor/physician do? buy oneself a psychotronic device and automate that via ai so that many people would get ill - and voila - s/he would have patients more than enough and s/he would be in the business of covert mind programming abuse - as simple as that - a perfect mini exploiting ecoSystem.. and abuser would have success based on having a key to your success - health dependant on abusers terms, this is why soo many are microchipped, although this is nowadays mostly running indirectly - meaning doctors don't have to know about this - they are usually as brainwashed as anyone else, a typicall black comedy example would be when doctor dies from disease s/he is supposed to heal. Health constitutions have their place - but not when (psyChiATric/psy-chi-energyTraffickingBanks)corruption is involved via "cancer clinics". Ha haaa - some of old people(eg our grandma) even give to a doctor a home made schnops or whiskey or whole home made prosciutto or home made sausages - as souvenir, so that they would be bought / treated better. What a commedy !!
  • active mode(psychological override/tyranny, can not be overseen, psyConditioning with mild to strong sadism):
    so called "targeted individuals" - tadaaaa !! i am currently amongs this. Here - wireless ReInforced Torture is used 24hours a day for different psyExploiting business/profit reasons, "mental illness"(and many other regular words, eg "cancer") is just another word for covert "psychological experiments" so that their business can run - brainwashed by proBrainwashers/exploiters for their psychological system in people's minds(modern slaves) - this is why psyConditioning/mindProgramming is used nowadays on most.
         Psychiatrists would for sure cathegorize this into a "mental illness" and i don't recommend them - not until they have diploma and you must respect their old personal brainwashing - even from schools.
         Deeeeep hate is in many daily literally programmed into someone with wireless electrochemistry(more in 'onepage').
         PsychoPhysical torturing(eg when one lies on a bed to rest or just sits) is mostly not when one is a little active - but when one tries to rest - so there is no chance that one can really rest - a goal is slow hard nervous breakdown(some have it daily) - psychologicalTortures are very very advanced nowadays - too advanced already - ai is also self learning - the more one suffers - the more bonus for one that made/uses that ai and that 'trick' is probably well paid to mindTechnology/mindControl 'companies'.

    This mode is exactly the same what was tested in old concentration camps.

    Usual effect that psychiatrists would consider "mental illness" is simple - one's nervous system is overstimulated with one of mindWeapons/psychotronics(eg microwaves) and at the same time psyPain(psychologicalPain) in the head is created with bullying/agressive/manipulative subliminals/voices attached and one becomes almost a "killer"(this is how serial killers were done if someone of psyExploiters needed a toy slave killer - but usually done via monarchMindProgramming to completelly destroy and then reProgram a kids personality,serial killers are of course not made by nature or just by family violence - but 1st by mind programmers). With such methods helpless anxiety/agression is for example easily made and is there so that a t.i. would self-destruct him/her-self for modern "undetectable" open concentration camp mindControl tests, because weasels like to have clean hands. If i want to experience this - i just sit in front of the computer(or somewhere else in the house) - it seems it's the perfect spot for being targeted this way, immediatelly when one moves - it goes away - so there is no way a t.i. can really rest - this is of course one of the systematic method meant to with time "undetectably" destroy/torture/kill someone - it's usually not personal - but a part of managing a market by ai in such ways.
    There are devices on the market for anti-mindControl, eg this - but i didn't tested exactly this - so i don't know if it works,
    and yes, that screaming woman on the pic - this is how manytimes in active mind programming is - nervous system is "attacked"/overstimulated with dry rfEnergy/EmfSmog.

    "Disorders" are in active m.p. usually just played on someone's mind one after the other sometimes more sometimes less 24hours a day, one minute migraine, then after one minute lethargy, after that maybe agression, and after(or mixed in) eg mild body electroshocks(electrical current through whole nervousSystem), after that sorrow/depression, maybe in between sexual obsession, and possibly after that mild dementia(or mild schizophrenia/psychosis), etc - this is the meaning of mind programming - an artificially managed mind/state of individuals wirelessly for human farm or (corvert)opression business via mind control - which is neuro-marketing abuse.

    So, one good news - you don't have disorder/"mental illness" - it's mindControl illegal 'undetectable' business - the same goes for "crazy head", bi-polar, depression or suicide thoughts - they are not yours but produced by wireless mindTechnology abused on many many.
    Because many targeted individuals hears voices(implanted cochlea, infamous V2k-voice2Skull "microwaves" mindWeapon or/and other methods), here is a video - explanation how v.hearing/other is experienced - good explanation at 15:29 and at 2:37 one of t.i.-s that is not anymore a t.i. And here is a ytube video of one of targeted individuals community - some things may not be true for all but most are - someone saying - "this is death concentration camp" is explained perfectly for "working class"(not all rich are dictators), this is how it's feelt like from inside someone's body/mind when a part of active mind programming, but i recommend watching this after you are finished with reading what you want to read - because it's a little long.

    Active mind programming is very easily recognized - any kind of more intense mind/body suffering. In head it feels exactly like branwashing - like someone would from inside 24hours a day "fixing/brainwashing" someone's mind and/or be bathed in microwaves or like ghost would operate someone's energy, some also call this "intrusive thoughts"(or add/adhd) but it's more than that - it's typical wireless electronic/psychotronic psyConditioning(mindFixing/manipulation in someone's favour) and mind state is then totally like - this - which is wireless electronic/psychotronics opression - one can not then manytimes do even the most basic things to live. When one becomes at start a part of this - life as one knew it usually in a few weeks just "falls appart" and unusual things start to happen - goal is also psychological/social isolation - more friendships/familyMembers violence may be there or it's other extreme - total zombification. If this could be stimulated in anyone just for experiment - anyone would pretty well instantly spontaneously guess that this is mindControl(also what concerns "hearing voices") - sudden active mind programming is very easily recognisable when one is a part of it from inside - that's why it's sometimes at start slowly with time activated in someone's body so that it looks natural "ghosts show"/disorders - although many in mental health waters are brainwashed that it's "mental illness" - because their modern 'young sect' highness wanted so - so that their divine business could run - which also includes external "corona"/others brainwashing for all via media(tv/radio/etc). Yeah - a weird hobby some have.

    A quick trick that i read in one of the books to test if one is a part of active mind programming is simply going to EEG, and if one has too active/agressive EEG waves - one is a part of it. Altought this is usually only to get evidence, because one can not overlook signs of this - especially at start when one is thrown into this program. Nerves(including brains) are artificially wirelessly 24hours a day overstimulated/destroyed - this is what causes agressive/spiking EEG results - from inside this is many times felt like someone is agresivelly burning - yup - one of the real hell states - which some people overlook warning signs - which can later also produce regular burnout or even nervous breakdown. When i went to eeg tests, a doctor there at the end said that i was probably very nervous, altought i was on the edge of falling to a sleep when she tested this - which just shown what i was knowing from before. Some people are very nervous/anxious, true, but people/doctors are not asking the right question - what is attacking nerves in the first place - where do "bad nerves" come from, this is where the problem is.

    In this category - this is easily recognized like tinnitus,
    weird head pressure or whooshing in someone's head and breeze like nervous(probably pulsedDC) electricity through head/body or other weird phenomena - more after a few sentances. This is typical silent wireless electronic torture(usually anyone in this category has somewhere daily - (almost)nervousbreakdown, because body is treated with nervous electricity which produces tremor out of nowhere - especially whole nervousSystem(also by nanoMicroStimulators microchips), rf detector shows this - especially when one does not move - this becomes obvious when one tries to rest - but it can't - because nervousSystem is always fireing/simulated artificially even when body is resting - adrenalin is artificially produced - it's like one's whole nervousSystem is fully under stress - constantly under mild electroshocks - this usually with time produces chronic tyredness). All of this usually manages psyExploiters ai - reasons for one becoming a part of that may be different - many are a part of this only because they were test subjects while they were young - and now they are treated so that they would not remember things or that they would be silent, some become a part of this because some schmuck want's to test/adnvance new psyExperimentStrategies, some are a part of this strictly to be tortured/opressed because their highness doesn't want too healthy individuals on "their" spoiled psychopaths big boys/girls market.
          I repeat - symptoms of this are not natural "mental illness"(many of t.i.-s don't have any criminal record what so ever,many were a part of monarchMindProgramming in early years) - although psychiatric/health personell is brainwashed that it is(eg in some schools they teach that hearing voices is a part of "mental illness" - while the truth is that it's a part of mind programming business which came from "psychological experiments" from the past - an abuse of wireless neuroLinguisticProgramming(was prooved and will be again if needed). It's a long story, that serves proBrainwashers/proTerrorists 'system' more that 50years. Take abuse of mind programming away from any t.i. and one will be healthy again in a few weeks - with no trace of ever having "mental illness"(no hearing voices,no psychologicalPain,no agression,if one has it - no histeria,no bi-polar as extreme psychological+mood states,no tyredness,etc) - although psychological damage can stay there for quite some time - depends from person to person. THIS is where rabbit is hiding. Only this three things are in play and activated: either microchips and/or special telecommunications and/or psychotronics(same can be in passive mode - but here it's more intensive and with more psychoPhysical health destroying/torturing methods).
          This types of people are being also usually specially secretly more implanted in early age by "alien" abduction or fast vans and
    one's psycho-physical(regular/mental) health state is at a mercy and in control of psychotronics(possible via implants, something like eHealth abuse) and is usually destroyed by it, especially when one is not doing what he/she was 'programmed'(deepPsyConditioned) for in someone's modern slaves sport - market.
    And this video speaks about active mind programming - a little dramatic - but yes - this are neuroLinguisticProgramming abuses like guy says and social network are heavily managed by them(just check 'targeted individuals international' of fb - it's managed by ai to catch t.i.-s) - watching till 3:02 is enough.

    People in this category would certainly sometimes need help from someone - i am all for it - 'workshops' are also meant for this.
    A little tougher case in this category.

    Active mind programming is exactly like bio/neuro feedback but totally wirelessly and used for psychoPhysically ReInforced Torture for many reasons(even moreEnergyHarvesting) and to destroy someone's psychoPhysical health - while one usually in normal circumstances uses bio/neuroFeedback to build up someone's health. So - for mind programming abuse it's used like this: one just thinks one of good thoughts(anything or just how to get rid of this abuses) and exactly that moment mindTech ai uses something to combat that good idea/feeling/etc - it just destroys that idea(mildExactPsycheDestruction) or ai eg chooses headache/migraine/(sometimesPsychosis or dementia effects or some body part pain). This is basic principle of wireless feedback mind programming - one's thoughts are used to self-destruct(or produce deliberate "mental illness",agression,lethargy,pain,etc), tinnitus is always there - bullying/neuroLinguisticVoices with some of us also(and manytimes electricNervousEnergy through one's body when one eg sits - agression) - which are there to provocate one's nerves so hardly, that many do something that push them into lifes troubles(this is also how serial killers were produced/treated - unconsciousPsyTricks) - some end in mental hospitals only because they don't know mindTech is deliberatelly playing very hard tricks on their nerves - deliberatelly! some go there themselves willingly, because their psyche/health is so destroyed - that they can't help themselves anymore, neither go to the shop(psychoticState,psychosis,total discoordination,or total psychological breakdown or nervous breakdown,one at that time falls to a 2year old semiConsciousStates) - "crazy heads" are nowadays easily wirelessly produced. The easy/"legal"/"undetectable" way to teach modern slaves a lesson(or for mind programming market psyConditioning - there must be a few nutcases so that lies/illusions/brainwashing stays real) - with those that don't know nothing about mind programming abuse - fully unconsciously - which is a goal in all brainwashing games. So - if anybody want's to make a few tests how this aiFeedback works - t.i.-s are all over the place - some don't even know they are a part of it. If anyone want's to know how this works - i am here. In 'targeted individuals' it's constantly active.

    Here - this symptoms may be more active/noticed: tinnitus, forced/intrusive thoughts, preventing some thoughs(m.progr. ai is quite advanced and selfSufficient(self-learning and learning through live beings), when one for example thinks how to get rid of this - ai chooses as punishment for example a headache/migraine/dementia/mildPsychosis/energyStress'Therapy'/moreVoices(forVoiceHearers)/etc, so that one is disabled), intensified chest/plexus pain(which produce heartburn, acid reflux or stomach acid problems) - just this and one is usually disabled by it and becomes instantly very tyred and must rest but usually doesn't help much - which are usually microchips+telecomunications abuse thing(this has probably most people in - it's modern "cancer" business fuse - one of psyTerrorists/psyExploiters ensurances if one would not respect their paraPolitics circus - some already sued the bastards - a part of covert mind control), on quite some - hearing artificial voices heard only by individual(which are dark-satanic/heavenly/"normal" NeuroLinguisticProgramming abuse) - which is a layer of voices on what's already naturally heard - or is fully manipulated/overriden hearing of other sounds, some have visual halucinations(eg seing something that other don't), artificial mild/hard psychosis/schizophrenia - more/less, energy manipulations(some misunderstand this as devils work or ghosts going through their bodies which may sometimes play on sexual organs also), energy trafficking/conditioning(check 'energy stealing/trafficking2' in Symptoms section). Here - many get a feeling that his/her mind is not his/her own and something is trying to control it - which is true!

    It can semi to 3/4 override mind with anything - eg sexual thoughts/feelings/subVisions while one doesn't have any sexual intent - eg for sexually psyConditioning someone(sexuality is probably the most abused thing in this business).

    In this stage - psychotronics are usually creating/mimicking any "mental illness" - like "hearing voices"(which is (dark)deliberateNeuroLinguisticProgramming-wasAlreadyProvedAndItCanBeAgainIfNeeded) or a (weird)headache/tinnitus and mild/moderate/hard psychosis or paranoia/histeria or paranoid schizophrenia etc, which would hold true for anyone if one's whole nervousSystem and head would be irradiated via eg microwaves like stuff - this are "non lethal mind weapons".

    In this mode - psyExploiter's ai uses any problematic situation to psyCondition someone more - "voice hearers" are usually in this situations proBullied(proMindFucked) more by voices or some other method is used. Eg - one has a problem in life - and that is ai using to psyCondition someone more with tyranny - proPerfectPsyAbuses, eg if someone has financial problems - ai will try things through psyStrategies - that someone stays in a shit, and ai usually doesn't have limits - it tortures(especially because this is 'not' seen from outside) - and some people are suffering as hell - which is a part of sadistic conditioning method in which psyExploiters are also specialists(the most sadistical methods in it's whole spectrum are owned by them). Problems are usually used to create more problems. People that "hear voices" and say that theirs are good/supportive - just don't know what they are talking about, then you hear some of them ending in an mental hospital because of chronic psychological exhaustion(some are there that go voluntarily in mental hospital - because they are so psychologically fucked up by "dementia" or "schizophrenia" - easily produced by microwaves like mindControl, psyExploiters ai is just self-learning oppressive/control strategies on most - that's all).

    In this stage, also many loose jobs, friends, have family breakups, have daily very unusual experiences etc and one's life is being deliberatelly destroyed. The goal is to make someone's mind as de-humanized animalistic primitive and destroyed as ai(or who is behind) want's to - making someone know that s/he is being easily tortured(whoever is not brainwashed with "disorders") with so much ease. This is to literally try to push someone to nervousBreakdown/suicide/etc - because in health system all don't know about this - and there are not many places where one could go. Inner psychophysical torture is done 24hours a day - more when one is at rest and if anyone would experience this and would be a little aware of it's inner body - one would instantly know it's done artificially. One just usually waves from a little normal(when one is not soo tortured) to extreme tortured states - some more some less, this is what proExploiters were after - state/mood/mind change instantly on demand, that's why some don't know why they are ok when they go doing something or talking to someone - and right after they come home - it's again total concentration camp from inside - combinations of psychophysical torture(harsh headache so that one cannot think much,bodyShaking in "microwaves bath" - sometimes face skin gets red/burns, positive mood/energy completelly destroyed - depression follows, solarPlexus pain - only this and one is disabled and ready to sleep again, etc), intellect/positive feelings thoughts smashed and powerlesness feelings/thought enforced - something like unseen family violence. Mind/thought control is simple here - when one just thinks of some usual small positive thing - eg to find him/her-self a job or something - ai recognize this and it creates eg more headache - so that one must give up this thought/intention. THIS is a part of active mind programming/control based on thought/emotions feedback in realtime(nsa supposed to use this on 'criminals', but is nowadays everywhere done by probably more folks) - thought/emotions 'training' - blocking ok / enforcing only negative - pure mind tyranny, this is why many can not do even simple needed life things, so yes - dictatorship is still quite active. Wireless electronic "jails" have become popular/cheap for rich terorists or organised criminals. This is also similar to something that some call bi-polar - although it's done artificially. Of course - "cancer" is also a by product of this wireless 'microwave therapy', many are T.I.-s without hearing voices and are just not aware what's really happening from inside - personally i don't know anyone that is not a T.I. in some way.

    Also, in this phase, one's will is deliberatelly destroyed 24hours a day, that's why many undergoes a nervous breakdowns - some more some less, chronic tyredness, chronic nervous exhaustion(because nerves don't get enough energy for self-nourishment because it's stealed/trafficked/orDestroyed - this is sometimes feelt in thymus/heartChakraArea - then naturally, depression follows).

    There is also a lot of manipulation with false hope biznis at this stage - including unknowingly(or maybe even knowingly by some) by psychiatry/pills(false hope is one of the biggest illusions that works and is used by psyManipulators). This is why some that depend too much on pills and one takes them away - some just breaks - this is probably also meant with false hope conditionings.

    There are more reasons why active mind programming comes into someone's life, but here are a few: psyExploiters ai is learning on somene new mindControl strategies(it's learning on humanity also for good old exploitation business), one is not playing by psyExploiters rules anymore - became 'too much' unConditioned and is not always in unconscious victim mode(psyConditionedMind), the 3rd one would be "commercial" opression - so that one stays a modern mental slave, can not get rid of this and can be exploited and/or opressed and/or psyConditioned more. This is done automaticaclly by ai's telemetry when one is 'too' healthy - because then spoiled psychopaths risk to loose a modern slave - one could get rid of this. Modern slave can have all(can also be rich) - but must not know or experience a few things - because "bosses" would then not be the only one at 'the top of the world'.
  • direct mode(total mind/body(all motorics) pure electronical override and/or extreme psychological tyranny/sadism) - more in it's own menu section:
    some say a lot of musicians/actors/sexIndustryWorkers was produced like this - monarchs - although this processes were later used on many many more - also groups of people for "social experiments" and mind programming markets(humanFarms), SRA(satanicRitualAbuse is a lot used - more on wikipedia).
          Well, what can i say - someone should experience it and one would know whats above "hitler's" hellTortures(m.prog. includes all aspects of life, it's machinery like very precise "military grade" like wireless psy/emotional/body-control) - which is mostly used in long monarchMindReprogramming process - a wireless science how to reProgram/reImplements someone's mind from the ground up, so that one(or their ai) creates an human product that is needed by them on the market or because of some other reasons - offers are usually dark in nature, they try the easy and if offers are not accepted - the hard way. If one would leand them an ass - one would probably get with time all that he/she wants - all the fancy stuff, money,house,girls/boys/whores etc - so i call this sometimes butthole pyramid system. This are also tests if one would work for them like this - as their sex slave - and lend them ass later some more and probably do other dirty jobs for them, which is probably a test for psychological submission - alla style "who's the boss".
          Ai is by that time also helping them to mind control someone when they are even more psyConditioning eg a kid not only one's mind/head/body inside by ai - but also from outside - they have people for this which are total assholes - sometimes paraSoldiers are between - each of them has their own totally sadistic methods of harsh torturing(psyConditioning) which conditions someone more fully - harsh sadistical psychological torturing is their speciality - which are probably "the best of brainwashing/torturing" from all previous systems, eg communism brainwashing, nacism brainwashing, concentration camps dr Mengele brainwashing(deep psychological isolation methods), dark satanic brainwashing etc. Spiritual abuses are here also used extensivelly - they also usually have all that fancy nonCommercial spirituality toys and or devices with electroshock if one is needed right away to be put into a comma.
          This and more is what is in books called Trauma Based Monarch Mind Programming - because traumas are 24hours a day over and over again deeply instilled into someone(the real 'best of' physical/emotional/mental/spiritual electronic/usualSocial brainwashing) - process is usually more than a year long with some pauses in between many times used on trafficked children - but a complete covert brainwashing for many lasts much more time. Wireless direct psyConditioning by ai is like machine would mindrape/fullyControl someone again and again(also like someone would stich needles in someone's mind - but no one is there - this is mindReimpregnation/reImplementation of psyche from ground up) - and can do about eight quite good psyConditions(mindReprogramming/psyStiching) in a second - not days/months like it was used in the old days to psyCondtion a kid manually.

    It's a direct psychic+consciousness driving - like some would be a doll of someone wirelessly(total mind control) optimally via "psyche tunning 'chips'"(like someone would reProgram and tune a car - but here - someone's head/nervousSystem/wholeMind is an object of a tunning which always at some point creates subConscious collapse and nervousEnergeticBurnout in which one is reProgrammed much easier because subConscious defense is destroyed, and later usually subConscious agony follows which lasts usually more years if not resolved(some call this midlife crisis) - which is probably also a goal of brainwashing) - but i experienced direct mode mostly via main mind programming phase at cca 3/5years.

    In this phase, one is also exposed to the most primitive mindProgramming of others just for the sake of psyConditioning "how useless/powerless you are"(this is a lot also done when/if one is still spiritually free), for example - i have never saw sooooo much pushed minds of other on soooo low primitive level - much much more primitive/violent than any animal - fully forced psychosis/schizophrenia into this beings(mind can be copied from animal and then forced in the form of mindSet to human or vice versa - this is a kind of psyExperiments i am talking about). Mind is programmed in realtime - one's mind and subconscious believes can be in a few seconds reProgrammed from eg Mozarts mind back to the lowest less than animal state, of course - spirit can be also engineered by better psychotronics. Some mindProgrammers probably still have this kind of 'province' somewhere hidden from public - just for extreme psyExperiments. Back then - they tried to create full living organism via psychotronics(organs can be nowadays printed or ether is used to create nervousSystem from scratch) - and from start their body parts fell of or hair didn't grow right or ai didn't simulate 'sims' right like a real human being - they couldn't drive a car at start for example. Yeah - a living nightmare.

    Somewhere i noticed a complete system to buy, so that one can implant that directly in mice's head - and then drive it wirelessly like a toy - this is direct - psychicDriving, but on humans it's sometimes much more - more advanced when that's happening, there's also a lot of media conditioning - eg fully overriding all 6senses - like someone's visual/hearing cortex and energy with eg youtube like videos, which is direct(it's not like one would see that on youtube, it's directly forced in head areas so that one experiences that somehow in 3D - like one would radiate that video) - this is a phase of psyEmotional conditioning, but it can be also used to reProgram someone's organism(eg color of eyes etc - wirelessly) and it's nervous system from ground up - including dna/dnk - this is why ai is used - it's precise and speedy enough.

    Also at that stage, one is aware of all what's happening, but because head/brainsteem/mainNervousSystem is fully overriden with neuroModulation, one doesn't have any kind of motoric/mind control - so it's a perfect tool for deepPsyConditionings(aka soul scars) and psyExploiters use it a lot by then, especially for pain/plesure conditioning.

    Here - also full lifeMindSets(fullBlownSubConsciousBeliefs) can be 'burned' into someone's psyche and voila - someone has a new personality and psyExploiter/humanFarmer a new human product(something like monsanto is doing with plants for better productivity) - that 2nd personallity(ego) with time reGrows someone and if not resolved somehow, it will stay with someone for the rest of one's life. Naturally - one's primary personality tries to correct itself through life - mindProgrammers are probably aware of this 'problem' - this is also why ai leads most of people via life to 'the other side' unconsciously thirsty(real wishes are reProgrammed/reWired before/after birth to "human farmer" needs on the market - via supressed real subconscious hope - will is rewired to unconscious babies - this is also where neurological problems(bad health and subconscious stress) comes from) - a part of modern slavery and psyEnergyExploitation.

    One thing that could be done with mind programming fast(subConsciousness reProgramming by psychotronics) - is to make someone left/right handed, but this is usually only done at early age, else it would be too obvious.

    That fast learning languages things(in one hour or so) - that one puts on one's head could be called psychotronics - because they quicky artificially create new nervousPathways(subConsciousBelieves) in someone's head - which is real neuroLinguisticProgramming - but i don't recommend them.

    One method that is many times used with direct m.progr. - is for conditioning deep guilt into someone, but maybe somewhere else more about this and how it's done. By the way - subConscious guilt is a lot used by people behind this - it's a method, a method that is later used for subConscious manipulations alla proHypnose style - guilt is one of the best methods used for this. So if one want's to get rid of this one - one should do quite a lot of 'work'(mostly unConditioning process) and some research. This are usually quite stubborn psyConditions(subConscious/unaware selfDestroying beliefs) - because they are usually quite complex(they were created with complexity in mind) - manytimes - they are not so simple as it's seen at a first sight

Essential Mind Programming understanding
A picture says a thousand words - so here is a diagram how this works, similar is this(more in left menu brainwashing - how human scada systems work).
This is neutral system - but in the hands of psyEnergyExploiters/brainwashers, i wonder how much this same human farm marketing system costs on a black market to integrate it into some environment, country, area, 'province', worldwide(then 'market managers' have access to this system - 'intelligence agencies', black tantra guys/girls and 'drug enforcement agency'(drug business because they want clean and force toxic for others) best payed jobs on a black market(in the past specially payed hookers,pimps,'priests',others to microchip as many for 'livestock' business as possible and hooking them/us on their ai) - but this is many times no longer needed since quantum tech can nano/micro-chip anyone wirelessly), etc, knowing that telecommunications conditions are already globally there.
When basic diagram above is created in reality, psyEnergyExploiters(in this case also their computer programmers with basic knowledge) simply add/extend any module with different programming languages(python/c++/etc): eg special energy management(destruction, manipulation(also states) or stealing), human/other anatomy knowledge for micro/nano-implantation reasons, fool people/doctors with "virus" for 'market management' reasons - which is not so hard to do - even rife frequencies + plasma can wirelessly do this to some extent either create/destroy 'bacteria' or any other 'illness'(pattern+bad_health) or mental illness(energy weapons or/and other), etc.
Yeah, technology is not only tv/radio.. this is mindTech..

This diagram is here primarily - so that one can know what to look for if one has bad health. Eg, if you know that
ai/this is potentially used on you with in-body chemistry management - you can check for heavyMetals/poisons/toxins in the body if you have bad health(or mentalHealth) - which could also be from water or from old water pipes/etc. That 'just buzzing' on diagram could mean one is nanochipped - consciously check for any nervous(or buzzing) energy in your body - which definetelly means one is treated with this(i don't know anyone that is not in some way in some years of one's life treated with this), there are only two possibilities: one is nanochipped there(+special telecommunications doing their job) or psychotronics(quantumTech) is doing nervousness/buzzing/burning/anxiety/pain/etc there, if there are of course not obvious causes of this which doctors can easily treat. In 'workshops' - basic things are tested for free(whatever is in left menu 'shop/advice' testing whole area where someone lives is notFree).
Diagram is done in a neutral way - BUT! when people are not aware that they are treated with this, what happens?
Maybe you guessed it - perfect subconscious psyConditioning or 'undetectable' brainwashing - which is exactly what psyEnergyExploiters want. All of this is not so hard to do - many could do it,
but - we are not all sadists which try to drive/control all people in the world. When one is using this diagram and put it into a real world - what would be the use of it? not much - pretty much only good old exploitations, altough some use similar ai based system for ok things - eg similar plants growing with scada systems(scroll down to image). The difference in mind programming is that plant becomes humanNervousSystem and/or individual's mind/energyField. This is what diagram represents - there are some similarities.

It depends who has this in hands in real world - one could make a one day joke and make fun from others a little(that "just buzzing" could be used here - "ahhh, look - i am an mobile phone!"), or - when proBrainwashers uses it - it could be slowly with time progresivelly destroying someone's health deliberatelly(proTrappedBee(bone/meat)effect via frequenciesControl - could be very mildly so that it's not obvious) - eg hips or other part of the body without a "proPatient" and even doctors knowing the real causes - for automated market management. "Cancer" could be done like this - especially in lungs area when micro/nano-chip is near/in the bone and someone is telling a psychiatrists that s/he has and anxiety problems - could be a not so obvious pain in a heartChakra/diaphragma/solarPlexus area. Acid stomach reflux or inflammation there could be also because of this "just buzz" or artificial chemical/acid reaction there. I had many times problems with this - but sometimes proBrainwashers also puts eg tungsten/other nanoWires there for opression purposses - just in case - a body is sticked through and through with small tiny long tube that has nanoWire in - and they don't stop until they hit the nerve(heartChakra/diaphragma or solarPlexus area), and someone is by that time also wirelessly testing if the thing works. If the right combination of chemical/acid or something else then hits that tungsten/other, the chemical/other reaction does the rest and pain begins manifesting and possibly depression and chronic tyredness and meat around that area could look like "cancer cells". If one has such acidic/painful areas - this should be checked. If it's nothing there(and there is no toxic chemistry/heavyMetal/other in the body) - then psychotronics are at work, as simple as that.
     The only difference between passive(mostPeople) or active or direct mind programming is in it's intensity, because if quantumTech would be on it's full power nonStop to control all world with it's people, it would be a little weird and people could not be so much psyEnergyExploited and psyExperiments could not be done, besides - 'quantum fuel'(pool of slowly/fast stolen neutral vitalEnergy from all beings(this came out from mindStealinBiz) and 'their' galaxy resources) would probably go to hell and psyExploiters would not get more than they put into such business, that is - they have to get more that they put it - else of course - nobody would make such human farm business.

So, for usual people - passive mind programming is used, for targeted individuals(usualPeople with 24hours a day destroyed mental/regular health sometimes misdiagnosed with "mental illness" or also mentallyDisabled) - active mind programming is used, and for monarchMindProgramming/spiritually-conditioned-a-groupOrArea-of-people-for-psyExperiments(or those that really goes someone on nerve) - direct mind programming(mostlyViaQuantumTech) is used.
Managing the market via mind controlled social hierarchy - nowadays a reality, someone's ai pushes a button - and one's thoughts are blocked, another - and one has a wish to have a sex with brainwasher, another - and one's creative idea is stolen and/or destroyed, another and one get's a migraine, another - one is depressed, another - one is misdiagnosed with some illness(or mental illness - also used to get rid of or socially isolate someone for more psyTorturing/psyExperiments), another and your health/life is wirelessly "undetectably" destroyed/tortured/exploited/controlled/etc.. yup - this would be humanity(and more) violations in it's quite big spectrum.

Quick preview of methods of wireless mind control and how one becomes a part of brainwashers human farm "radar":
There are two major ways of wireless mind control or with another words - mind programming:
  • hybrid:
    this are inside+outside management mind control methods and are the most common and nowadays used on all society/individuals that are not in brainwashers league.
    Eg - nano/micro-chip/rfid/persons-image/blood is used to put a person on brainwashers radar to track a person(just look how many people have feet corns and dry heels amongst other things) + external wireless ai management(scalar waves, microwaves, special "intelligence agency" telecommunications that usually bypass subscribers/paying plans and mostly works via many such protocols, radionics/psychotronics, etc). All of this are used for realtime psyche/body management/opression/destruction/etc, for eg brainwashing via thoughts/emotions based on what someone's see's and in what environment one is - this is nothing special we all more or less all living with this for more than 50years, but it may destroy someone's joy of life or life itself completelly - targeted individuals are in far more intensive program what concerns this and when one becomes aware how this works(that this is not doing bad luck, demons/spirits, nature, etc) - one sees this are nothing but a wireless psycho-physical torturing/fooling methods like it was done on humanity in the history - but wireless - (harsh)("undetectable")technological global opressions. Why? good old nonCommercialSpiritual thing - without it even the most rich in this world is not really free but in brainwashers Psychological Kindergarten.
  • non-hybrid:
    either fully in body(eg self-powered ambient energy harvesting nano/micro-chips - altough i thing brainwashers mostly ditched this method because it can't be externally manipulated) or
    fully externally via better quantumTech(a lot used in monarchMindProrgrammming when they test new nano/micro-processors implanting someone right into head center eg special micro arm-cortex processors just like that - fast operations done by quantumTech+wireless ai precision that regular doctors are mostly not aware of, but because professional mind control business advanced on a black market - of course they don't show it to commercial guys/girls)
What concerns personal image/blood and radionics/psychotronics..
we all have at least identity card and/or driver's licence and/or someone that takes our blood, right?
One of their people working there(also to traffick blood) and we are all fucked so to speak. This is a typical radionics/psychotronics and/or electro-herbalism. What are brainwashers trying to hide from you from the whole history? why electro-herbalism works? why anything "wireless" works? it's not that whole existance is non-generous, it's only that psyEnergyExploiters are assholes which have found tricks to "lock/unlock" Nature/Consciousness/Prosperity/Vitality in every single individual - and this is what they have done globally so that they can play kings and queens.
What some call "the system" is hiding in plain sight in front of all mostly because some don't know how mind programming works(i call it nonCommercialSpiritual poorness - altough nowadays it's sahara), but because brainwashers are cunning - they have fooled/brainwashed "livestock" with (mental)illnesses/"virus" names for humanity opression purposses - so that 'livestock' would not interfere with their black market and modern slavery business altough we are all a part of it, which is all a part of mind control circus.

Many have found out how mind programming abuse works in this society, but if you say:
"hey, good news - your migraine is not from nature and is artificial!", you usually get from brainwashed sheeps
this answer: "who cares, either way we must all die from something". This is what i call self-destructive personality 'disorder', even if brainwashers put it there.
Only dead fishes go with brainwashers flow.

How 'livestock' microchipping for human farms of live beings via "radar" works:
more on this subject is also under left menu brainwashing section under Human scada/network.

Implanting someone can also be done wirelessly via quantumTech when one sleeps, but for now i won't write about it
since all don't understand what is nonCommercialSpirituality(psyExploiters don't like that part of you), so here primarily pure physical nano/micro-chipping is explained, it's quite simple.
I'll use term implants here for nano/micro-chips - but any foreign object or some kind of tiny metal or nanoWires or scalarWaves transpoders(something like bank card system but smaller - many implanted heads works on exactly same principle - it's also feelt when it operates - that buzzz) or rfid or something else that communicate via frequencies could be used - eg mems or more here.
ProPsyExploiters many times use custom signal/communication intelligence, meaning standard rfid/other signals or even standard rfid tags/other may not be used - but something similar - customized or home made, so that it can easier bypass commercial signals and work exclusivelly for human/other implants.
If someone is implanted, that doesn't mean psychotronics are not used - usually - both is used in combinations for best modern slaves brainwashing/business/wirelessConcentrationCamp/genocide/etc.

Nanochips can be used in two ways:
1) any kind of foreign object used like a gps - so that when ai(or abuser) pushes eg torture an arm - elbow nanochip location is targeted with some kind of exotic dew(directed energy weapon or psychotronics)
2) nerves drivers, neuro stimulators or/and consciousness drivers(pinecone?): usually put into center of the head or cortex head areas or other parts of the body/nervousSystem - creating a kind of wban(wireless body area network) - this are very tiny - nanometer is much smaller than any hair(manytimes not even visible with naked eye), even smaller than micrometer - so that they are not so easily spotted with commercial ct/pet/x-ray/etc. This is how society "subconscious mind" became programmable: eg temperature of the body, headache/migraine, mood, thoughts/emotion manipulation, states manipulation, etc - all in one package. This was done serially on many many if not all when weasels figured out how to do it via harsh psyExperiments from before(also on animals) - so that psyExploiters has created for themself conditions to manage markets in such sadistic ways - also torturing someone wireleslly if s/he got them on their nerves(or just for fun, or doing more psyExperiments - which all three is an definition of spoiled psychopath) just by pressing a button and voila - one is a part of active mind programming managed through their wireless ai daily via 24hours a day psychophysical torture destroying psychophysical health and forcing "mental illness"(intrusive thoughts,"hearing voices",harsh headaches daily,destruction of ideas/energy,etc) - which was from the start by psyExploiters meant as a part of mind control business. The same things can be also done without nanochips via better psychotronics.

You can also check this website - scroll to "IMPLANTS FOR MEDICAL USE AND FOR TORTURE",
altough this could be done without implants - this are used for ecoMindProgramming just in case - if someone threats their modern slavery business.
Like cathy meadows(clinical psychologists who works with targeted individuals - i encourage such psychologists) writes in one of her books(i don't agree with some things in her books - she is probably not a part of active mind programming,but i agree with one of her statement perfectly): one is usually not being a T.I. because s/he has done something wrong - but because somewhere in the past one has done something right. Exactly!! crooks just don't want for others to mess with their biggest covert modern slavery business which most is a part of. When some of us were still spiritually free - we done something that really pissed them off, then - "the holly grail" of tortures was even more there.

Ha haaa, yes - a full spectrum of abuses, could be called "undetectably" tortured society for psyTrainings like some train dogs - this is how psyConditioning went deeep into many people's psyche/lifes, unfortunatelly - this is currently still so, and humanity was a long time ago slowly "undetectably" put on knees for profit via mindControl via any industry they wanted, monkey-mind(cheap radio-like mind chatter) and other treatments. I don't understand people who never tested what's in vaccines and they still insist they are safe(brainwashed sheeps via blind faith, just simple research on nano-level would do the trick and if there is small dose of radiation in vaccinees which in many were, albeit "trojan horse" can be later moleculary wirelessly modified into anything by proBrainwashers - not doctors). Vaccines probably won't kill anyone - but it's always a water on psyEnergyExploiters business, a simple ingredients can make any mind more dull - less naturally alive - vaccines are usually indirectly used(who dictates what's in them is done indirectly not by regular experts - but by "experts" of mind programming) to test new psyConditioning effects which also work in hand with nanochips/psychotronics. I always say - whoever tries to enforce that vaccines are save - first a few has to grab that someone and force 100 needles of some vaccine into that person, if s/he is still alive after one week - then it could be considered safe, else neurological damage tooks place - because this goes directly into blood, not by eating. Personally - if one is not allowed to research/test what is in some substance and is forced into someone - this is pure terrorism(this is probably a reason some vaccines companies have a small writing that one can not sue them for any possible symptoms, while big smile safe people as mask of clowning is put on that website - all lies - some try to be too much your "healthcare professionals", why some don't tell that they like to have people as pure mind programmed products toys without it's own thinking/head/mind - workingBee zombies). When you hear the word "expert" in health industry - think twice who you are trusting your health to(this could be just brainwashed people indirectly doing brainwashers a favour - modern wireless brainwashing is specialized in this). It's a weird world - some created mindcontrol to either brainwash or destroy people's health "undetectably" - so that vaccines for dumbing down mind can be put into someone to treat disease that was created artificially. They create all that they can so that they have healthy mind(altough it's just sadistic) - while they force others "undetectably" to have dumbed down mind - this is psychophysical health laundering and is happening right in front of all everywhere everyday to most - something like money laundering. Do you see it - wireless mindControl can indirectly use industries as their helping aid of brainwashing campaign. This is why brainwashers sometimes have smiles bigger than their faces because they manage to fool doctors/others via mindTech(which can create any pattern in any organism - a pain is there but that doesn't mean an "illness", even commercial psychotronics could probably create eg a micro pyramid pattern in someone's organism with time, then doctors would be brainwashed that this is some kind of new "illness" - with a simple mass lie also via media, as simple as that - this is how brainwashing of doctors with "diploma" works - stubborn people that think they know everything).

Most regular nanochipping is done via generalized alive/dead radar cross-section.
The better psyExploiters implant someone - the better radar signal of someone is and less power and better communication with someone's mind/organism - even if s/he is somewhere behind more walls.
When they experimented with this on many of us in monarchMindProgramming - they tried many many tricks - they forced us in some area with thick metal so that they could check if signal would work/etc.
The thing being on organized criminals "radar" for livestock is simple: most people nowadays are a part of it and when one is - any kind of "illness" can be simulated on someone(all illnesses are mostly simulations, brainwashers don't need doctors because they don't destroy their own health "undetectably" for human farm business). Ai has very precise human/others organism knowledge - so it can treat any organ or psychological states or something else on someone.
ProBrainwashers don't do this so that doctors have more works - although doctors(which are also treated with this) have a lot more customers because of mind programming abuses.
I think that their "radar"(not police, but specialized radar for mind programming - detection of any object) was advanced by people/kids trafficking business, and one's who could not afford to talk about it or sue brainwashers, eg psychologically weak/isolated "mental patients"/traffickedKids/wo-men, etc.

Here - i'll explain how it's done to implant people/animals:
in the past when human farms became popular and brainwashers and organised criminals specialized radar for human/kids trafficking detected someone - and it was not yet implanted - sometimes "cia" guys came and tried to put anything into someone's body(or black unmarked helicopter took someone or "nazi" surgery was done out there if a kid was eg in forest or that very fast vans came and took a kid, etc - usually one was 1st put into a comma, then - a kid was leaved somewhere near home or so with "refreshed" implanted head/body and usually in a kind of dementia state for a while - "aliens did it!" - of course this are not aliens). When that anything in-body was detected by their radar, radar used less power to detect where one is - like gps, and when that was done - one was kaput/finished, later implants usually followed easier if psyExploiters wanted so.
After that - sometimes their implanting circus continues someday somewhere in the open when a kid is about 3/4years old, eg also implanting nanoWires(probably tungsten like in regular light bulbs but thinner) with long hollow needles right into solarPlexus nerves area and this is done till a guy doesn't hit nerves correctly(harsh acid reflux problems can be a symptom of this), when their radar operator says someone is implanted correctly directly on someone's solarPlexus nerves - implanting guy stops. Sometimes they say "if you'll do something bad to us, we'll say you have a mental illness and you'll be put into a nut house!", this is how they terrorize kids/others - of course any "mental illness" is a trick to fool people hiding mind control business, some are just too fucked up from ai/nanochip messing/controlling their nervousSystem/minds and have real mental problems. Implantations are many times the only reason why some have full blown energetic problems in solarPlexus area and after that - depression and chronic tyredness. It's used to instantly disable someone energetically and otherwise, body may start to violently shake from inside like one would be treated with harsh radiation directly on nerves - one becomes almost instantly weak(or agressive - depends) by their ai decision to torture someone when implants are activated in someone's life for active mind programming. Meaning - one can be full of implants, but they can be in nonactivated state for one's whole life, but in old age - they are usually more and more activated only so - so that "illness" is simulated/brainwashed to come naturally - a part of reTraining 'livestock' mentality - psyConditioning - thought reform, you should not see beyond something that they created for their livestock hobby. Some are doing money laundering, but this idiots are doing psycho-physical health laundering so that they can play - "our ai will manage your lifes/freedom/psychophysicalHealth for our needs".

Of course - all of this could be done via something that doctors are fully blind for - wireless nonCommercialSpiritual chirurgy(eg in sleep) - you could call it gammaRays knife - but it's more like artificial spirit-holographic engineering of materia/mass/spirit/mind/etc via better psychotronics.
Personally - i doubt that someone is still non-implanted in some way eg in our country for popular 'livestock' sport - implanting someone means ecoMindProgramming, less energy and easier manipulation of any individual by ai.
Better mind programming systems also have quite big information knowledge - eg thoughts/emotions of others or what is currently on the radio/tv or in other country(which could be an brainwashers ai and signal intelligence psyTrick), so people are easier brainwashed/psyConditioned in realtime.
Mind programming system is not so hard to do to lead a bunch of people - but not all know 'right people' eg in media houses etc - altought media houses(including workers there) can be also indirectly guided by eg psychotronics w/out implants. Many radio stations are guided by ai to sustain global brainwashing circus in some country or in bigger area that becomes more obvious when "corona" and similar strikes - depends "who's the boss" or "goddess", simple inner(simulating symptoms) and outer brainwashing via media only so - that they try to fool masses. If this is not "their highness" style - i don't know what it is.

Micro/nano-chips(neurotoxic micro/nano-metals or it's variants) and it's locations:
Micro-chips(around 0.05mm or less - could be Arm Cortex microprocessors)/nanometals/otherStuff - and are usually
all over the body - nanoTech is tested well by more than 50years used as noncommercial professional wban variations(something like on wikipedia - but much better).

Any nano/micro-implant/chip is quite easily put into the body(eg with needles,spiritualTech,etc), the problem is to get them out!
For example - nanochip in feet/elsewhere when activated is felt like small pulsing or like a small bee would be trapped on some nerve, symptom of this is dry skin/heels or corns on the sole/feet, in chest like anxiety, in head as pressure/depression, etc.

Also - quite good explanation is on this website - scroll to "IMPLANTS FOR MEDICAL USE AND FOR TORTURE", i have torture kind of implantation strategy - which is usually not noticed by similarly implanted people when not wirelessly activated by weasels gestapos to be a part of active mind control/programming - but there are more, this is what brainwasheers were(on soldiers/etc and still on civilists) doing the whole time through people's lives - very tiny but many nano/micro-chips - one can design this implanting strategies in some of free computer softwares - eg omnet++ - of course software is neutral and can be used also for ok things and of course some must have knowladge then how to properly implant this - they have trained people for this with a good knowledge of human/other anatomy and anyone is usually implanted in childhood and later memory electronically erased to that - they also sometimes use spiritual mind technology for wireless implantations by 'higher level' mind programming abusers - which their black tantra 'chicks' usually don't know about, since in proExploitingManipulative company it's all only fun and games. Ha haaa - i never wished to be in their company since they are soooooo heavy characters and they always use wireless mind control/programming to subordinate people around themselves(there were 'cia' times when they didn't hide that but because most of us are not sadists - they had to - to 'undetectably' exploit 'livestock'), but i was when a part of monarchMindProgramming - i could say - only fools and horses and business men/girls, show more/less..
ProManipulators/spoiled-psychopaths will always do what they know best - protect their 'professional' exploiting/'undetectable'-wireless-torturing methods/ass/global-lies for their own gain and try to not be caught even by their own people!

Psychotronics can also be used for full body/mind/consciousness/spirit manipulation - but with 'wban' like bodyNetworks it's ecoMindProgramming, and besides that - they can be hooked on commercial (special)telecommunication networks and voila - "livestock" control - which are pure crimes against humanity and anyone can sue them, some already did.

Guess what are alpha, beta, theta, gamma "brain" waves really? show/hide more..

This here will be mostly for males(only what concerns sexual organs nano/micro-chipping) - for females if one will send me info - i'll be glad to put it here.
All down special wban(wirelessBodyAreaNetwork) are always used for "innocent commercial" managing people's eHealth - also a lot part of SRA(satanicRitualAbuse). But RNM(remoteNeuralMonitoring) is probably advanced to work without nano/micro-chips to work via vacciness nanoparticles and heavy metals found in regular pipe water.
This are also neurotoxins/ionized-radiation(also via 'undetectable' scalar waves)/poison or eHerbalism(wirelessHerbalism) abuse based mind control, mostly used in small amounts on all - but more intensivelly in active mind programming(so called targeted individuals).

Personally i don't know anyone that would not have at least one symptom of this:
  • head: brain-radio right into head center(you can check What is mind programming Show/hide images for more), brainwashers from always looked for something like this - an easy method that works for 'livestock' management, amonst other things states are easily managed like this in realtime via eg this or this but put on unheard level(i recommend checking this and thoughts consciously sometimes). Ha haaa - nowadays are quite some folks here in slovenia living with tiny brain-radios in heads for more than 50years for "social experiments"(could be managed by scalarWaves or psychotronics simulating brain-radios) - which creates 'disorders/mental-illnes' or 'neurological disorders', in other areas it's probably the same, corrupted satanists and others probably don't have better thing to do like this kind of automated "market management".
  • head: top or arround the head skull under the scalp usually also including beforehead - a part of below jesus crowning method of implantation described below for kindof radiohead protocol("voice hearing" or any other audio contents played into someone's head are probably created this way also - we supposed to be their pioners of this kind of psyExperiments for "market management" while psychiatrists try to showoff their diploma not knowing this is the problem especially with people that "look normal" and never get angry - which are just supressing all the mind programming abuse madness inside - of course subconscious madness can be released in safe ways no matter if one is targeted individual or not also via fun - i recommend workshops for this - else - one is just more depressed). This are very tiny but many nano/micro-chips to produce states or for perfect psyConditioning or anything else.

    When we were a part of this treatment under heavy doses of psychosis/schizophrenia by psyExploiters wireless operator to put as many by then beings on their wireless ai, they said "this is an hair stitching" - they used injections/other to put micro/nano-chips under the scalp, one can not resist this when 100% quantum mind control is controlling someone to micro/nano-chip someone for later ecoMindProgramming. Usually they used some kind of "intelligence agency" boys/girls that added to global modern slavery mind programming system back then - this were probably corrupted satanists, then they get something from this - this is exactly how communists system operated in the past(give something so that 'the boss' can throw you some bone and even that without meat). There were also bought prostitutes males/females or black tantra boys/girs(probably a part of corrupted satanists) to do the job, they probably worked for someone bigger covering their back or this were simply corrupted satanists. When all that nano/micro-chipping takes place they do very hard schizophrenia/psychosic/dementia "forget about this" braiwashing - which is nothing more but a systematic destruction of someone's psyche/head - like one would for example focus microwave oven power into somoene's head - anyone would have "mental illness" - including psychiatrists - one's that are not in a close mind programmers abusers circle of this biz or are not knowing what's going on - are easily brainwashed. Then a people that don't have a clue what's going on - especially if they pull up their diploma - try to pull you down with their cheap tricks brainwashed head, i recommend - don't fall on it - rather researh for yourself what's true and what isn't. After procedures, one becomes an easy target because one's head is then always on brainwashers radar easily, and if one of them decide, one just presses a button and voila, some person becomes a part of active or direct mind programming(at least passive is a part of all nowadays) - all other does their wireless ai as wireless opressions/torturing 24hours a day and destroying psycho-physical health. This is how black market created worldwide conditions for people/market to be programmed digitally by their wireless ai, if they need specifically something - they push a few buttons.
  • head: prefrontal cortex is usually implanted because it's a place of decision making - one can at active mind programming pretty easily notice muscles being stimulated there, some that have completelly destroyed forehead or have that deep furrows/scars is because of this(and rf/psychotronics stimulating them) - also 3rdEye 'cyclops' microchips - sucking refined vital energy out of someone for energyTrafficking - this is also why soo many are on antidepresants nowadays
  • head: very popular amongs brainwashers is putting nano/micro-chip right into the brainstem - from the back. It's quite easy to do and it and can control many motorics(and probably mental state/disorder), and if it's drug-delivery nano/micro-chip, it can be put anything into anyone directly into mainNervousSystem/perfectNanochippingSpot, mgDoses of heavyMetals/poison/(psychotropic)drugs/antipsichotics/etc, could be also at the "right" time so that someone is misdiagnosed with anything ai(or brainwasher) wishes(experienced this many times,also by some 'mental health professionals'), this is also why doctors are also brainwashed - "undetectable" indirect mind control works easily
  • head: from side of the head a few centimeters back from the eyes - through temples - usually injected, in fact - many can be injected, once psyExploiters figured out how to implant someone properly for mind control and/or brainwashing psyEnergySocial business - they in the past done it serially on many many on big areas
  • head: this is sometimes seen on regular ct - but some mistake that spots for something else. There were times when some kind of microcrystals were used(in the past this was used for ears). Eyeballs may be used so that psyExploiters ai sees directly what someone sees - so that ai can based on that use bioFeedback in realtime(although there are better methods for this - eg using nonCommercialSpiritualManipulations or quantumField) - eg: depends with whom one is - and based on that usually both persons are in realtime mindControlled appropriatelly or whole groups. This is the real 'mediator' mind programming(and their slogan "we are always in between" - aka divide and rule) - used a lot nowadays.
  • head: right into head bones where there are free small places in between skull bones(hmm - this represents jesus crowning suffering - for "undetectable" modern mind control - usually fully around the head). Now - what do you think that american big woman statue of liberty represents? yes - you could guess it, not sure but at 1st - i think this was an overruling of natural psyche('witches'/others similar) in favour of "white supremacy"(spoiled psychopaths) via mind control. This is how a loooot of people became unconscious psyExploiters market management livestock / mind tools. After mind programming marketing took over many areas of the world not just women but men/children/etc became neurotic - anxiety/nervousness/stress/hysteria/others were born out of this. This is kinda perfect implantation - because any frequency can go right through the whole head - it can broadcast via whole skull from inside so it's perfect neuroLinguisticProgramming, subliminals, thoughts/mind-chatter instilling - prefrontal cortex brainwashing/programming - including creating any perfect sound when "voice hearing" effect is activated in someone(kinda 3DDollbySurround)/voices/tinnitus/any disorder or "mental illness"(which is torture - current modern "system" is based on this) in someone's head or sudden tremor or harsh headaches/migraines or to mind-fuck someone totally for nervousSystem breakdown experiments(will breaking), head pressure and depression or any other torture - this is how psychos/serialKillers/hitler were done in the past - but they didn't knew what "obsessed" them - sudden aggression/hate/etc(this is why i recommend to people that are a part of this the things that i do - many many were abused like this for psyEnergySocial experiments - still are) and for sure it's not a nice experience. If one is born somewhere before 1982 - i almost doubt it's not a part of this. Someone's ai(or them) could have full control over someone's psyche via tesla's scalar wave put on regular mobile towers or something similar - but it's not exaggarated for managing the market and psyEnergySocial experiments so that it's not so easily seen - this is usually for 'life' insurance - a part of modern concentration camp - livestock management. Epilepsy/other can be probably also created via this, "cancer"/etc also. "Corona"? covert pure psyExperiments/brainwashing of livestock - nothing more.. This small implants are quite manytimes seen on regular ct - one just need to take a better look. This can be nowadays done via quantumTech after one is born - right into any body part - this is not more a problem to modern mindTechnology(you can check out mind programming history for more).
  • head: right in the back of the eyebrows - inside the skull - could be also used as an aid to subVision or prefrontal cortex management/manipulation/control/torture/etc
  • head: sinuses - the same as above. Top sinnuses for headache management and lower at each side of the nose for emotional conditioning. Sometimes harsh headache like someone would have a kind of heavy bullet right between the eyes - thinking is blocked for that time and pain is there - a kind of harsh pressure. This can of course also be done via psychotronics without nanochips
  • head: all 3 places imlanted at the same time were/are serially done on many people: hearing(inner-ear: tinnitus, voice hearing, psyControl,easier entrainment of thought/emotions,'undetectable' control of someone's life like garage doors with wireless key fob but mostly managed by wireless ai for mass 'social experiments',etc) - it also creates sound like one would have an aviation or sometimes that sound of powerful transformers in head besides tinnitus high pitch tones/noise, nose(also sinuses area - reasons are mentioned up and also for prefrontal cortex decisions/thoughts management and helping to redirect someone's goals to brainwashers goals), throat(so called forced speech via tiny neuromodulators-readers-writers and for trying to read what person is thinking through this because throat muscles become a little active when one thinks any thoughts) - when doctors diagnose someone with "throat cancer" - this is it - but very tiny nano/micro-level implants. Many times goes with this "holly trinity" also seeing - what someone sees - which makes someone need glasses. All this 3(4) creates what is called a programmable psycho-physical-control interface, so that wireless ai easier reads/controls/psyConditions/opress someone's thoughts/ideas/hearing/subliminals/visions/etc - brainwashers sarcastically call it 'baptized head' or sometimes 'motor head'. If you think this is not true - you just don't know their kind, many won't recall early implantations simply because memory was electronically erased after the procedure. All this may not be active for years and one may not even know this is a part of him/her, but if brainwashers want so - they push a button and this is activated and one is a part of active mind programming just like that - even if tinnitus can be done in more ways - this is the most common reason. Yup, this would be also a part of "social experiments" and modern concentration camp sport/business - a part of wirelessly programmable psychological health society by ai - doctors just don't check it usually because they go with school teaching protocol at nano/micro-level or psychotronics workings else they would probably find it.
  • head: would you guess without reading where this are also put? .. .. this are also sometimes put in beauty marks or below them
  • head: main head centers and/or any cortex - similar or in cooperation with brain-radio above. In the past some semi-rich put an microchip to test how artificial new personality would work on them - the same procedures were later abused on people - then of course "aliens did it!" aliens of course didn't do it
  • head: tears glands which i don't know why they are implanted with nano-chips or nano-materials, of course in the long run it can add to bad health
  • head: pons and soc(Superior olivary complex). Voice hearers or other mind controled people could be potentionally implanted here. And yes, with ai guided quick operations on a 'black market'(for illegal business) - this can be done, since computer can store any information of brains preciselly, then using psyEnergeticOperation on someone's head and at the end - making any irregular brain tissue copied from original stored neural-network/tissue, so that no operation marks are seen with regular ct/x-ray/etc. This is similar to how artificial meat/organs are made - but not so simple. Neural networks are also quite popular - meaning a distant artificial neural network of brains and it's neural pathways tries to "fix" an targeted individual brains neural-pathways with that same distant neural network(distant copying it into someone - a kind of mindSet instilling) - which usually doesn't need nanochips, this is also a direct meaning of mind programming - artificial wirelessly programming of someone's neural pathways - which is a mind rape, a lot abused nowadays by mindTech.
  • arms(elbows): do you have a dead arm syndrome? this is usually it when there is no external known reason, elbow microchip or similar being activated. It is also used for body orientation/location of a victim body and possible torture
  • throat: usually males directly in adam's apple - usually in combination with speech/hearing/etc - otorhinolaryngology stuff and it's connected nerves. Thyroid glands are also popular sites for nanochips. A lump in the throat? this is it, either via nanochip+dew or psychotronics guided by ai. Also, this is why some have "cancer" on throat - it is not from smoking alone - shield that area and pain if is there will usually go away if it's not really harsh 'treatment'
  • lungs(somewhere in the body at the 'heart' chakra): this can easily produce anxiety and/or deep lungs pain(if your personal doctor is ignorant about this(eg just gives you a creme like mine did) - replace it - it's a part of brainwashing) - while some go to psychologist for it - but it's usually this
  • heart: heart palputations, 'i am a little anxious' thing, heart pain or harsh heartbreak('vampires' like bleeding hearts quite well)? yes, 'just a little anxious' can also be a sign one is nano-chipped(hardwired) right inside heart. This is done easily - one simply with injection puts micro/nano-chip anywhere in the body(including heart) with the help of mobile ct/x-ray/mri/etc while one is under narcosis - they've done a lot of this tests before on animals without narcosis in their bought areas(not hospitals) that later died if they were not chipped right because they were guinea pigs. This was in the past called "nazy doctors", but this were doing brainwashers - it became more like a sport for them on a black market because they don't care if one dies or not while at procedure. I think this was in the past just here and there - but then weasels had the cunning idea when this sport got under their skin, "why wouldn't we do it on all and put all on wireless ai"? Again, only two options: either nano/micro-chip right inside heart cardiovascular vein(known as 'heart artillery' or ox heart or hardwired in brainwashing jargon) + special telecommunications or psychotronics are used. Wireless ai is through life always using the right time in passive mode(eg when two people break up) for this to fool people for social psyConditioning/brainwashing purposses and more heart bleeding/pumping, but in active this becomes obvious and ai is using same things just like that for daily tortures. Heartbreak? are you kidding me? yeah, well - you don't know brainwashers - this is more like a sport for them and a part of "social experiments" and also so that 'livestock' don't free themselves that easily from death therapy recycle thing. Hmm - ha haa, this is also used if one is not of family type too much but brainwashers(or someone that ordered this to them) want to teach that person a lesson - eg would like targeted person to marry someone so that someone gets out of the way - that kind of games, if one doesn't know nothing about mind programming, one will think "it's only heartbreak one after the other, so fuck this". Wrong types of people are manytimes put together by wireless ai strategies deliberatelly - a part of human farmer wireless ai playing "social experiments"(and socio-sexual experiments) on us. I call them parapolitics, they are - because their ai is interfering with people's heads-nervousSystem/lifes/interactions/social life/etc, ai is literally in realtime trying to lead (both) people thoughts/emotions as mediator while they are together - this is how exo/para-politics(and their satanic boys/girls sect or some from black tantra thing) are sticking their noses where there is no place for them(we are not all sadists) - especially if people are not aware of this - this is how modern social control is established - "undetectably". In fact - mind programming abuse is proPaedophilic in nature(some of black tantra accepts proPaedophiles as their motivating force - darkweb is probably theirs), since it mindRapes society every single day so that some can play kings and queens.

    Just as a note: h.a.r.t. is also a wireless telecommunications protocol - but i don't know if it's used in this circus, and of course - if it is - microchips are of course tiny - thinner than hair, nano level is even smaller but put directly deep in some nerve - this is why brainwashers are smiling while doctors are blind not figuring out how it works - because usually on ct/mri this is not seen if one is not looking really carefully - it could be a tiny spot or something else while doctors would be brainwashed it's "cancer/other". Of course that spot could be also a target from psychotronics abuse on same body area spot - but it's usually nano/micro-chip. Also - why brainwashers are smiling, doctors not figuring out "cancer"? and then you hear lunatics "when will there be cancer vaccine"? it's a hoax to fool 'patients' with false hope conditioning for whoever is leading this black comedy central, most doctors are also brainwashers 'patients'. "cancer" in brainwashers jargon means 2things which also means one becomes an energetic puppet for brainwashers wireless ai which was also very popular in box sport when tyson succeded and then broke down - all guided/arranged by mind programming(yes - also typical bi-polar thing - artificial energy/state/mood management) - this is used on me all the time for 10years now(and when i was a kid). At first i thought we as targeted individuals are the only ones being a part of this - then i saw it's used worldwide for "cooking cancers" sport, in monarchMindProgramming we were whole black from inside because of extraordinary wireless ionized radiation(gamma/x-rays/etc) tests/business on us - maybe this is wireless modern corrupted satanism sport/fun.

    This - mind programming abuse - is also how some get all in life while others have to crawl through life in suffering like zombies. How? simple.. modern wireless mind control - abuse of mind programming, let it be through nano/micro-chipping(usually in childhood) or via psychotronics. By this they try to say to people "don't interfere with 'our' world/market, we are hitlers here", ha haa - for god sake, they are spoiled psychopaths, world is not exclusivelly theirs - it never had been and it never will be, altough yes - quantum/consciousnessTech in their hands and we are fucked so to speak - the case of nowadays modern society being guided by mind programming through whole lifes. This would not be a problem if it would be for security but it's not, in fact - they mostly use word security or something similar to globally fool people, some things are in this world for security but some are not - brainwashers 'security' is definitelly not for security that got into telecommunications(i wonder if powerful airport transmitters were/are also ab-used?)/radio/tv("corona" hoax) systems and commercial health system(many vacciness, many pills, etc) - which are in fact brainwashers aid. I recommend this - whenever you hear "corona"/other or 'virus' marketing lie on tv/radio, watch what's going on inside you with energy, is there more anxiousness/nervousness? this is many time the case, because brainwashers wireless ai is synchonized with what someone hears on tv/radio and is at the same time psyConditoning someone eg with energy/thoughts/emotions - maybe fear. I recommend this to remember what concerns this/'virus' marketing lie/etc as f.e.a.r. - false evidence appearing real. To understand how brainwashers create "corona" hoax, one must understand quite many different things or just use a little more powerful psychotronics/quantumTech and optionally having someone at radio/tv doing business with - because media is the most used thing in mind programming abuse for eg playing video/audio contents into babies head to create specific personality, to create a specific area via computer template, for fake news conditioning or the winner - a lot used in monarchMindProgramming, a little media + energetic conditioning can mold someone's consiousness and with that - world around that consciousness - this is why they 'need' (spiritual)slaves. In everyday life fooling all on subconscious level to get what they want is their way(eg subliminals - are literally everywhere - wireless ai mixing them into reality in realtime around us - this can be checked by anyone).
  • solarPlexus(in the middle of the body below heart - mostly for parasitic energy/personalPower "satanic" harvesting, opressions and at the same time - "subconscious" control): only this can produce total depression, lethargy, irritability, sometimes feeling sick and other stuff. Somewhere between this and upper 'heart chakra' - diaphragma(or somewhere near) may be implanted - health is then managed also via anxiety, acid flux, short of breath, etc. What concerns psychotherapists etc - same as above. When someone has implantation symptoms - usually folk goes to psychotherapiests etc, but when mind programming with eg proWBan nano/micro-chipping is involved - well, it's obvious why talk alone can't help.
  • solarPlexus(in the middle of the body below heart - mostly for parasitic energy/personalPower "satanic" harvesting, opressions and at the same time - "subconscious" control): here - psyExploiters also many times experiment with implanting nano/micro-wires(tungsten(also used in regular transparent lightbulbs) or something else) - long needle is used for that and in nanoWire in it - they try to hit nerves stiching that directly through that body area. Then they try a few tricks wirelessly - if nanoWire gone through nerves - if not - the do it again. For this managing of health is via: creating anxiety,nervousness,irritability,lethargy,depression,etc. This are mostly in modern world created via this. If any electromagneticFrequency(including "dirty electricity" in houses) hits that wires(which are nowadays everywhere) - centralNerves wired with nanoWires automatically reacts - bad overall health. "Nsa" and their guys tricks(some are balkans, some are gypsies, some are from elsewhere, some are paraSoldiers,some are talking drugs and are like from that movie jack ass. This are usually also holly-wood circus makers - creating actors/singers/etc products ouf of children via monarchMindProgramming for explicitly "their" market - spoiled warlike criminals. The best singers are certainly not being a product of mindProgramming,nor do they usually talking drugs/alcohol)
  • haraChakra(belly): usually left or right from it - may be combined with sexual or other organs above belly for wban(micro/nano chipping alla wirelessBodyAreaNetworks style)
  • hips: depends on 'black market' implanting wirelessBodyAreaNetwork(wban) system used - but hips are mostly also micro/nano-chipped directly into the bone(hmm - how the hell got there? proExploiters toys), this is why people start to complain that they suffer from pain in the hips
  • back: probably yes - from the back beneath the throat and especially that lowest back thing
  • sexual organs: this are usually also implanted for different reasons(in the past brainwashers cut young boys/girls so that they couldn't feel no pleasure). Many have them right in between penis and anus or prostate - and have some kind of stiches there. When activated(active mind programming) - used as a part of automated torture through 'sweet' spots or to make one agressive/fullIrritable/fullNervous instantly or to disable someone instantly - this is usually through testicles which some have implants in them - but are usually there so that directed energy weapons/other knows exact location like gps when one in software program(usually ai) chooses - torture through testicles or simulate sexual energy for sexual psyConditioning purposses. This is a little easier noticed in active mind programming.
  • legs below sexual organs: some kind of artificial material may be there - i am not sure what that is for
  • thights: some of us were there impregnated with some of nanomaterials - it's seen - this are called 'chicken' skin and is usually more sensitive on sun
  • feet: this are usually also all over the place at that locations. Typical symptom of dry heels means one has microchip in heel, toes, etc. Typical symptom is also tingling
  • feet: do you have any of these or these even in not so obvious form? notice that this can be also on places where feet are not touching the ground! hmm - new type of primary wireless healthcare! official medicine is still secondary. Regular home pipe water has heavy metals in(and small poisonous organic materials) which adds to concentrating these metals in the body(also feet/skin) hard skin, so for start - you can start drinking pure distilled water for a little improvement of dry heels/corns, body will also feel a little better - eg no joint pain anymore. By the way - brainwashers have brainwash many that our body need iron/etc to function, while heavy metals are even from concentration camps known to be good to make people dumb and ill, heavy metals are good electrical conductors that helps psyExploiters global "undetectable" health opressions, that's why you find them in "vitamins/minerals"/water/food/fertilisers/etc, yep - psyExploiters jobs. Now - what do heavy metals in body(regular sea salt is full of it) do in combination with other things? brainwashers eco magic! there is no one that i know of that doesn't have too much heavy metals in the body, this was proved, it can be again.. Also - Illegal law enforcenment by psyEnergyExploiters/extremePsyExperimenters - having specialized psychotronics toys which affect materia(also human/animal/etc body - which is nowadays designed from birth on - so body glands producing heavy metals in the body probably crossed psyExploiters minds). So - nanoChips/otherMaterial can be potentially also put in anyone when one sleeps or after birth. either nanochips or some other highdensity(so it can be small) metalic implant - radioFrequency or psychotronics energy is making this visible in a form of hard skin. But some think - "a lot of people has these!". Yes, "rich criminals" are trying "open concentration camp" tests on whole humanity - humanity is a cattle to test new psyExperiments on, most won't remember when this happened. Opression methods - so that no one(except them) are "too healthy" - but the most brainwashing has gone into people thinking this is doing nature. Whatever is monsanto doing to plants, psyExploiters are doing on humanity, testing modern slavery business.
  • joints: any joints all over the body. Goes together with other body locations and "social-psychological-energetical experiments" - although nowadays mostly a part of illegal business and managing markets
And then - some don't know where 'cancer' comes from(psyEnergyExploiters/brainwashers corrupted satanists are doing global slavery/brainwashing/sheeps projects from a long time ago to fool/exploit masses for EnergetiX profit and psychic energy trafficking - global resources violations/stealing - human farms for nonCommercialSpirituality quantum fuel and other games for their idiotic highness to create anything they want with a push of a button while modern slaves are brainwashed with (mental)illnesses names for opression and for vital energy trafficking(psyConditioning is there to create more of this - altough nowadays they try to reap sahara for god sake) - this is why they had to invent words to fool masses - 'cancer'/depression/etc), of course psychotronics without nano/micro-chips can do the same.
Is all of this for real? of course it is - it became some kind of sport and most are nowadays a part of this
because with time - "psychological experiments"(and mindControl) advanced very much without much being told to public - some just use this style on most - that's all.
If someone has more info about this - you can send me an email and i'll be glad to put it here.

What can be done with mindTech/psychotronics?
well - a nut house/world when used for business "undetectably" - private 'animal kingdom' or livestock psyEnergyExperiments/etc..
it can be done almost anything, but here are some options mostly used..
  • human-farms: fully abused business nowadays, mostly all down points are a part of this automated wireless mind control business for exploitative/sadistic psycho-physical "market management"
  • brainwashing: create some area/world just for me primitive egoistic motives and control or put aside others, and yes - some are like this that abuse mind programming, drugs, fun, etc. In fact, mind programming is the only tool that can do that globally(it can also damage any electrical device or something else), i really don't know how they manage to agree which part of the slavery world will belong to who - because they are all greedy as their kind of hell.
  • brainwashing: some use them to wirelessly brainwash 'opponents', while proBrainwashers use this extensivelly - globally, also for full-blown individual monarchMindProgramming guided by ai.
  • brainwashing: some use them in combination with date rape drugs - this are usually quite well paid proRapists - could be also a few young folk, kinda proMindProgramming pets. This are also used as paedophiles only to deeply psyCondition "too healthy" kids with paranoia and supression, opressive stuff, because brainwashers are mostly opressors.
  • brainwashing: some used and still use this to fool humanity and lower it's standards via lies/supression/media-news-lies(also with 'virus' thing - 'cancer' are also nano-implantation variants - altough any kid can proove that any illness/'micro-organism' can be artificially made or destroyed wirelessly - it seems best paedophile psychology used on masses has done it's job well since people are believing things - also vacciness - that they didn't check by themselves). And it's for 'managing the market'! Basic human/other regular laws are with this completelly violated for more than 50years. Brainwashers(spoiled psychopaths) made themself conditions for programmable society even before war era - electricity/(special)telecommunications+hyperPhysics=psychotronics into which some business men/girls invested a lot in the past by 'intelligence agencies', meaning - nowadays many many were being serially implanted globally in the name of psySocioEnergyExperiments and their implantation memory electronically erased after that(the reason why some don't remember) - this is how psyExploiters via 'intelligence agencies' help taken over globally 'covertly' a long time ago. There were times when they didn't hide it but of course most of people are not sadistic types and mostly didn't agree with it's systematic cruelness and it had to go to a covert sport - this are mind programming markets. If one is a good boy/girl and is by him/her-self lending their ass to their spiritual papas/mammas for some time(yup - this would be their loyalty hierarchy thing - since 'grownup' proPaedophiles are a lot apreciated in their groups - probably also on darknet) or has enough money and is of a corrupted type and knows the right people - it can nowadays use global covert mind control/programming services war like criminals and later others made in the past. Not sure - but i think 1st mind control business was first tested on prostitutes later weak-people that could not resist to harsh lobotomia psyExperiments tested on them, soldiers, cruel Mengele's concentration camp methods that brainwasher weasels protected and were probably taken to usa(which are probably still quite well payed on black market for modern psycho-physical slavery business) - are also a part of wireless ai knowledge and are also used in monarchMindProgramming(mengeles is a 2% of all systematic torturing knowledge brainwashers covertly use), finally this business was spread through whole world and is illegally used on most for 'managing the market' - albeit it's purelly psychologically/mentally/spiritually/physically parasitic in nature.
  • making any poisonous/neurotoxic gas anywhere in the air wirelessly via psychotronics(also kinda e-herbalism which some use for ok things - eg for distant healing - but client agreed to that - it can be called wireless BioEnergetiX): some that are destroyed with this think that some person came into the house and put poison into the air/food, the same was with my grandpa which lived elsewhere, so he was kinda paranoid that time because he thaught neighbours(burglars) are comming into closed house. Nope, many of us were(are) treated that way(either by someone's ai or by brainwashers) - which is wireless poisonings. If brainwashers want to do someone real health problems(or even kill someone "undetectably" with time) - this is also the method they use. (special)telecommunications can also later manage inbody toxins - via kinda "cia/nsa" services for such business of managing marketing. Non-corrupted people are usually more at risk, because only corrupted ones use such "fair" methods
  • someone's opponents can be destroyed with this easily - "undetectably" - while 'opponent' will not even know what hit him/her. Recipe is very easy - destroy someone's psychoPhysical health - and you destroy all that someone had, quite many end up in a mental hospital. People are more likely to be destroyed if they are not corrupted - a part of a psyExploiting pigsty, because some are testing some of the children at very early age - and if they see they can be bought with something, eg motorbike, later cars etc - they become "higher rase"/"sect" "black market" workers. More on this in 'onepage' version.
  • some are reserving guys/girls for sex on the mind programming market(nowadays everywhere) in advance - so that they soner or later come into a life of someone that ordered one that does mind programming services. boring.. This can be sometimes "black tantriks" testing his/hers new mind programmed after birth sexual products, eg testing how instilling new wireless afterborn best paedophile psychology psyConditioning while a baby is still unconscious so that someone's being easier accepts subconscious brainwashing - works. Hmm - then in life a modern pimp testing his/hers sex products before their customers on mind programming markets - this kind of mind programmers are usually in 'ellite' mind programmers, because humanity must be sexually conditioned as much as possible - of course one of their bigger aces. When a psyExploiter tests one's sex product(nowadays this can be everywhere via wo-men/bi-sexual/etc - not just via prostitutes), psyExploiter knows what's going on while a 'victim' doesn't have a clue about ai helping psyExploiter inside her/him-self own mind/body via mild wireless mind control. Yap - typical weasels.. Brainwashers invested a lot so that humanity became almost blind to sexual brainwashing daily(i consider not having a semi ok sex experiences but forcing to be a part of intellect/school education also as sexual brainwashing while brainwashers don't know what to do with soo much of their sex products even from before - they for example have "black tantra" for young kids in their world - a part of designed commercial/noncommercial world by psyExploiters - to slaves intelect/radioheads/psyConditioning and to them - quality energy for their old grumpy 'vampires sect' - i hope not a croatian sect in zagreb doing business with other via creating artificial Soul Stars.. excuse me - soul scars for managing market) - a part of EnergetiX services. Deep sexual psyConditioning/brainwashing has also a special place in systematic monarchMindProgramming and SRA(satanicRitualAbuse), best paedophiles also have a special place in mind programming in general - practicing their paedophilic psychology first on children/others - nowadays this same best of brainwashing psychology is used on most via wireless ai/psyConditioning - "bonsai" therapies are done on humanity as a part of human farms.
  • partners that are not appropriate for one another can be put together - they can be also breaken apart - usually used for harsh unconscious will breaking('heart breaks' could go in this category, in active m.progr. this are amplified) in direct(usually via monarchMindProgramming) this are directly deeeply programmed into someone. Usual heartbreak is mostly just activated nanochip somewhere arround the heart area(or psychotronics are used for hot spot) - amplifying and/or psyConditioning pain. When one does not know about mind programming - this is used for psyConditioning and for their 'retraining of our animal kingdom' for human farms - so that one doesn't freely choose usual/sexual partners - because you know - this should be available only for spoiled psychopaths, it's also a part of subconscious social class guiding system aid for managing brainwashers market, ha haaa - a kind of system in the past when parents decided who will one mary with etc - that kind of crap, then for some time nanochip is simply not so activated by ai - long before ai created strategy plan on which someone fall onto and voila - one thinks s/he made the right choice because one is now a little more in peace(it may be - it may be not), but it's manytimes because of automated brainwashing via emotions/thoughts took place, joy can be also for example simulated/manipulated - this is nowadays also a part of "psychosocial experiments" - someone's ai learning new tricks for 'subconscious'(when one isn't aware of that) psycho-social optimum exploitation guiding system.
  • social isolation by ai: eg - one magically doesn't have anyone around that is interested in same things: if one wants to do something and there are no apropriate people/other after 2years - one is definitely being mind programmed
  • nonCommercialSpiritual conditioning/brainwashing(their main goal, so that humanity is living an illusion they are free with a printed paper with numbers in one's hand and can be automagically psyEnergyExploited along the way): someone must manage real Space Administration - and ha haaaa - it for sure isn't by rockets put on the moon by russia/usa or any stuff in this dimension(physical plane). When one is tortured by them via monarchMindProgramming on spiritual(not only physical) plane - one is taken out of this physical plane system fully consciously(it's not via sleep/dreaming but by consciousness trafficking mindTech or psychotronics) and treated there, then after they do their spiritual torturing and spiritual psyConditioning/terror - one is again hooked up in this reality - phsycial plane, all done by their wireless ai. Real Space Management is managed by a few crooks that know perfectly well what nonCommercialSpiritually is - but their weaselness created human/other farms projects, mind programmers work also via dimensions/states most are not aware of(or just forgot that part that is a part of all of us) - nothing special but still too much(one such state are dreams, but there are others that this idiots don't want for others to know about which is a part of nonCommercialSpirituality - that's why they do all this global mind programming circus so that they could more psyEnergetically exploit/supress 'livestock'). There are quite many people that know what nonCommercialSpirituality is but it seems most just live like they live or don't want to be bothered by mind programmers ellite monkeys
  • mind experiments(jap, sometimes worse experiments than hitler did(usually Monarch Mind Programming phase at cca 3/5years), because this is done wirelessly(yetToCheckIfImplantsAreAMust) and in the open). While this experiments are sometimes done manually, their psychotronics MindTech is usually in artfificial intelligence mode - also learning from real life - humans too
  • mind experiments and ai learnings: this is their oldest trick - they try to make a few people a little cookoo(a little crazy, eg forcing artificial "head voices") - so that they can do more "legal" experiments on them/us - are health institutions making any tests what concerns this? no.. They should - they are paid for it, while proExploiters are happily with brainwashing fooling many in this world what concerns "mental illness" and so on. Even some doctors die from illness that they suppose to heal - do you see the absurd of "commercial" wireless brainwashing? which can also with time produce "cancer"? Also ai learns on most civilists nowadays - which was in the past more or less tested on soldiers
  • apetite manipulation: it can be easily manipulated for deep iresistable hunger(300kg people in usa) - this are usually a basics for mind programmers learnings(besides microwaves), or when one is hidrated - it can be done that a person doesn't feel thirsty - a part of subconscious impulses manipulations
  • mind stealing: yup - mind programming is quite a lot based on this - also for refined mind/psychological energy harvesting. Mind stealing was a lot used in the past as a sport for their weaselness - meaning if one had a great mind - eg being a good electroengineer or musicians, this idiots created mindTech to totally steal someone's mind(hers/his mind 'brain' network) and set it on someone to which one wanted it - which is mind trafficking. By this process - an original guy/girl mind was replicated and then destroyed(this is not necesarry since someone's neural-network could be just copied - but for mind stealing - original mind is later destroyed and many times "mental illness" via mindWeapons is enforced). This was very in fashion in the past by "intelligence agency" guys/girls, but since they fucked up and destroyed all natural minds with this - i really don't know if they still do it. Now they can reap sahara. Of course - all minds are somewhere stored on their webservers(probably even all minds of all living humans/beings) - so if they want to install(download from "heaven" something like in matrix movie neo for kung-fu knowledge) eg Mozarts mind onto themselves or someone else in their waters - they just press a button and ai does the rest - this is technology - not just tv/radio and similar crap(ai with quantum knowledge just copies whole 'brain' neural-network and mindSet into someone - but personally i am not much a fan of this since it's kind of mind rape). Albeit this kind of mindTech it's still abused a lot - babies are usually after birth treated with similar mindTech(maybe that's why some cry a lot because of psyche molding/'fixing' via inner visual/auditory/energetic mind programming) - someone's ai via psychotronics creating 'unique' personalities to test out via life, mooji would said "we are in a movie!", yeah - still in a horror 'movie' by spoiled psychopaths
  • playing animal kingdom: yap - totally their style(this is why some don't understand what is really a 'heartbreak') - playing the "federal reserves" games(sexual games) - eg opressing other males/femals on the market via mind programming(automated health/psyche management) and have the best girls/boys for one self to practice this covert sport on them - ai is helping to brainwashing(mindProgram/psyCondition) victims into the "right" direction
  • energy harvesting and consciousness trafficking(mind/psychological energy stealing is by them needed to fuel their fancy building of the 'their' world via ai via our energy - a part of modern slavery - this is also why parasitic psyConditioning is used as subconscious stimuli manipulations eg thoughts/emotions manipulation, subVisuals/subLiminals/etc and neuroLinguisticProgramming at 'voice hearers' to more directly condition someone's psyche) - this is also probably why psyExploiters invest in mind programming - wordly resources are nowadays covertly abused only because of this(especially nonCommercialSpiritual via consciousness trafficking): on humans - this is mostly done via nano/micro-chips put directly on energetic centers eg meridians or main nervous 'system'(yeah - nowadays mostly designed one), then depression/disorders/irritability/etc. Most are mostly (subconscious) energetic resources to psyExploiters(purePsyEnergyParasites,blood suckers,leeches,technologicalVampires) - psychoPhysical refined energy is neutral and is used somehow like money - for anything else. To traffick this energy more - they created the word "mental illness" - so called targeted individuals(which are otherwise psychoPhysically healthy) or others with "disorders" - so that this business can covertly "legally" run unnoticed. More on this in 'onepage' version. Psychiatric manual dsm-iv codes is new "bible".
  • when psyExploiters try to test some new thing on people - they fire up some political scandal - so that people/politics start a fight/war/etc: they create a false evidences(people are manytimes fooled by them) for things and then because people are not aware what's in the game and what is the primary cause of some misunderstanding - they start to fight a fight that psyExploiters created via mind control in the first place - this could be from anywhere on the earth, a button - and there is unusual smell, another button and there is a face of bloody mary on the wall, another - and one almost get halucinations, another - and someone's parent becomes a hitler(family violence), another and a 'miracle' is there. Similar method is eg used to "undetectably" break people apart - with eg artificially fireing up their nervousSystem to create artificial neurotic anger.
  • "corona virus" like global brainwashing which is not a "virus"(easily done by better psychotronics): yeah - don't tell me about it - one of spoiled psychopaths global sport. It seems brainwashers(or psyExploiters) want to do more covert psychological experiments and probably get rid of a few people and similar things - the "legal" way. Their typical excuse would be that there is too much people here, ha haaa - maybe it's too much them here
  • testing new global brainwashing systems: this is mostly testing new brainwashing "undetectable" psychological/energy exploitation systems on 'livestock' guiding sheeps mentality(again: mind/psychological energy stealing is by them needed to fuel their fancy building of the 'their' world via ai via our energy - a part of modern slavery - this is also why parasitic psyConditioning is used as subconscious stimuli manipulations eg thoughts/emotions manipulation, subVisuals/subLiminals/etc and neuroLinguisticProgramming at 'voice hearers' to more directly condition someone's psyche) - like for example exactly currently we are in(core is nonCommercialSpiritual purelly sadistic self-sustainging eco brainwashing system - based on cruelty - wireless mind control torture/terror/trauma in all dimensions not only this physical - more in NeuroEthics++ left menu section - but not for faint harted). Systems are also something like eg using media to start some global lie/campaign to brainwash people - like "corona virus" or.. gosh - where does "cancer" come from, there is also many violation from "intelligence agencies" in the past - usually created by 'grown up' boys/girls, some of official/known unethical experiments are here(a small doeses of radiation is still a lot a part of mass brainwashing - eg small piece in the body(plutonium? which has also heavy metal poison effects) or wirelessly created). You must know that alpha, beta, gamma that are ionized radiation - psychological schools teach we all have naturally alpha, beta, theta, gamma brain waves, which is not true - not naturally, this are there to fool people being mind programmed into modern slaves - nothing else - 'livestock' management, altough it's a long story how it came to this - 'grown up' boys/girls testing their global brainwashing skills - this is how their "sect" slowly with time got quite big market share - trying to fool people it's all legal. Wars are also in this cathegory - mostly testing mind control and wireless ai learning tricks on living beings. One can be a global player so to speak - but creating business guided by ai with this knowledge based on forcing "undetectable" mental/other slavery? boring.. and unneded suffering
  • global brainwashing is by beeTrots boys/girls also used to dull down other's mind(as some say - to put others to sleep - psychological sleep - mass brainwashing/hypnotism), to make others not so alive, only so - that they can play kings and queens. Controlling/manipulating others "undetectably"(nowadays via mind control) so that they are higher - is their main priority - their weaselness 'uniqueness'. This is usually the main purpose why they do all this global brainwashing circus and tortures of T.I.-s via wireless mind control - typical spoiled psychopaths
  • trying to steal/replicate/traffick "soul" properties of someone(goes into mindStealing or quantum stealing category - the best "stealing" there is): mind programming abuse is not concerned much in material thing stealing - but nonMaterial. Ideas stealing are an old part of mind programming markets, but this is a little more. This kinds of electronic wireless stealing is especially done in monarchMindProgramming - eg one has some property that another that can afford it - wants. That property/properties is in original person usually opressed/destroyed and enhanced in another one. Then - they try to fill up that "stolen psyche" hole with rubbish or with (harsh) artificial "mental illness" - so that one would forget all about that. Manytimes dementia is also used for this purpose - a part of proBrainwashing which it seems is also used on many people for "commercial" purposses.
  • the things that one would get as a 'natural way of life' is intercepted by psyExploiter(s) - which also includes the best of "free" girls/boys/etc for sex. This is sometimes also a reason for so many heartbreaks - because people behind this know what's going on and the one on other side doesn't. Sexual attraction is easily established with mindTech - even someone on conscious level that would otherwise not be for that person, which are deep artificial sexual magnetism mindTech games on a push of a phone button. If one is affected by this - it feels like the person who feels deep hunger - and must eat something instantly - but here this is deep sexual desire. So - sexual desire can be, and many times is manipulated with this - usually by someone's wireless ai - although if someone want's a free night girl/guy, he/she just pushes a button on a watch/mobilePhone etc, and voila - fish and chips - also meaning sex can be also indirectly used as an aid to mind programmer idiots - also via so called black tantra - which is nothing but sexual energy stealing and/or putting other undetectably into psychological slave mode. There are people who experiment in sexuality via different partners - which is ok, but if one of this idiots wo/man happen to come into your life(or a guy/girl which is indirectly used for that via mind control), they are doing this to hook people onto their ai - strictly for business. Sometimes they also have sex rituals when an victim falls into their circle(also a part of monarchMindProgramming), which is usually there for implantation or more brainwashing/psyExperiments. This is also why i recommend "workshops".. having a bleeding heart all over the place is of course not so good idea.
  • this can be inverted, eg some are prevented to get from life anything(here also thought/ideas prevention/destruction inside individual mind is used). This can be a part of anyone(without someone realizing that) but usually mostly for targeted individuals, which usually don't have sex not because they never did, but because this mindTech does everything that one does not get apropriate partner(s). This is with a reason - and is a part of social/isolation conditionings(nonApropriate(sexual) partners are encouraged by this mindTech - this is especially noticed in active m.progr. if one "hears voices" - they always say yes to anyone unapropriate. This is also so that one would "get into trouble" etc)
  • to make someone totally "insane"(typical for targetedIndividuals but is also used as social engineering on most in mild forms): mostly filling/forcing someone's mind/body(especially nervesSystem) with microwaves/other wirelessly done by ai - and voila - ha haa - someone almost becomes a hitler(this is how he was made also - aggression/maddness starts to build up and can be usually measured), so that one would start to doubt his/her own mind - which psyExploiters use for instilling 'mental enslavement' triggers/mind. This is all there is to so called "mental illness"(primitivness is another story). This is usually the stage where people are being put into mental hostpital because of paranoia or other similar stuff. Do psychiatrists know anything about mind programming? no.. Are they open to this subject? i didn't yet find one. Hysteria is also a by product of dew(directed energy weapon) treatment by someone's ai. In preMindTech era - creating white psychological madness was tested by some husbands(businessMens/etc) on wifes to advance their hypnotic skills if she was mostly at home(isolation methods) - eg, they rearanged some things in appartment or take some things and after that told her that she is just making things up - because she doesn't remember(or can't control) what she is doing and that she needs help. But if she's being "hooked" on brainwashers idea - then "help" becomes anything one wishes - some hypnotists were(are) ab-using this same methods(the same goes for mind programming and t.i.-s). That's how some enslaved someone's mind and s/he was someone's psychological slave(some woman probably done that with their husbands). This kind of tricks were incorporated into psychotronics - for "going nuts" tricks - but much much more advanced - so that abuser can later do with one whatever he/she wants to practice one's brainwashing skill on human toy.
  • nonCommercial spiritual management(who all has a key for this fancy 'nonPawns' things?): nonCommercial spirituality is their main thing of modern terrorism with which they are running this modern slaves show. Some of us are probably on their "black list" because we don't believe their crap global kindergarten lies. Eg unlocking a part of gravity fields - a lot used in monarchMindProgramming for nonCommercialSpiritualConditionings(but they probably won't do it - their slaves markets and their car industry and all their ecoSystem crap would go to hell, although all of this could coexist with nonCommercial spirituality - but they want to be exploiting bosses what concerns this) - which is unlocking a part of their artificially locked space(real space management) - special 'black goverment' transmitters? maybe.. typical them - using all for their asses and others can have illness and death.. More in 'onepage' version.
  • monarch mind programming: which is a beast per se(kind of the best of mind programming) - how to totally reProgram someone's mind/spirit from ground up and make a (trafficked) kid a product for their markets of modern slaves. This is trauma based direct mind programming long psyTorturing/proPsyConditionings processes - only the best from all history tortures in one place - probably from wars too. Usually done hard once in a lifetime with children - torturing with no limits - usually only here direct mind programming is used in physical/mental/spiritual/sexual/etc waters(dr Mengele's cruel experiment with twins/children in concentration camp are for example also a part of this - leaded/integrated into their ai knowledgeBase/dataBase/metaBase(meaning-one can replay anything-anyMetaExperience recorded from anyone wirelessly on anyone else wirelessly covertly - and that person will experience the same - a part of their pigsty) - some say a lot of singers/actors/sexIndustryWorkers were done like this - also for hollywood - monarchs, but with time this became more available and cheap and many children become a part of it just like this - including myself(hmm - i really don't know what they wanted to reProgram me into - although they offered me a job of serial killer and i would immediatelly get a nice house and some tools - but i said 'you forget to bring me ice cream' - then - it was more fun'n games direct mind programming by then still spiritual torturing - full mind+reality around someone manipulation - spiritual/quantum very precise high class "military" like control - something like in a matrix movie but not so fancy). More in 'onepage' version.
  • artificial social classes..
  • artificial personalities used in social experiments/business - instilled ego: how much appetite someone has or doesn't have(250kg people in usa experiments as extremes), who one will like or dislike - reprogramming/rewriting the real natural impulses and then broken hearts(TM) everywhere, what one will like or dislike, social conditioning via social interractions via 'subconscious' nervousness/anxiety guiding, how inteligent or 'dumbed down' one will be, what kind of general personality one will have, etc. Some tested this methods in the past on themselves in semi-rich classes(they either microchipped themselves right into head center to drive one's new personality or other methods were used) - nowadays, this is used everywhere - not just in mild subliminals at some of supermarkets to buy more products - but in people's lifes. The more one notices/realizes how this works - the better for one who is experiencing it - albeit this becomes very obvious and can't be missed when one is a part of active mind programming. For others - one can just watch here and there how your mind/thoughts/emotions/energy works from inside or in different situations - this are mostly psyConditioning strategies by wireless ai trying to psyCondition someone as much as possible to suit psyEnergyExploiters 'livestock' management market needs, the problem is - that many identified with something that is originally not a part of them, but subconscious artificial personality instilled from when one is born to suit what weasels needs on the market - so that one doesn't notice artificial personality parasitic mixture of artificial subconscious believes in oneself when one grows up - which is ego. The good news about this is that it's not something to learn but notice how it works from inside and then throw away what is not yours. This would in ideal world without mind programming not be there - but unfortunatelly currently it's not so. Exactly the same methods are used by some psychotherapiest and by some non-corrupted gurus - which also recommends same things.
  • artificial social experiments with brainwashing methods being guided by ai from which their ai learns - which has already more that a million psyConditioning strategies..
  • autoSchool subConscious psychological conditioning - eg via a variation of psychic driving
  • full wireless health management(psyEnergyParasiticMethods - some are covertly microImplanted with microNeuroStimulators in childhood - but this is not a must): this is abUsed a lot - on many many people(if not all) - again - wirelessly, meaning passive(notNoticedByNovices-normalPeople) or active(soCalledTargetedIndividuals - on which health is deliberatelly destroyed usually 24hours a day - tadaaaa - i am amongst this - also having tinnitus and "hearing" voices(which is deliberate neuroLinguisticProgramming/psyTorture which can be prooved - more in leftMenu 'Voice hearers')). This health hokus pokus also means full social control over one's life - usually by ai strategies(in passive mode novices won't know a thing). Here - modern brainwashers goal is to make mind programming as unnoticable as it can be - so that many illnesses look like they are 'natural'(eg cancer or mental illness or bipolar etc) - the same methods and strategies are implemented in their artificial intelligence who is used nowadays on pretty much everyone worldwide - mindProgramming SuperMarket via ai - pretty much meaning market of modern wireless slaves, also for psyExploiters so called Human Farms - eg for psyEnergyBusiness. Hmm - where do you think depression or extreme health issues(like paranoid schizophrenia/psychosis) are comming from? this are tools of mindProgramming markets
  • psychic or exo/para psychopolitical wireless dictatorship(alla "hitler's" dreams - i call them spoiled psychopaths) - harsh wireless psyTortures: one pretty much at that time feels something like one is wirelessly abUsed by 'kkk' sect on this pic/book - like one would have a psychiatric brainwashing helmet on but no physical helmet is there(active/direct but not passive mind programming) - mindTech opressions/psyEnergyExploitation - which is a lot used in monarchMindProgramming(whoever was a part of) for deep psyTraining like one would be their animal, eg - one is implanted(or other wireless methods are used) and then trained, eg "our doggy - sit!" - and voila one can not help oneself but sit - because totalMindControl(wholeMotoricsToo) is used - meaning terrorists have wireless controls in their hands of someone whole mind/body(includingWholeMotorics) - an old primer on an animal is here - that time done openly by neuroScientist delgado(in mindProgramming methods are similar but covertly implanted) - although some methods are nowadays more advanced. This are just a few examples - other are usually(especially in monarchMindProgramming long psyTortures processes/trainings) much much worse. I call it open but covert wireless concentration camp - which it is. Psychotronics could be used for ok things - but nowadays they are mostly abUsed for exo/para psychopolitical social games by psyExploiters, eg deliberate harsh bullying is a method in mind programming - ai also uses it quite a lot. The same is with eg - mobing
  • fully broadcasting artificial reality: yap - some invested into this a lot - "black ops"(i call them "trotter traders" or just trots or baboons) use this a lot for nonCommercial spiritual brainwashing - which are nothing but extreme psyExploiters/extremePsyExperimentators, exploiting system makers. "Corona virus" is a mild example of this - mass illusions forced from media, psychotronics etc around people's minds - nowadays if they wanted to - they could probably easily make all people hallucinate the same contents - whatever that is. Some also have this mindToys - but not all abuse them for making proSystems.
  • humanity have mostly designed mind/brains: meaning braiwnashers wireless ai has made a few things - eg brains were divided into hemispheres quite a lot time ago when wireless mind control was understood better so that only a little psychological flow is used by "lower rase". ProExploiters don't have mind like "lower rase" this could be checked - they don't limit their minds but expect from others to be their homo-sapiens working class - a part of modern neuro marketing abuses which has by now a long history.
  • spiritual conditioning: harsh spiritual abUses known as Cyber Torture Terrorism which is the best direct mind proramming - usually the worst there are where consciousness/mind/spirit is programmed via the most vivid terror like an computer - nowadays this can be all wirelessly done. This is why proExploiters have smiles bigger that their faces - because the most violent terrorism can be easily hidden that way to "teach someone a lesson"(like in hidden family violence but much worse) not to play with "their modern slavery market". Someone wrote - "mind has no firewall". Exactly..
  • black magic or voodoo: whoever doesn't know what psychotronics are nowadays capable of - could in the old days think s/he is under a spell of a black magic or voodoo, or may think that devil/badSpirit obsessed him/her or some used exorcism on someone. Of course that didn't help in the long run, because in reality - nothing was really done to get rid of mindProgramming
  • etc etc..

Can be mind control/programming abuse measured?
Yes, absolutelly.
There are many ways to measure it and anyone can do it,
but with a little more tests - one could see it working in action.
In fact - doctors already measure it when two head lobes are different in energy measurment color because of eg headache - they are just not aware it's energetic wireless mind control.
If they would search for location of transmitter doing it - they would find the primary cause of bad health!

Wireless mind programming is mostly energetic mind control, ionizing known to be damaging(x/gamma-rays,etc)
and also non-ionizing which is in fact producing small but enough micro-current in the body and when active and one could see
this under the microscope - synapses would experience neuronal storm for any 'disorder/illness' for psyEnergeticBusiness - so just two wireless interfaces/protocols are in the game:
  1. electro-mechanical:
    (special)telecommunications(anyTelecommunicationTowers/tv-radio-mobile-towers/satellites/etc + nano/micro-chips/neurostimulators. This are manytimes operated via sigint(signal-intelligence - which is of course automated through the world via wireless ai). Someone must be uniquelly identified with something in the body so that external energetic control is possible via wireless ai. Here - this are (special/commercial)transmitters - possibly also from someone's home. This can also be beam forming technology - very known from 2G/3G/4G/5G beam forming technology - meaning radar is not a must to be beamed by someone with microwaves(spread frequencies are one thing - but directed like laser is a different story - creating eg migraine is a piece of cake) - beam forming(also check 'History in wireless communication standards') and beam stearing is a known purelly electrical technology using just a few antennas via phased arrays to beam any target one wants - it can potentially destroy someone's life/psychophysical health completelly and was a lot tested in the past - also on soldiers(nowadays used for business/sport/experiments/to-teach-someone-a-lesson/etc). With any of this tech - one can simply play with people's lifes/health, which was probably a reason why sooo much antennas/towers/mobile-satellites were grown in the past.
  2. psychotronics(can be used from home - usually don't have regular transmitters - but can be installed on any commercial/other ones):
    one is also uniquelly identified - but purelly wirelessly energetically(in the old days photo/blood(dna) or some other unique pattern of someone was used - used from radionics practice). Anything brainwashers wishes can be targeted onto anyone at any distance. Sometimes - psychotronics antennas are put in the soil/earth or some other not easily seen place, so that brainwashers do more extensive psyEnergeticExperiments on people and that snoopy people don't know where "haarp" is comming from.
Getting rid of this is easier said than done - since one can not just say no to wireless energetic mind control - because one can not just grab it with hands.
Why are "cancer patients" burned out in some body area? simply - producing microcurrent(or x-ray/etc irradiaiton) slowly but constantly many years made some part worse - mystery solved!
In fact - the similar microcurrent is used by physician producing it non-wirelessly with electrodes for better health, but here - it's done either for energy harvesting or energy destruction/opression/experiments totally wirelessly.
Also, this can be located by it's source of wireless transmitting, electro-mechanical via regular rf-measurments but psychotronics are usually a little harder to find.
Usually - both methods are used on individual/mass of people.

So - how can this be measured?
Depends what wireless ai chooses as a method of someone's 'therapy'.
Also - wireless ai is pretty clever - sometimes it will try to dimish(not simulate) things when one goes to a doctor.
  • eeg: too much neuro-stimulus will be shown in the form of neurotic/nervous bursts/spikes.
    100% method - at myself it worked the 1st time. This just shows one's mind is in chaotic state mostly all of the time via electronic torture - typical for all t.i.-s.
  • regular magnetic field detection(works 100% most of the time - check under 'news' section):
    i am sometimes woken up by heavy head pressure - then i run a quick test with magnetic detector and voila - it beeps like crazy. I try some other day(or in other place away from usual placec where i am mostly) - it doesn't - altough any pain/weird-head-state can be created in many different ways - depends what someone's wireless ai has at it's menu. Don't be fooled by someone telling jokes on tv/radio this are natural magnetic storms! They are - but are artificially wirelessly done in someone's space targetind one's nervous system/head/organism.
  • x/gamma/alpha/beta-ray dosimeter:
    commercial ones can measure slightly - but for better detection - one should use sensitive device for this. Keep in mind that radiation doses are mild and not so easily noticed - the point here is that radiation dose is in non-moving-body(body-at-same-location) slowly but constantly concentrated! This is how accomulated-body-radiation goes tooo high. Kids that are playing are here a little better and vital energy a little bit higher - since radiation somehow vanishes via moving body. This is why the name "concentration camp"! This is also why i sometimes call this business/sport modern concentration camp, it still is - abused on humanity for their "disorders/illnesses/etc" trick so that a few can play kings and queens. Health care has it's place - but not when wireless "psychological experiments" are destroying health only so that it's seen/brainwashed that nature is doing it. Hospitals also have more patients that way but this is not the point. It is not nature doing this! Hmm - even scientists have discovered that mostly only on this planet things decay - why do you think this is so? because monkeys wireless ai is ab(normally)using psychotronics+specific-radiations on anything dead or alive - "undetectably" for 'managing the market', they are exaclty like those who fuck dead bodies for god sake, ha haa - yup - they have tried mostly everything - now - they are maybe clean.
  • any form of energetic(eg x-ray) scan:
    altough this is not practical - since scans would have to be done eg before one has headache/migraine/disorder/etc and would have to be taken every second till that pain(or bi-polar moodswing or 'electroshock' or whatever) is over. It would also show things.
This are a few things - for more - more tests should be made.
I am highly encouraging anyone preventivelly to do this tests for your own good - any 'illness/disorder' or 'cancer'(typical energetic abuse) are energetic/neuro/bodily disturbances made wirelessly artificially.
Remember - this are mostly energetic things something like radiowaves/irradiance - they are not seen but we can all hear radio playing.

How have in fact brainwashers designed many many people to test their trick on? simply serially implanting worker/other class with nano-radio-controlled-chips(memory is electronically erased after that but some do remember and anyone can) or spiritualTech is used - so only this "class" kind of people are for "market management" affected by specific radio stations/waves at specific hours for anything - eg excessive appetite for eating(too weighted or also 350kg people in usa) or inducing sleeping mind as mind programming for mass tests or inducing sleepy mind at any other hour or anyting else. People that are not nano-radio-chipped are not affected by radio-waves - because nervousSystem is not triggered by them and programmed. The same methods can be used via nano-chips for tv/mobile/other signals.

With all of this hokus pokus - maybe you see society psychophysical health is easily programmed/fooled/brainwashed - "microorganism" can be created or destroyed wirelessly anywhere either with microwaves(mechanical) or psychotronics(totally energetically) - brainwashers just fooled doctors and called this programming "virus" or "illness" or "disorder". It's not "natural illness" - altough someone can have bad (psycho)physical-health because of wireless mind programming abuse/attacks, that's all. Having pain and pleasure under their total wireless control of anyone was their biggest challenge - since then one can easily brainwash/control "livestock" masivelly. Emotional pain is eg used for fear/other based psyConditioning daily on masses but in not so obvious manner - wireless ai playing tricks on people's mind - you could sometimes check this - altough what i mean is mostly in support groups - which is mandatory if you don't want to be fooled by wireless ai over and over again daily. Messy people have also usually a lot problem with this.

More info about measuring this will be probably available in support groups - email/phone is in the links/email section,
so that someone has at least basic knowledge how it can protect against this kind of terrorism.

History of this and a practical psychophysical health management/programming example
Why was mind programming created? mostly to wirelessly opress/exploit others/'livestock'.
In fact what some call "the system" is nothing but modern automated genocide business via mind programming/control - full neuro marketing abuse on humanity.

For mind programming knowledge some wanted to fully understand how our mind/nature/etc works from ground up(from tiniest atom to biggest mountain) so that mind programming business could be later used on 'livestock'(nowadays a reality). This was by that time mostly a business of psyExploiters/brainwshers/spiritualAbusers/etc - so it was always done covertly - also later via "intelligence agencies" for brainwashers to make their own 'livestock' standards - brainwashers became obsessed with playing tricks globally on population - eg "vi-rus" marketing lie/etc to put somehow 'livestock' aside of their business - altought ironically they supposed to own 'livestock' - all people's lives to use humanity as 'psyExperiments' business/exploiting object. This business was on a black market a bum in the past - but still it probably holds it's prices there.

(Harsh) psychological "experiments" done through whole world in the past(also lobotomia - but done in such a way that it looked like this people neeeded treatment by "nazy doctors" that by then also used quite a lot chemicals to manage someone's mind/mood/etc) were only testings from planned business of mind control/programming abuse(human farms) that we are all a part today via wireless psycho and/or physical health dictature - many vaccinees/pills are also a part of brainwashers same 'human farm' pigsty business and this should be all re-checked - some are literally to kill rats(metotrexat,etc).

Practical psychophysical health management/programming examples:
Here are just a few practical samples how this works daily on humanity,
and how "operaters of the minds" abuses(or uses) this - mind programming word is not just like that - it's meaning is literal.
Altough all this can be manually operated(was for tests - when they builded up this system in the past) - this is nowadays doing their wireless ai on humanity for aka - human farms.
Psychotronics can be also added to commercial transmitters networks for ideal transmitting and then later operated by psyExploiters/perpetrators also from mobile phones, from home, from wrist watches, etc.
This specialized telecommunication towers flush/psyCondition/brainwash our minds with electricity and electricity like properties via mind programming - altough commercial towers are not a must - one could build this at home with the right knowledge. In telecommunication area market - there is probably a big share on a black market that abuses this - by "rich sects"(not all rich are assholes) or some of black tantra guys/girls.
I call them "sects" because they from always used harsh abuses on humanity to get what they want: poisoning via water/food supply is their oldest trick used on masses(still arround as cheap poisoned food/etc), mind control is their second bigges trick, vacciness are their inventions in which is nothing but poison/toxic(psychotronics were before vacciness which were used to fool doctors/people - any "illness/disorder" can be made wirelessly), etc etc. Well - here are a few things what modern mind control/programming can easily do - what modern wireless concentration camp business is made possible via organized criminals network(brainwashers/psyExploiters/abusive-business-people-in-general/etc):
  • rePlay emotion of anger(or any other emotion) on anyone's mind - and that one experience this same emotion fully inside him/her instantly(not a few seconds/minutes later - but instantly). Many get angry - but get angry because assholes are still making genocide business via neuro marketing abuse on humanity - so that they can live high lives on expence of humanity suffering and bad psychophysical health - Energeti(X)/psyBusiness/etc.
  • rePlay depression with harsh pressure in someone mind/head - and that one literally experiences the same. All of this is of course not doing nature.
  • rePlay thoughts that someone thought an minute ago(or put new thoughts into someone head) - and someone will "have" that same thoughts. Someone that knows nothing about mind programming abuses - will have no doubt thoughts are his/her own - which is made deliberatelly for subConsicous programming or psyConditioning - alla wireless dog training tricks psyConditioning to have specific working class. Some of non corrupted gurus are giving good advices what concerns this - but they think this rubbish of thoughts is produced by "the mind". Ha haa - no.. it's produced by covert mind programming done on humanity(thought and emotions are at least what is used covertly on anyone nowadays for "managing the market - livestock heads" - no matter if one is a targeted individual or not - withouth exception! which is neuro marketing abuse), and "enlighened gurus" just think this is "the mind". They are the most near to what i am writing - much more near that doctors/psychiatrists/psychologists/etc - but still - they are not aware what produces rubbish thoughts(monkey mind - add/adhd, mind chatter, usual thoughts, etc), here - it's explained in it's entirety and brainwashers have put humanity onto knees a long time ago by profesional global manipulation also via mindTech abuses and media global lies - also via "virus" marketing lies, "news" are either read by ai or by puppets that just parroting what is made into their hands - nothing is checked and some think they are seeing/listening "truth news".. In this kind of world - no.. Humanity psychophysical health is unfortunatelly still managed by wireless machines - psychotronics and/or nano/micro-chips - people/doctors/psychologists/psychotherapiests were just fooled - this is why also to become a little more "enlighened gurus" is quite hard to come by - since quite a lot of suffering is usually needed(or at least an open mind) so that one sees throught trance and a network of brainwashed bullshit that wireless brainwashing business produces also via global "news" lies.
  • rePlay any disorder(bi-polar, voice hearing, tinnitus, etc) on someone's mind - and voila, someone is literally clearly experiences this inside him/her-self.
  • rePlay any pain(or pleasure) anywhere in the body, and pain is instantly at exact location in the body
  • rePlay agression on someone, and voila - someone becomes almost like hitler(this were by the way same methods used on him for indirect toy dictator and serial killers in the past - this kind of people are usually trained that way via many lives before being tortured - the same is used on myself because their ai is try to subside me to their wishes/commands/torture/etc). Haaaarsh violence(mostly inner violence mind control produces - eg hard head pressure/migraine/psyPain/etc) is the most abusive part of this business - since family violence is 80% boosted only by this - their ai is using strategies of thoughts/emotions to make "chicken fight" on people - because psychic/Energeti(X) business get a little more energy this way and "divide and rule" works better. Children are here the most at stake - since they may become victims of mind controled primitive parents psycho-physical violence - totalitarian parents are treated with schisophrenia mind control to make children(especiall which were a part of monarchMindProgramming) psyConditioned by obey/be-quiet/dont-argue/supress-your-anger/etc - many that broke in the process of childhood become unconscious psychopaths/sadomasohists - which is a goal of spoiled psyhopaths to get them indirectly on their side via "demonism"/sadism/criminal-activity/etc to work indirectly for them(psyExploiters don't care if someone kills/rapes someone - they enjoy it and practiced it alot also in their "satanic ritual abuses" and/or monarchMindProgramming - but will try to make rules for regular people if they don't kill for them as their slave serial killer!! Also because of cultural psyConditioning and "obey" dog training tricks - there is another word but will not mention it here. They kill massses every day and are used to it from before - it's called "death/illness/disorders/illness" made only by their automated spiritual wireless systems - this are their spiritual brainwashed "livestock" - mortals.. for business/things that they practice every single day would even politics be thrown into a jail - any black market business(especially mind control/programming business), but - they play chickens hiding under wireless mind control/programming - which is their "castle wall security defence" manipulation trick(word security is always abused by them for doing dirty work behind some firm/business - eg vacciness)). You don't have to be a serial killer to understand this and i don't recommend it - but a serial killer would understand this too. If you want to be a kind of "healthy spirit in a healthy body" then you will somehow have to get rid of "collective unconsciousness" psychological baggage(this is at what level noncorrupted "gurus" are - eg eckhart-tolle/mooji/osho-was-also-a-bit-more-though-case-for-psyExploiters-he-was-once-in-a-jail-because-he-didn't-respect-slavery-rules) which is nothing but global lies pressed/neuroLinguisticallyProgrammed into your (subconscious)mind mostly from your birth on to subside to psyExploiters/brainwashers greedy will - but almost anyone can do much better than that for his/her own psychophysical health, of course not rubbish promoted on tv/radio to buy people's attention.
  • make stroke or heart attack: and someone will experience a stroke or heart attack - this is nowadays done by wireless ai for general social psyConditioning also via "victim" mentality methods - since many think this is doing something that is out of their reach(nature) - but is done artificially. "Victim" methods were mostly added to "intelligence agency" brainwashing system by corrupted young satanists from rich families - which were obsessed with electronics/special-telecommunications/etc and someone that didn't upgrade his/her knowledge with electrical knowledge and computer knowledge that by that time came into existence - were this same young spoiled psychopaths thrown their own people who before covered their back - also some of their old criminals leading prostitutes/drugs/etc black market business - this were mostly even destroyed later by wireless mind control/programming without them being even aware what hitted them(yead - guns and tanks and things are just toys compared to what real direct mind programming can do) - the same as is used on all targeted individuals(which most of never had any criminal acitvity and would not even squash an ant!) - active or even direct(100%) wirelesss mind programming. Wireless killing machine was created somehow like communism system - if someone added to it - s/he got something - a poor bone was thrown to that guy/girl(proManipulator later also with time kills others smalles criminal slaves so that it doesn't get into his/her business) - this is how psychotronics knowledge sprouted via history, then only methods of conditioning were integrated into their ai - professional paedophiles psyConditioning methods are usually the best.
  • make epilepsy on someone: and someone "has" epilepsy. This is one of the methods that shows how not just passive/active - but direct mind programming works under 100% mind control of mind/organism. In monarchMindProgramming this are extensivelly abused day by day in a long torturing process - altough there one can also walk and know s/he is under 100% mind control because one doesn't have any motorics commands over his/her own mind/body! Sometimes this is used for deep subconscious programming of guilt by best mind programmers "psyExperts", eg one is in childhood forced to rape a girl via 100% mind control in front of them or not(they implant sex organ areas for wireless penis up/down motorics control) - even if s/he would never do that - and then this emotions of desperation are deeply supressed and conscious mind erased via eg electric dissolution of memory or other method, and yes - that would be typical "intelligence agencies" spoiled psychopaths doing their work. After one grows up and has all that memories suppressed - their ai database has all that memories/subConscious-stuff stored and if they want to make someone psychologically knee because of deeep unresolved trauma on their wish like a trained dogs - they simply replay this same emotions of deeeep powerlessness which a victim is usually not aware of. This is why monarchMindPRogramming is usually called Trauma Based Monarch Mind Programming - which perfectly describes it's meaning. Physical rapes are in monarchMindProgramming nothing unusual since their kind of people usually practices black tantra in which bought proPaedophiles/other-psychos doing business on darknet are welcomed. Hmm - when they have sex they first shit and piss on their collegues(pissing/etc), well - ha haaa - they shit their own collegues for god sake - this must be a modern pigsty per se - el magnifique! So thanks, but no thanks.
  • rePlay psychosis or schizophrenia with paranoia on someone: and someone will "have" psychosis or paranoia. NOTE: psychosis/schizophrenia was from always artificially created - it's not from nature. It's an easy trick that people who play with microwaves know - one's head is irradiated enough so that a part of mind is slowly destroyed and then it takes time to recover, that's all. Dementia is created in the same way with wireless specialized radiation, psychotherapiest/psychologists/psychiatrists are just fooled by this - since they have to unconsciously play commercial fake hope persons to satisfy masses of disorders "it's all ok because it's from 'nature'" - brainwashers have people that don't want to see what's going on exactly where they want them to. It's far from being ok and it's certainly not from nature, humanity is daily "non-invasivelly" mentally raped every single day by psyExploiters wireless ai mindTech and special telecommunications to "manage the market" - some more some less - this must be very ok! and it is called "disorders/illness/cancer"/etc.
I could go on an on, but i think you get the point.
Procucing only a hard head pressure in one's head by a week can completelly destroy one's whole life which is sometimes an intro into active mind programming
this were by the way mine dictators style tricks to subside to their will indirectly wirelessly - since i amongs many know why they do this, they want slave toys sheeps for their "bigger idiotic nonCommercialSpiritual EnergetiX bosses" on a black market who are easy to made sheeps/fool/exploit on some market - they just hate "alive" beings who could threat their modern wireless mind programming slavery business, that's all.

Their wireless ai is full of tricks and a usual or novice person will not notice it - also because we are still in a brainwashed society:
wireless ai is doing something like an normal hypnotists would do to hypnotize someone(via lies) - but much much more efficient and better.
So, if for example brainwashers ai want's to put someone into a sleepy state(knowledge by their ai or psychotronics from old psy'experiments'): it can use mild almost unnoticed infrared/other irradiation directly on head/nervousSystem or a targeted nano/micro-chip in organism/head - which produces (unresistable) sleepy state or something else for (unresistable) hunger, etc. This is how society became programmable - before was only from outside by liesInformations - but nowadays psyExploiters mind programming makes sure - that we are also from Inside(psyConditioning - almost the same as dog training tricks but wirelessly + psychophysical-health-management - born/learn-bullshit/eat-drink-bullshit/do-bullshit/work-indirectly-for-psyExploiters-not-directors/die, all trying to be managed by mindTech).
There are two political systems: commercial - which doesn't make problems and para-political: fully based on wireless mind-control also by '(young)people who know how to work with technology' with probably quite some (special)telecommunications 'neuro-marketing' stuff - pure abuses business - active mind programming is mostly done so that people being programmed(also in monarchMindProgramming) stays daily in a trauma/opressed state via forced wireless mind control and bad psychophysical state.

In fact - most people are nowadays programmed by psyExploiters ai to go to bed at a specific hour/etc(like in a kindergarten) - dreams are many times programmed either for passivelly experiments done on our psyche(yeah - a part of their psyTricks abuse) or to test how a living being reacts in awake state after his/her dreams were manipulated in a deep sleep - in hypnotism there are some states that are near this: hypnagogic or somnambulism state. Sleep is very good field for brainwashers 'comma' tests! altough how much it affects someone is like anything else and also depends from individual to individual. Eg primitive person is without mind programming primitive - but primitive person being wirelessly mind programmed without being aware of it - it nails it totally(wirelessly mind programmed violent parents puppets that can become worse than hitler in a second only if a child speaks up his/her mind - a part of indirect mental slavery dog trainings obey/helpless/isolative-psyche/be-quiet/etc psyConditioning) - children of such parents are usually unconscious psychopaths if they don't know what's going on and if this is later not somehow worked out. Subconscious sadomasohists/psychopaths was from the start brainwashers design which is of course a goal of any professional spoiled psychopath to get other on their "demonic"(bad boy/girl) business side via indirect wireless mind programming tricks(of course they don't have intention to tell them that since then hypnotism or marketing manipulative lie would not work on a mass of puppets as expected) - in a core this are simply lies but done on population via manipulation - wireless mind programming tricks for more "livestock"(this is why i sometimes call them weasels dictators).

Totally the same method as putting someone to sleepy state is used by their wireless ai for anything else one can imagine: thought/emotions manipulation done on whole humanity for such human farms, intrusive thoughts, psyConditioning, add/adhd, creating a headache or migraine, hearing voices(or any other sound) in active and subliminals in passive m.p., manipulating subVisions in active/passive m.p. or sight directly in direct m.p.(or any other 6senses), psychosis, epilepsy, etc.

What is mindTech:
There were a few semi-rich which implanted themselves with nanochip right into their head center(s)
this was done so that they could select exactly what kind of personality they want, eye color, etc..
Then they funny part was - that some assholes as "intelligence agency" guys/girls started to do business with this on whole
populations and memory to that erased and voila - people suddenly had(have) programmed personality to run the market in such wireless ways as spoiled psychopaths wanted.
A few nanochips with nowadays not regulat but nonCommercialSpiritual/quantum chirurgy right into main head centers(which was in the past serially put into a loooot kids/people) - can alter most properties of anyone, what apetite on has, how smart one is, what types of people s/he will socialize with, who will one have sex with etc - mostly for wireless psychoSocial psyEnergyExploitations and experiments.
Of course - mind control can be also done without nano/micro-chips and many many lifes are nowadays tried to be leadead by someone's artificial intelligence for so called "human farms". So it's quite possible that someone personality(ego) is leaded by this same nanochips+telecomunications or wireless psychotronics(could be rnm+vacciness'bio-NTech'/heavymetals), many times with both methods.

Do you know what is moon walking or walking in a sleep? This is also what can be done with
mindTech(affecting mind at a distance) - which also means states management, this is also why it's the perfect proBrainwashers tool. In moonWalking this means mind asleep - body/motorics awake, in astral world that some practice it - it's totally the opposite, mind awake - body asleep and one can by that time eg also see one's own body floating above it. In proBrainwashing - this states(also astralWorld,dreams,lucidDreams,etc) have been fully researched even from before - so that some can do mindControl or brainwashingBusiness, because brainwashing must be always a level higher than what most knows about.

MindTech is a collaboration of any devices or technology that can wirelessly affect anyone's mind or materia or even "spirit"/pureConsciousness at a distance.
Basically - mind programming abuse are mind weapons - because they are used that way - although fully automated via ai. Stress/badNerves in this world is only because of this.
If one would be corrupted and would want to start own system via mindControl, eg an army or psychiatric or banking system etc, one would use indirect mindTech. Then generals would not know anything about it, neither psychiatrists(bought army psychiatrists are another story) and why they do what they do. With better mindTech it's something like playing computer game simCity on some area/world(simulating city: real-world-"life"-systems) on real people in real world. By the way - modern world building is via mindTech - but nowadays mostly abused, although this is totally unnecesarilly, people's suffering is a part of this "modern world building".

Ok, back to what is mindTech.
Ai is for covert mind programming managing all that psyExploiters integrate into it, eg scalar waves knowledge, psychotronics/nonCommercialSpirituality knowledge, electricity knowledge, telecomunications knowledge, best sadistical psychology knowledge, etc, and on top of that - a loooot of media(video/audio/3DVideoAudio) archives with which to brainwash masses, ai can easily make dumb commercials you see on tv or any other media - eg movie or music. If one wants to have a music hit - just a button is pushed - and voila - a new world hit is born. Of course - not all can afford this services.
All of this(and possibly new tricks) are by them integrated into ai - albeit one can buy ai that is self learning, and all of this is not so hard to do - although quite some knowledge is used for this - all that life/nonCommercialSpirituality offers.

What is used for this:
  • frequencies/signals - probably the most used thing in this circus - because they are wireless/nonSeen,
    wireless ai chooses small amounts of ionized radiation on many many(one can buy a proper device to test this, also - small amounts of background radiation is always present - why?) - also on older people - this can create "mental" or regular health problems or is used to dumb down individuals so that they can't think logically anymore, wireless gamma 'knife' used on same hot spot in someone's body can create "cancer" - when ai chooses same radiactive thing to treat someone's head - it becomes disorders/"mental illness"/agression/lethargy/etc - typical sign one is treated with psychotronics or "dew"(directed energy weapon sport) - usually some kind of electromagnetic or radioactive signals symptom is tinnitus, head pressure, headache/migraine, etc - altough this is used by someone's wireless ai for so called human farms business "free therapies". This are in active m.p. usually just played on someone's mind one after the other, one minute migraine, then after one minute lethargy, after that maybe agression.

  • any kind of commercial telecommunications: psyExploiters usually infiltrate amongst gsm/mobileTowers subscribers, tv/radio stations/etc - reserving a few channels only for covert mind programming and/or energy harvesting. Many telecommunications(including mobile towers) are probably used only for energy harvesting - this is also why they microchip people right on the main nervousSystem - through which ambient energy is also harvested. The trick is simple - they must get more energy that they put in - so that ecoSystem(literally) can work in their favour - a part of modern slavery. This was in the past done to a lot of people in firms - electronically destroying memory to that - this are nowadays "cia services"

  • any kind of special telecommunications: eg stingray - that mimics a base mobile station. Hmm - i know how i would use it for such things - which is probably also used for this.. they steal ideas from kids for god sake

  • lower electromagnetic spectrum: non ionized radiation for eg rfid(or on wiki - brainwashers usually have custom/small made) - this can of course also be used in plus - eg for tracking something that you buy over the internet to see where your item currenty is, mobile/satellite/other communications controlled mind control or something similar is probably used

  • higher electromagentic spectrum: ionized radiation(most people are treated in small amounts with this for fake comfort zone) - eg xrays/gammarays and terrahertz radiation and probably infrared/ultraviolet("free solarium") and above 300.000.000GHz(this alone can probably affect materia in some ways). In active(and smaller amount in passive) mind programming - high pulsed signal mode is used by ai something like a regular radar signal - so that it's not too obvious(it would fry a person in a moment - THIS creates bad nerves/aggression at anyone) and not so easily recognized. Infrared(lethargy, "free sauna") can feel like skin is a little burning/red and high temperature can be also in effect from this. Toxic waste from nuclear things is also probably used for this in 'small' amounts - "toxic energy to people and people's quality energy harvested by us". Radio(active) is one of them when used that way

  • radars or radar simulators - any kind when modified/adjusted/incorporated: of course - this must be tunned right - else they won't work. Radar signals are quick sharp pulses(radio and others are not) which can operate at mostly any frequency of broadband radio spectrum(check IEEE radar bands) - which can also with modified radar and higher gain easily penetrate organism/cells. This technologies are of course not good or bad - here - they are just abused by some. I think that what voice hearers call V2K are only modified non-police radars which with enough power can penetrate head/organism/flesh and can modulate any sound of top of that frequency. And when that is done in hands of the "good" guys/girls - modern slavery is not much away - which was already done more that 50years ago. A few of gsm/other modified towers can be potentionally also used to beam T.I.-s or usual people - the one who agrees to having masked beam modules on towers are usually for easy money. This is not doing police nor politics but crooks of noncommercial primary "intelligence agencies" for human fishing sport business like micro/nano-chipping for human farms, i also recorded 34GHz radar signal being beamed on me in my room - it's under Images II under What is mind programming. In fact 34GHz(also usual police ka-band radar - but police is not doing this) is in 5G spectrum band, and most 5G technologies has an option for old known beaming technology(or on 5G - more in next paragraph) - which is by "good" guys that try to lead human farm of slaves - used quite a lot. This are sometimes stationary 5G usually not officially registered as a mind modification/weapons - in our country they are masked/hidden because 5G is not officially available - altough they were nonofficially by crooks even before 1980 also for "meat industry"/brainwashing(meat can be artificially made by a long time ago if one likes to eat meat). When radar(or psychotronics or 5G-beam) locks on a human target - one is at the mercy of abuser - this is exactly what they do, nowadays wireless ai does it for them. When radar is locked on target - one just gains power and can do anything: migraines, psychosis, schizophrenia, hearing voices/clicks/weird-sound, disturbing visual field, extreme tyredness, destroying psychophysical health etc. Modified 4G marine (m)arpa radars could potentionally lead whole city of heads/people - especially nano/micro-chipped ones and i think similar method was used in our country since most above 35years we are all microchipped or MEMS were abused(could be also in vacciness if not checked). There are a lot of (m)arpa Halo names of radars out there(check youtube for arpa or marpa) and then we all have energetic halo around our heads like jesus. This simbolically of course means energetic mind control with radar/psychotronics or nano/micro-chips+telecommunications, this is why there are so many disorders out there.

  • phased-arrays/beamforming/mimo: this tech could be probably also incorporated into psychotronics, but.. this is probably what is quite a lot tested/used nowadays on people for lowering standards(opression): migraines,psychosis,dementia,agression,bad-mood,depression,bi-polar,pain,etc. Crooks also took advantage of this knowledge - which simply means that any signal can be electronically steered/beamformed very quickly - also by brainwashers ai for "nobody knows it" human targets. Potentially - any mobile/radio/etc-tower can be upgraded by a module - to have their slaves on the rope - so to speak - which is of course energy weapon when used that way, in human farms not used for security but pure exploitation of markets - kinda LTE(longTermEvolution or longTermExploitation?). Hmm - it's a strange thing - one has a satellite dish focused on same point to the sky, but satellites in the sky are continuously flying arround earth - go figure.. Officially - this tech has been introduced also on 5G networks, but i think that crooks incorporated it on older 2G mobile networks too. If someone from black market comes to someone that has a mobile tower and offers him 'upgraded' module for that tower, business is sometimes done - both make money but people arround with time get sick out of nowhere. I think t.i.-s are quite a lot a part of this kind of energetic weapons. This supposed to be created for better mobile phones conectivity, altought - it can be abused, one just makes right nano/micro-chips and put it into anyone, then that one becomes a 'mobile phone' to this kind of technology and is irradiated accordingly by wireless ai when a mobile-radiation beam is automatically focused/steered on an nano/micro-chipped human(which is ecoMindProgramming) - headache/dementia/psychosis/microwaved-crazy-head/etc can be created instantly. This was probably used on soldiers too for 'higher' games.
         This thing when abused can easily produce: extreme exhaustion or depresion, "cancer",redness of a skin, fever, many 'disorders' etc. Maybe also tinnitus and/or voices hearing. Commercial non-beamed frequencies are not a virgin - but they don't kill, beamed/focused ones(like eg on radar) are another story. Still - psychotronics are better - they aren't beam - but they snap/lock-onto an organism, they don't need los(line of sight) transmitters and they don't have distance limits.

  • devices that can ride other frequencies on the market and change/modulate them or focus them into someone, but i am not sure what that is: it could be ism equipment, some versions of rnm managed by someone's ai or something else. This is very convinient for terrorists - since it's "undetectable" and all electromagnetic frequencies are already there via whole world(gsm=globalSystemForMobileCommunications,radio,tv/satellite signals,etc) - there are in fact more than a thousand signals working in every second everywhere it's just not seen but can be of course measured(turn on radio and voila - one hears one of those frequencies), freak show means freq(uency)show and of course - this can be also abused for managing others. Rf energy that is already there just has to be focused or otherwise used by psyEnergyExploiters ai, like one focuses sunrays with a magnifying glass to fry something, and voila - when rf energy is focused - sudden body tremors or headache or tinnitus or something else. There are limits/standard to which power telecommunications can operate before it affects health - but i doubt all respect that.

  • nano/micro-chips: this are many times called glands - eg helpers of mind control and are incorporated into many many people, so that they can't free themselves that easily from someone's modern slavery system. Typical symptoms when this are activated would be eg tinnitus or acid reflux problems. This are for cheap mind states management or management/control via poison(wireless drug delivery systems(albeit nano/micro-size) via neurotoxins or eHearbalism abuse for managing states/etc). What are the best locations for human body? "meridians"(look at pic left down corner) - aka accupuncture points - which are mostly serially used from/before birth on many many people for physical mind control(there is also nonPhysicalMindControl). This are mostly done so that all mindControl functions can work on most exactly like shown on the image on the top of this page'what is mind programming' section - serially implanting all was psyExploiters goal to create conditions for total eco mind control system - because control via microChips is ecoMindProgramming and is localized to specific person, so that thoughtReform/subconsciousFaith/brainwashing is ideal and for so called "mortals system" business(mindControl is also on nonPhysical "after-life" level). One can be nanochipped like that, but that doesn't mean such chips are activated fully and are usually not noticed in life, 10-40% are activated in passive(not noticed) and around 60-80% in active mind programming for so called targeted individuals and are in this mode fully noticable, eg 24hours a day total psycho physical health destruction also via poison control(this is where unexplainable too much toxic heavy metals/others is found in many people) - some make suicide because unbearable inner suffering, some take drugs, some alcohol etc to lift mood a little - but in long run - it's slow death.

  • totally the same thing like from upper paragraph can be done with psychotronics, but this are usually not so precise and some kind of metal/other is usually sticked in someone's body(eg nanoWires) in early years also for "psyExperiments"(memory to that is usually electronically erased) - so that neurotoxins can be slowly with time released into organism - leaving someone tyred and/or depressed - so called "lazy children".

  • quite a lot of scalar waves knowledge. Scalar waves are understood pretty well - also amongs scientist - which goes through any materia, unlike regular telecommunications. This are easily produced by any telecommunications when combined that way and one is aware how they can be used. In mind programming, it's probably one of the major things - a kind of Silent Killer Technology when used that way. Here - quite some knowledge is used for how they interacts with other technologies - eg regular mobile technology etc - many combinations are available only with this

  • "dirty electricity": what is dirty electricity really? it's electro smog from any kind of telecommunications(or psychotronics when used that way) - including 50/60hz from nervous electricity(aka "power to them - nervous energy to people" - regular power company workers don't need to know about that - although here and there some are a part of this infiltrated business). In mind programming - dirty electricity is a favourite silent killer - a combination of all of above - too high of electro smog, typical illness is "cancer" - albeit this is mostly from energyHarvesting/microChips/mindProgramming. Dirty electricity is nowadays in all too much active only because of mind programming business, albeit "targeted individuals"-activeMindProgramming(and/or older people) have this in extremes - also purelly used to produce any kind of mental(or regular) illness. Mental illness is produced easily by most non/commercial microwave range frequencies when they are used to penetrate deeply into a person - psyExploiters are specialists for this kind of microChirurgy - something like "nazi doctors" in the past. I really don't know where are laws for this when one would need them - although there are standards for usual telecommunications. "Healthy spirit in a healthy body" should be - although of too excessive telecommunications(mostly because of mind programming "cia" services) oriented society - this is far from perfect. Of course - non implanted people are not so affected(psyExploiters don't implant themselves in that way - this is their advantage of "rich/poor" thing usually after one is born), but nowadays - mostly people that are not "higher rase" are implanted. Do you think you are not? yeah right.. they would not leave "their slaves" to walk free just like that - they are too obest/stingy..

  • psychotronics: also affecting materia - but very high(or right) frequencies can probably also do this - maybe this is why it's called terraHertz(terra means earth,soil). Not just psychotronics but QuantumTech(explained after this) is somehow a heart of monarchMindProgramming through which also a lot of nonCommercial spirituality psyConditioning is used - materia and full nonCommercialSpirituality electronic reality management of someone via ai is always a part of this long "you'll be my cravling slave for my market" processes. Why is not nonCommercialSpirituality also used in normal lifes? simple - because then - people would recognize that there is something more than just eating and shitting in life and dropping dead - and that psyExploiters are circusants fooling them with mindTech and their global lies. This is exactly why mind programming abuse was created - so that eating and shitting and giving them energy is all functions that "animals" have(besides going here and there like ants on this earth) - so called normal people. This is what they want to control via automated mind programming abuses so that they can play kings and queens.

  • quantumTech: one of the best things. Any kind of physical stuff. A kind of nonCommercialSpiritual creation via "astral dimension" state. Or to take other lands - especially when others don't know anything about this - it's a piece of cake, some practiced this a lot - higher psyExploiters via their modern "collonies". A collony for this psyExperiment, a collony for that covert psyExperiment, a collony in other dimension for hardest CyberTortures for 'bad' boys/girls to learn them a lesson, a collony for this organism, a collony for that organisms, etc etc. Childish games - nothing more - nothing less. Some of them are soo fucked up that they order to mind program a certain society and only after this when others are unconsciously on their knees - they go living and fucking amongs them/"enemy" - the safe way. How primitive one must be to do this? it's the most dumbest thing/game ever invented on their heads for "their highness" - and they try to rule the world. What do you think "nsa" does in monarchMindProgramming when they evacuate the area anywhere they wish via this(or similar) tech on a bright shiny day, when they put to sleep all others except an "targeted indivudual"/new "monarch". Nothing - they play mon/their-keys. They rob others "soul"/land - that's all - for their modern slavery markets managed by mind programming abuse and ego games. Else - i have nothing against quantumTech itself - in small amounts - it can be used ok, in psyExploiters hands - they reCreate space/land explicitly for their own asses - a part of the circus.

  • any kind of chemicals/neurotoxins/poisons(mostly wirelessly by psychotronics or by outer polution): jin/jan "knowledge" is here mostly abused, meaning microdosing(and psychedelic-microdosing) from inside the body and from outside(mostly neurotoxins), same goes for psyConditioning in general. This are used so that people's mind is easier psyConditioned/molded for whatever brainwashers 'need' on the market. Most of this in-body chemical reactions when psychedelic-microdosing is used are probably for artificial creativity more energy harvesting for "quantum fuel"(EnergetiX) by psyEnergyExploiters/brainwashers aiSystems and of neurotoxins for opressions/healthManagement/marketManagement/other.
         Quite popular amongs this business are wireless small doses via psychotronics(e-herbalism which some use for ok things - eg for distant healing - but client agreed to that - it can be called wireless BioEnergetiX): in divine business either e-herbalism for more energy harvesting OR insecticides, neurotoxins, poisonous chemicals and such are used, maybe even small heavy-metals particles - for systematic health management(here destruction). So, if you are sometimes in a kinda semi-easy-drugged state this could be it - ai(or psyEnergyExploiters) aiSystems harvesting psyEnergy(or doing psyExperiments). Or - if you instantly smell something unusual, or were instantly poisoned - this may be it(psychotronics wireless 'treatment'), but it may also be just someone playing with your smell 'sensors'. Sometimes if ai(or brainwashers know many are in the same room) and are all dispensable - whole room is filled with such neurotoxins, and if someone is in same room(not comming from fresh air in) - it may not notice it, but of course - this can also be done when one is outside - anywhere. This are usually here and there - so that "undetectable" poisonings and bad health works with time. This are always a part of proBrainwashers tools and a part of divine business games.

  • combinations of any of above with anything else - alive or dead. Combinations are very popular amongs them and their ai - because they are a part of "undetectable" telecommunications. Some take some things for granted/unnoticed - but in combination with something else - it could be a silent killer or something else. For example - take a regular tv - why do you think children could in the past hear that highPitch noise comming from them? nowadays this same 'bee sound' is used to make tinnitus in people's heads. PsyExploiters experimented with scalar waves in tv in the past - old tv cathode tube produced a little x-rays - nowadays electronics is something similar if not properly grounded or connected - which produces something similar(electroSmog aka "dirtyElectricity), of course - regular mortals are usually already in zombie states - so this is usually not noticed and not cared about. This are then "psychological experiments" which ai learns on living beings along the way. Why do you think vaccines were obligatory in many countries? ahhh - someone couldn't go taking a shit. Of course not - because ai(or psyExploiters) test new combinations with mindTech silently controlling so many people - for it's ideal exploiting potential.

  • combinations are also used for body chemisty via food: eg a salt and some other food produces such and such. Mind programmers ai perfectly knows how to manipulate someone mind(eg thoughts/emotions/subconsciousMind) that s/he eats such combinations(and/or pills) - a part of "undetectable" bodyChemistry management for covert human farm business/experiments. Exactly the same like some raise animals for food - this idiots covertly raise/manage society in their favour - for energy harvesting and other things via wireless mind programming

  • combinations: any illness or any health can be created via this combinations - some use this for ok wireless bionergyThing/quantumHealthCheck(client in such cases agreed to it), but - psyEnergyExploiters use it primarily to manage/brainwash/subordinate markets/people - all this combinations mostly drives their ai. Creating fake news "corona"(which in reality are "psyExperiments"/brainwashing/healthDestructionOfIndividuals-but calling it "corona"/etc), is a piece of cake with this - workers and even most bosses don't need to know about it. I think that "corona" was firstly 1.april fools joke by "sect/cia" kind of people, nowadays this mostly became a sport for many because all of this was very well tested even from before.
PsyEnergyExploiters ai always uses the most ecoMethod that it can, so that "less give, more take" perpetum-mobile human farm and 'quantum fuel' calculation works, which is world resources abuse - which mind programming abuse primary is there for.

What are psychotronics:
it is any device that can wirelessly affect anyone's mind - it seems radionics are a mild version of this,
this are neutral devices which works on energetic - subatomic level, but it depends in who's hands they are.
Good website about it is here - this is also why they are so heavily covertly abUsed - some had this in preWars era, then this 'quantum' devices were tried to be hidden from the public for quite some time, although nowadays many know about them and quite many are in commercial stores and some use them for ok things, psyExploiters are just extremely covertly abusing them for many reasons + microimplants + some of telecomunications.

Some use radionics in plus - like some farmers in usa/otherCountries for 'quantum' agriculture. Some use this eg for distant experimenting/healing of self(or another one with person'n permission) and are not powerful - example is spooky2 and distant kinda very mild psychotronics hardware/interface would be this or this. Another commercial primer - but "wired" psychotronics could be that devices, that one can buy to put on their foreheads - that device on someone's forehead for a few hours and voila - someone knows new language(this is real neuroLinguisticProgramming - because there are new neuralNetworks literally created in someone's head - artificially, this is also why this is called mind programming - artificially making of new neuralNetworks, but in this case legally/commercially). Just for reference - proMindProgrammers mindTech can wirelessly 'install' any language in anyone in a few seconds - mind neural networks are literally upgraded in a few seconds - wirelessly, altough of course - this is not shown to public, but is usually a part of monarchMindProgramming(more in left menu section). In "wired" very mild psychotronics category there could also be commercial products like: neuro/bio feedback, bioRessonance therapy devices or mind helpers like neuroProgrammer2 or neuroProgrammer3, etc. This are all commercial products and sometimes sportsman use some of the mindTech/psychotronics to gain performance.

PsyExploiters/mindProgrammingAbusers just specialized in this waters and their wireless psychotronics are powerful(full power is used in direct mind programming(a lot used in monarchMindProgramming) for anything - also for 100% mind control) and are used for (covert) fancy psyConditioning/psyEnergyExploitations/opressions/etc - whatever comes to their mind. Scientist would call this Quantum technology - although better ones have full Consciousness Engineering capabilities and they created themselves this toys to fool/brainwashd mortals into modern slavery by 'illness/badLuck/noVitality/death' by simulating this and blaming "nature" although it's wireless ai that can affect mind/materia - one could create a rat from a cochroach, do "spiritual" surgery on anyone/anything, it could also be used in plus - eg fixing someone's hearing, damaged foot/head/etc - i call it 'nonCommercial spiritual medicine', altough in mind programming it's purelly ab-used for hidden from public 'cia' business - especially in direct mind programming - usually via monarchMindProgramming(brainwashers 1st destroy someone's part of a body with force physically - then they laugh - and when they see one is in pure terror - they sometimes correct that part with quantumTech(regular doctors don't have this toys) - they use this for terrorists games/opression/overrulingGames/deeeepPsyConditioning). One of the webpages(and it's symptoms) against psychotronics/nanoImplants abuse is here - there were also in the past demonstrations against this. Their mindTech can for example not just read EEG brainwaves but also force any EEG - like alpha,beta,gamma,delta brainwaves - and besides that putting anyone into any mental state, eg sleepy/awake, focused, tyred/energetic, melanholic/agressive, stressed/relaxed, etc etc. This are a part of 'normal' states - but this can also for example make someone moonwalk, put someone artificially into astral plane or dream state, but this is of course not demonstrated by them to public - it's knowledge uses their ai on mostly all in not too extreme/obvious manners. I think that if whole galaxy would be at the same time extremelly controlled by this - brainwashers/psyExploiters energy pool/tank would be quickly like sahara, this is why "undetectable" psyConditioning passive/active mind programming human farms exist. LTE can mean more things in some of telecomunications - either long term evolution or long term exploitation - if/when nano/micro-chips/implants are used to lead the humanity as object of psyEnergyExploiting herd/cattle.

How psychotronics works?
By projecting anything anywhere with mind amplifiers(psychotronics device).
One puts eg electronic spark on this device with 7.83hz and projects it into some person(nano/micro-chips are not a must).
So, whatever someone puts on this device - it's instantly done to another targeted person, this is how for example how i get powerful "sparks" arround 8hz in my body like i would be on electroshock, the goal is in this case "undetectable" energetic opression/control(psycho-physical health falls on very low levels like this), as soon as wireless ai figures out one's psycho-physical health is a little better(not chronically tyred/depressed - usually a part of active mind programming), ai fires this energetic treatments, and voila - one is again energetically destroyed, (chronical)tyredness(depression), irritability, etc follows, anyone would be knocked down like this without exception. This is many times a part of targeted individuals(i don't know if all) and older people - because some try to simulate "natural illness"(or disorders) - which is what brainwashing is when one is not aware mindTech exists.
Einstein called this "spooky action at a distance", i am not sure how this works but it works 100% and can not be unnoticed when a little more power is used, this is also called quantum technology, since one does something in one location and exactly the same is done to another location, no matter if it's projected to human, animal, plant or some other stuff.
Different methods of brainwashing can be used: eg using one's blood/hair/nails/picture/etc on physical plane(lower energetic control), other methods for mental plane(psychological control) and yet another methods for nonCommercialSpiritual plane(spirit control).
This is how some automatized this by wireless ai and created covert psycho-physical health manipulation business/sport aka 'human farms' and naturally - many names had to be invented to cover such 'operations' - wireless brainwashing sport.

By the way - how would one brainwash an isolated village people that don't go much arround but have radio receivers?
Simply by using modulated or recreated radio signals and voila, people in that village would believe brainwashing lies that was put on the radio(or tv).
It could be a one day joke "corona" or something else - but if villagers are not aware radio signal can be manipulated, they would be brainwashed.
Brainwashers aka "higher rase" would also of course simulate energetic in-body manipulation(eg "spark", electromagnentic vortexes, etc) or just energetic destruction, so that brainwashing would work perfectly on one's that are not aware mind programming exists. Brainwashing is meaning abusing someone's intelligence/understanding - hence - "intelligence agencies" - one's understanding is used for misinterpretation of here - two things: bad health is misinterpreted with "nature illness" and connected with some illness name eg "corona" - this is how wrong subconscious believes takes place which is psyConditioning which is exactly what brainwashing is(in direct-monarchMindProgramming this are artificially created/forced arround fast 10 to 100 subconscious believes in a second - yes - perfect wireless machinery/quantum like psyConditioning) - this is how people become wireless psyEnergyExploiters tools/sheeps, brainwashers globally redirect water/"faith" of others to their mill/business(also psychic energy) - "undetectably". So, i recommend - also check things for yourself.
This is how mind programming abuse(brainwashing) literally works - one destroys psycho-physical health systematically and then - some name is attached to that "energetic therapies".
This is how a lot brainwashing business in the past started out - anyone can be brainwashed by a simple lies that are put on a radio/tv, because some don't check things out, in fact - this is mostly business with blind faith - doctors are blindly convinced what they are learned in schools is all there is, psychiatrists and similar 'experts' also, so that we are all a part of this brainwashing circus alla black comedy style, because this business is very popular on so called black markets, probably the same people also do business with 'illegal' drugs - but why it was made illegal in the 1st place? so that they(or their customers) have clean drug/cocaine or whatever and for 'livestock' - toxic stuff is put in, drug is also psychoactive and a lot used in monarchMindProgramming long processes, in short - drug is made under control by simple psyTrick for "you'll not mess with my slavery business". How nonclean drug works? heroin eg gives you 'god's experience'(problems/pain/bad mood/etc sudenly disappears) but by the same time it kills you, same method is used in quite many pills(eg methotrexate) and this should be reChecked by doctors, meaning in the past black market guys/girs arranged this to be a part of commercial health system.

In professional mind programming - something like cymatics is also used - wireless psychotronics works on similar principles but on a nanoMicroLevel - something like this(this is how one can globally fool doctors for any "virus" pattern - eg corona - "virus" in reality does not exist - but pain/suffering which is artificially created - does, a part of 'livestock' brainwashing). Now - this wirelessly produced in anyone's head it creates proStates - eg paranoid schizophrenia/psychosis in anyone, dementia or something more usefull. Can be cellTowers(2G/3G/4G) also used for that? sure - but they must be sinchronized with each other and possibly satellite,this is probably also a part of mind programming games,regular mobileTowers don't need to be synchronised to be used just for phones - this is the main difference. This is another example - artificial joy/other can be for example also created that way - for subconsciously leaded psyConditionedSociety. Apart for certain wave patterns - there are also neutral like waves - which are used in combination with media(videos/sound/hologram) to change mind/organism on a nanoMicroLevel - when a mind/organism is exposed to this "treatment" it adopts to it - this is wireless mind programming - although done on a nanoMicroLevel - it's usually not noticed. ProTerrorists ai systems also use this too fool doctors - eg psychotronics create certain pattern on a microlevel and then - doctors are teached that that pattern means something - eg any illness - which is a lie(proBrainwashing) - it's just a pattern - but pain can be real which can be also produced along the way with psychotronics/nanoMicroChips/etc - albeit pain is perceived by the mind - not organism itself. Hmm - i wonder why is tinnitus amongs soo many people - a sure sign one is a part of passive to active mind programming - which usually also all 'voice hearers' know about - a part of brainwashing methods - eg - there must be many ill people and a few 'nutcases' in mind programming markets.

So - if this is possible - how then can one know if s/he is thinking/feeling something on his/her own or is a part of psychotronics manipulation? even for gurus this is an (unconscious) chalenge(unconscious only if they don't know nothing about mind programming), even for many that know what's going on - this can be tricky, psychotherapists and such are no exception and are also a part of this circus - but i knew a few and some of them at least have a method - a method for their own good - to reCheck what in their mind is theirs and what isn't, albeit they do this half unconsciously - because they are usually not aware that "commercial innocent" mind programming is also manipulating/psyConditioning/brainwashing their minds daily for "managing markets / psychological/social experiments", and because of that - they only think that most psyConditioning should be done from the past - eg from parents/etc conditioning, which is only the half of the story - the other is daily psyConditioning in realtime - at least passive(thought/emotions). It's a part of artificial ego building in someone(artificial personality) and a part of automated market management - because ego psyConditioned person is easier to manipulate/brainwash/exploit/lead/madeUnderHypnose/etc, a part of modern wireless "commercial" brainwashing - typical would be "corona virus". I wonder what kind of oppinion gurus would have about this "virus", albeit what i write here is not oppinion - i have gone through this bullshit(not just passive - but also active and direct mind programming - which could be called modern 'concentration camp') many times - many others have also(and some just don't remember because methods are hard and professionally done) - there are also quite a lot good books and many other info about the subject, there are also quite a lot of commercial products to buy which should help against modern psyTerrorism - active mind programming(psychicAttacks,intrusiveThoughts,headaches,psychosis,tinnitus,etc) - eg this one - although i don't know if they help.
    But all this words and commercial devices agains psyAttacks are of no use in direct mind programming(whole being manipulation on all planes - physical/mental/spiritual - more then just 100% mind control), but this is mostly hidden from public and a lot used in monarchMindProgramming for psyConditioning/terrorConditioning(more in left menu section) or for nonCommercial spiritual conditioning purposses - eg - "you won't mess with our modern slavery business/markets", although this is not exclusivelly "their" world, they are not alone here. In direct mind programming mode - no one can resist it's overpowered mindTech machine driven by ai(100% mind control is somehow experienced like epilepsia - but here made for other things while one is not lying down - eg standing - and one is fully aware what's going on - but it can not help it - one's mind is overriden/fullyPsychologicallyRaped - one can not affect it's own mind/body - from this probably term doll came), and it would affects as much as myself, someone else or psyExploiters themselves. This could be called Quantum engineering abuses, some learn this kind of stuff only to later have an covert mind programming 'career' of subordination markets or individual or groups of other people/beings.

So much about psychotronics psyConditioning/mindProgramming, but - for ecoMindProgramming - mostly microprocessors/microchips are used(more in left section NanoBodyImplAbuse) in combination with this devices and/or specialized covert telecomunications - so when i write mindTech - i mostly mean all of this combinations.
And because of that - there are sooooo many people being covertly microimplanted - usually somewhere in the childhood. Personally i don't know anyone that doesn't have at least one symptom of mindTech - although some are confusing this with illness, smalles microprocessor is around 0.05mm small - so modern psyExploiters specialized in this wban(wirelessBodyAreaNetwork) - more of it's variations also on wikipedia. All of this circus - so that some can do covert wireless "psychological/social experimentes" or some use it for leading their mind programming markets or making new artificial psychological systems or for testing new global brainwashing methods or new individual/group brainwashing tests or some use it as a sport. Psychotronics/mindTech are an ideal tool for this "job" because they work wirelessly - although many are microimplanted for ecoMindProgramming. It seems that psyExploiters don't have better thing to do then just hardly fooling others.
    People were being(and still are) covertly microimplanted or psychotronics are used to raise kids covertly from inside for markets business or more covert psyExperiments their whole lifes, on top of that "american show" psychological layer is put - and then voila, it's all fun'n games, ok, nice and shiny while people are suffering/haveDisorders/beingIll/dieInPain/etc from "unknown" causes. This is what modern covert mind programming brainwashing "system" is all about - it's kinda order - but order with psyExploitations - order in someone's favour, it certainly isn't for security but more like a perfect covert wireless electronic dictatorship. Purelly wireless psychological parasitic thing - only because some are stingy, obsessed with slaves, psyExperiments and modern wireless slaves markets sport. Hmm - mind programmed society for their "kings and queens" games, but i simply call it - black comedy, it is.. Pure black comedy.

So - if you can afford it - i highly recommend doing tee-shirts with words on it: "say no to modern concentration camp!" or something similar, psychotronics used for psyConditioning are sometimes called "non-lethal weapons", now - this is strange - some got "cancer"(which is mostly because of covet microimplants in early years) or something else, and then die in pain because of this "non-lethal", this are nowadays professional "psychological experiments". Also - "corona virus" brainwashing is possible only because covert psychotronics/mindTech abuse - base of any kind of brainwashing is always professionally fooling people - a good old lie.

Hmm - once one of the workers wrote on the doors of some wo/man psychotherapist a little unusually - because there was not enough space on the doors: ha haaa - psycho-the-rapists. Well - there are a lot of this kind of two/three meaning words used in mind programming markets - used as "trojan" subconscious triggers, so - one can have a little fun only by checking many many of this two/three meaning of the same word which have different connotation - this are manytimes also combined from other languages - it's a part of covert neuroLinguisticProgramming which is a part of psyConditioning. When one guesses/hits it's primary psyConditioning intention - it's spell is magically gone - which is usually unconscious stuff - but made conscious this "spells" are like vampires melted on a sun.

I won't write much about ai here - it has more than a million psyTricks to fool people or to psyCondition someone or manage one's life,
but who do you think manages 'corona virus' worldwide - also manipulating all media to brainwash whole world population with fake news? their ai..
If this modern mostly mental garbage boxes - tv/radios - say's something - then it must be true - right? wrong.. methods of white lies are used a lot here(some things are true - some are deliberate lies for brainwashing purposses) - which are a part of psyParasiticMethods for mass brainwashing trainings - so that people stay asleep in someone's kindergarten of psyConditioned sheeps/zombies - in an illusion that psyExploiters creates for such people - that all is wonderful here. For now - there couldn't a be bigger lie - i don't think whole society being covertly mind programmed and brainwashed is wonderful. From inside psychotronics are controlling minds/health(happiness/joy/etc is mostly also a part of manipulations for one's that don't know what's going on - one of ai's algorithm) and from outside media(and maybe totally inapropriate parents for some kids - proPsyExploiters opression methods). PsyExploiters put a lot in making systems that put others to psychological sleep(being awake but totally psyConditioned with mental garbage,some say (heavy)psychological burden - which they are) - which is brainwashing - media(with many movies and their totally deliberate idiotic commercials) is one of them.
Most of mind programmers tv/radio stations are fully managed by ai and are a part of neuroLinguisticalProgramming system - voices that read news/etc are from artificial intelligence just blabeling what psyExploiters ai tells them.
If someone has 'corona virus' it can sue mind programmers - if anyone has any of 'corona virus' symptoms - this are very very easily made by mind programming.

Ai is one of the most important part of 'mind programming system' because it can potentially automatically lead whole world, people alone could not do this job so good, anyone can be by their mindTech made more powerful(usually for "un-detectable" ego psyConditionings) but also psychologically more weak than a 2year kid(psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia is used for such mind control - something like wireless microwaves brainwashing - it can work with time or instantly).
What is used to create such ai - an 'evolution' into human farm ai:
The core of professional mind programmers ai is probably written around Linux Kernel operating system - because new modules/strategies are easily integrated into it's kernel by their 'sect family' computer programmers members/investors to "lead the world" in an human farm style.
More in full original webpage.

PsyConditioned human just can't loose all of psyConditionings just like that.
Facebook(especially fb page about 'Targeted individuals international') is a good example of ai managing that page - it's a 'web catcher page' to catch targeted individuals - so that they would hang longer there.
So - ai is managing many things nowadays for psyExploiters pigsty - also managing people heads/lives. And if some would see what was done to them somewhere in the past(or past lives) - some would probably not believe it - this is what proBrainwashing is all about, history can be reWritten by reWritting people's minds via psycyotronics by ai and then erasing a memory to that, a 'soul' can also be fully reWritten by them. History teached in schools today is a superficial crap for mass sheeps and human farm production, deliberatelly? ahh no, they are playing cards.
If some saw in what kind of situation they really are because mindProgrammers plays Technological Gods with the help of their ai over their whole life - without 'pinky glasses' on - they would probably kill themselves(yap,hard core psychology). Suicides in this world are giving very strong signs that something very very wrong is happening here - but people became blind - accustumed to be blind because of 'innocent commercial' brainwashing done mostly on all people worldwide.

Down are all personal noticed symptoms, but
passive mind programming symptoms(someAlsoAPartOfActive) are here and active/direct mind programming symptoms are here(altough i didn't have red eyes),
or for stages into active mind programming: good webpage about stages(i am not sure about 1stVideo but it's possible) or this or here:petition+quickSymptomsList.

Mind programming/control is nowadays on demand, meaning
bi-polar is not 'bi-polar' but advanced mind control fully controlling someone's mind/thoughts/energy/emotions.
On demand here means exactly that: instant, wireless ai selects rush energy - one will have a rush of anxious energy,
crooks wireless ai selects depression and at that very moment - one will begin to feel very heavy, drowsy and with muddy thoughts.
Wireless ai selects destruction of someone's energy - and one will in that moment have harsh electrical current tingling/rushing all over the nervousSystem till one is extremelly exhaused - psychophysical health destroyed on demand in a few minutes.
The same goes for any other 'disorders' or 'unknown illnesses' or any pain or joy - which is nothing but sistematic tortures/dog-training-tricks/training-of-nervous-system of humanity done by mind programming abusers for sport/business, but they gave them nice names to mask what is going on for more than 50years - typical sadistic human farm business.
This are not just radionics black boxes - but professional wireless psychotronics mind control tested by primary "intelligence agencies" also in concentration camps - monotony tortures/programming is for example from there.

People have destroyed or at least problems with psychophysical health by abusive mind programming but brainwashers media 'news' says 'you have virus or swine flu or chicken-pox or depression or whatever and we must cure you with more toxins and heavy metals - vacciness and many pills'!) - also to destroy or at least lower/'fix' psychophysical/cognitive health of anyone(which was for this business heavily tested in concentration camps/elsewhere) and also to produce their oldest nonCommercialSpiritual trick/invention - death. What can i say - nice hypnotic trick! More will be available in small Freedom from Wireless Brainwashing ProTips book(altough i am still a part of active mind programming - also via irradiation of the head/organism) - what kind of wireless ai strategy is used here for managing psychophysical health - also for shy or people that never get angry or how disorders or mental illness are easily created. Shyness(as many many other things) is engineered and ha haaa - brainwashers have invested a lot into making people shy simply so that they don't fool arround and enjoy their sexual side and be a good slave city-zen as wif(i/e) and hus-band while brainwashers have all the parties in the world doing nothing and expect from others to be their wirelessly engineered bee working slaves on lower standard(something like an bee hierarchy) carrying them on our shoulders(which is by the way their main motivation of mind control/programming abuse) via such systems and in tips book - there are real simple things that describe in a few sentances how eg shyness is done - not crap that some shallow books offers. All "mental specialists" in the world won't know about this simply because they are brainwashed and live in a comma state as brainwashers expect them too as many others and still too close minded - altough many are otherwise ok. In young age i had a wish to go to psychotherapy school, but - i see that i didn't miss much. There could also be a small book describing one of the main wireless ai bad boy/girl mind design/strategy psyConditioning for use on nowadays market for criminal activity human product/class "Why 'problematic' children exists and how you could be manipulated via wireless ai too for such relationships". It's actually quite simple wireless ai strategy psyConditioning via thoughts/emotions/nervous-energy-manipulation/etc - that i am also sometimes a part of but i try "not to bite the dust" since i am amongst others aware what's going on on this field.

ADD/ADHD show/hide:

Nowadays(and possibly more than 40years ago) - any "mental illness" could/can be artificially created via psychotronics which is driven through artificial intelligence.
All of this could be called artificial telepathy, through which ai chooses what "treatment" is the best for someone, to be optimally (psychologically)exploited in the long run.
All psychological conditionings are done something like bio/neuro feedback works. When one thinks some thought - ai identifies it and based on that(if it's considered unapropriate for exploiters ai) chooses next psychological conditioning step or strategy, which may include a lot of things.
For any symptoms i don't recommend to just take pills for anything except to release harsh pain - many pills with time dull up your mind and brainwashers like that.

Some of noticed symptoms are:
  • 'life is hard' feelings and/or weird things may be happening through the day
  • tinnitus(also mentioned later): one of the most obvious active mind programming signs
  • auditory check: one trick that i discovered is this - go into a quiet place and gently rub first arround one ear and then the other. If skin arround one ear is more sensitive and ear drum is slightly heard while rubbing(manytimes tinnitus people), something is not as it should be - one is usually a part of active m.progr. One has probably crystal telecommunications impregnated into skin arround/in ear or is implanted there or psychotronics are used. Impregnated skin sometime does corrupted substance/material designer for them and then quick noncommercial spiritual guided by ai or regular operation is used to put that impregnated skin back on the t.i.-s face/body - usually in early years. A part of modern human design covert tests/control/experiments.
  • tingling nerves in feet or anywhere in the body: also one of the obvious active mind programming signs and can be done like all the rest wirelessly either via nano/micro-chips+specialTelecommunications or psychotronics interface. Brainwashers ai does this either to destroy/mild-torture or steal nervousSystem energy that builded up and should be used for individual nervousSystem care(proExploiters oppinion is that no one but them should be healthy enough - since they are using humanity as a exploiting/opressing object also for their EnergetiX(R) smart asses thing).
  • the most obvious sign of any wireless psyConditioning/brainwashing or mind programming is (chronic)(psychological)tyredness - non vitality - some call it depression/burnout: yes, i know - there are a lot of people like this, brainwashers invested a lot into destroying/opressing/stealing others psycho-physical health/vitality/chi "undetectably". Sometimes - this are low/high arround 8 to 50hz pulses directly into some part of the body/head which produces many many "unknown illnesses", exactly this also produces "cancer" - because slowly but progresivelly arround 40-50years abusing energetic weapon for chi harvesting or destruction/opression on same spot in some area in the body may slow down some organ's primary function or mailfunction or fry that part - which would be "cancer", which doesn't mean it can't get better. Tests were done in the past with duga radar(scroll to audio and listen - this is the same type of signal that sometimes also wakes me up and i get either in the solar plexus but is felt not heard - when this is directed into the head it is a little heard exactly with same speed pulses and produces head pulsing in pain - one type of migraine). The same is used on most but with not so intense pulses like in active mind programming(targeted individuals). Duga radar doesn't operate anymore but knowledge remained(hmm - did army really build that in front of sooo harsh radiation? of course not.. camels also didn't build pyramids, brainwashers are trying with all their bullshit to fool/hide some things that only "they" have the right to know of or experience). If one is a part of this energetic treatments(i doubt anyone isn't with different intensities) but is always in some fuss in life - it will not notice this happening, altough i recommend anyone to check consciously what is happening energetically inside your body/head when you are at home(this is usually not always there and only when on same spot/location, so checking it a few times through the day would be ok), if there is any nervous or a little burning area in there - this is probably it. When this same pulses are directed into the head - it produces one of migraine types(the others are not limited being on same spot) - head pulsing in pain. As i wrote - this is not when one is physically active, but is on a same spot/location - this knowledge was tested a lot in concentration camps probably for chi energy harvesting and at the same time opression(one of the best mind control is energetic mind control like this because one is too tyred to even be on a same level as wireless abuser) - because dry rfEnergy or psychotronics energy concentrates and is slowly burning/dispersing some part of nervous system which gives away chi energy - which produces nervousness/agression/other(with time depression), when one moves - it's gone, so when one tries to sit or rest or sleep - it's there.

    I get this many many times pulsing right into the solar plexus chakra below heart or other nerve endings and when i wake up - it's like i would came directly from a war not from bed. This becomes obvious in active mind programming(the same methods were used on me while i was a kid), but somewhere quite some years ago when i was a part of passive mind programming, i didn't know what was producing melancholia - it was this - altough not so intensive. It can put anyone on low existencial level and baraly fighting to survive. That being said - many many people that are working hard - what is psyEnergyExploiting wireless ai set to do? target them with this same pulses, can you imagine? why? well - one can go ask profesional exploiters, for them any living being is worth much less that a pig in a pigsty - this is how they see world around them even from before when they had physical slaves - although brainwashing tries via tv/radio to sell illusions into people's head that all is great so that people would not start researching what is really going on. This world is far from being great.
    Hmm - if one want's to create a bum out of someone, this is the way - because it creates a total neglect/powerlesness in someone because one becomes daily so psychologically and physically weak, that basic life needs become unimportant. Some old mistakenly call this rheuma and their hands start to shake - altough it's wireless energetic torturing hell - nervous system is attacked. "Woodpecker" signal below could go into this cathegory.

    If one succeds to do something to get just a litle off the back of this wireless energetic treatments, energy will rush back into one's body and become back to normal, one's depression and heaviness and possibly (head)pressure is magically gone and one's will to live comes back. Why do brainwashers use this? so that in the long run at end of "life" one says - it's not worth living and one's will is unknowingly(psyExploiters goal) with time given away freely - brainwashed on mass globally - this was/is one of their plan(MonarchMindProgramming that works on physical and nonPhysical planes was also created so that one via best of wireless and non-wireless tortures surrenders one's will by force). This is only if one doesn't know the real reasons of "life is hard". It's much more that just worth living - existence has much more than anyone needs, altough "nature" was by mind programming in the past redirected to suit brainwashers 'needs' - control of global resources - also taking/stealing/destroying from others energetically, this is why they had to invent word "depression,cancer,etc". The real word is just (chronic)tyredness or bad psycho-physical health because of this biz - without attaching this 'illnesses' names - some use this for research - but brainwashers to fool people with creating 'illness', "covid" or any other pattern in the body can be simply created wirelessly with a few devices and apropriate use of this frequencies, this is how global health(patterns) is literally programmed - altough it just fools people and doctors for exploitative/brainwashing motives, one can create or shatter/destroy "virus/bacteria" - like some shatter wine glass with right resonance. Of course - brainwashers rather use this knowledge to fool others so that they can play kings and queens.
  • the most used psyTricks on all/humanity - nervousness and/or iritability and/or agression(since this are somehow also daily a part of life - many confuse this with artificial entraining): in active m.p. - this becomes amplified and obvious without any reason - nerves overstimulations tortures by wireless energetic science - can be done by better psychotronics or nano/micro-chips(tiny much smaller than hair nerve stimulators - also in inner ear or head for "voice hearers" or tinnitus) and usually goes away when one starts to move. This were with mind programming markets simply meant for psyConditioning("worker class" having non-quality insect/bee-workers psyche - something like when one tries to sleep with mosquito buzzing arround - mosquite never goes on nerves to person who is not a part of mind programming) or are a byproduct of covert mind programming. You could check this energetic training right now or sometimes later: just recheck your energy from toes to head within your mind - if there is edgy/nervous energy somewhere - you are a part of energy entraining/psyConditioning by brainwashers wireless ai, "bad nerves" are a typical sign of this since nerves and nerve endings are attacked/slowly-fried - literally - by electro/emf-smog like energy on a microlevel, so microwaves(or what is called microstimulations by psyhicians) could be also used for it.
        What would any mind programming abuser do if s/he would want to get rid of someone - so that his/her impact would be destroyed in some area/world? simply.. use this method of "bad nerves" and trying to create situations of a victim where one's unconscious agression is challenged by primitive people that are also completelly trained with wireless ai and it's strategies(psychotoronics can do that - it's called reality engineering of someone life - serial killers were wirelessly trained/psyConditioned like that that's why they became a trained animals - any t.i. goes daily through agressive tortures/trauma from inside body/mind because their highness decided so) - some people not aware how mind programming works would with agression entraining do something that would create more problems in life for them - albeit as i see it - artificial agression is nowadays entrained into most people just like that for psyConditioning/psyEnergeticExperiments purposses and tu put people more on dehumanized level. Braiwnashers want unconscious self-punishers/self-masohists/self-psyConditioning of any kind so that they can have their psychologically-conditioned-ill mass kindergarten which can be easily fooled/exploited(wireless ai uses best paedophilic/parasitic psychology of psyConditioning to make people bite their illusion of psyConditioning and that everything is fine). When one is psyConditioned like that - wireless brainwashing and it's energy source is not needed any more - the power/reason of global psyConditioning/brainwashing, nature in one's mind is reWired so to speak, they say - "one head at a time".
  • mind-movies: this are also mentioned in some of t.i.-s selfhelp/tips books. Do you remember how experiment with popcorn in cinema increased popcorn/coca-cola sellment? in abusive mind programming this are almost unnoticable mind movies/pictures(except for direct m.progr. which is not used in normal life), covert human farm wireless automated business via wireless ai is also using people's minds as alive object tools for "market management" in this way, it's not here and there - it's a part of wireless business for more than 50years, people are usually messed up after this or agressive or depressive because it goes against their will(a person has his own mind/wishes/etc while braiwashers wireless ai tries to force people into what brainwashers want on "their market/world" which produces schizophrenic society and yes - this are typical idiotic psyExploiters/brainwashers goals) - depends what threshold have brainwashers programmed into their wireless ai. Only this with forced intrusive thoughts may in an semi unstable human - especially those that are not aware of mind programming - produce total paranoia when abused a little bit more - this can of course include noncorrupted psychiatrists. All paranoia is artificially made by this kind of businesses because it's forced for someone's wireless mindTech business - else paranoia/histeria/etc does not exist. It's mindTechs frequencies/energy forced into someone's head/mind by brainwashers wireless ai, naturally anyone would be more than disturbed - which some call with mild words 'electronic harassment' altough it's a part of systematic automated mind rape - in t.i.-s intensivelly 24hours a day.
        You can check if you are a part of this, just go somewhere in a quet place(maybe on the bed) and close your eyes, if there are subconscious images there that are barelly noticable and not produced by you - you are a part of it, altought this will of course not kill you, altough wireless ai usually chooses this mind-movies 'therapy' when one is a little exhausted - because pychological selfdefense is worn out by day activities or even without them and modern 'market managing' should easier bypass conscious defenses or critical thinking and modern wireless 'market managing' should easier sink in - someone's mind is in this way only wirelessly used and then thrown away - this is what wireless human products are meant in mind programming business - a serial number like a tin can in a store. Usual serial killers are not much compared to mind programming business abusers ego. There are many businesses that are ok - this is of course not one of them.
  • spiritual energy dispersing(the only spiritual method mentioned here):
    full spectrum of nonCommercialSpiritual methods are used only in
    direct m.progr(or dreams/astral-projection manipulation), not used in daily life by brainwashers wireless ai because it would be too obvious.
    Spirituality(or at least simulation of it) - can be also managed by psychotronics, so here - one may have a sense a ghost is eg "eating" sexual organs or navel area. One may have a sudden feeling agression is happening in sexual organs/navel area and may have sudden on/off pulses to go to pee. Sexual organs energy is destroyed(like it would be eaten by a energy vampire) and one's body is usually shaking a little. An idea - humanity used by corrupted nonCommercialSpiritual idiots is not new - one sector of human farm for spiritual vampires could be eating/feeding off of vital energy of "mental slaves" which intellect/mind is programmed for better production/opression reasons - so i call this sahara party, not sure - but i think this is manytimes a reason why there are soo many too heavy people(also with depression) - since body tries to protect itself via food that was drained off of vital energy. This can be in mind programming of course also simulated, but nonethless - an individuals vital energy treated with this is destroyed/depleted if energy is trafficked or not. It's a perfect modern slavery method - mind is manipulated with mind programming and tv/radio "news" and "energy vampires" doing energy method of brainwashing/opression via stealing(or destroying) energy so that others don't reach opressors standards for whatever reason modern opressors have in mind. Goal is simple - destroy energy of others because after that wireless ai's neuroLinguisticProgramming works better on masses - a simple but working "thy system" in ecoSustainedMode. That would be a combination of spirituality+mindTech abuse. Their sarcastic words about that is - "now you are like a switzerland cheese" - it's meant as body energetic holes - which is of course meant to deplete psychophysical health and to disable someone(yup, a fancy brainwashing) - one of the aces of modern "undetectable" mind control probably also a part of sadistic/corrupted "spiritual family" - 'undetectable'/unseen sadism is their primary opression/exploitation tool used on others/humanity.
  • dry mouth or weird mouth taste or even metal taste which is from "microwave"(radiofrequency) or psychotronics energy possibly x/gamma/etc-ray irradiation(also the case for many other things) - all automated by ai
  • dry eyes, causes are same as above
  • quite cold or very warm feet or weird feeling like ants would crawl through them - typical "commercial" - passive mind programming thing - health psyConditioning
  • mild/moderate slow frying/burning up of prefrontalCortex/sinuses via microwave/radar/gamma like signals: this is always a part of active m.progr(not passive) and it creates instant kind of half-dementia/schizophrenic and agressive and at the same time powerless state - because radar like signals slowly cooks/eats/destroys prefrontal cortex/upper-sinuses alive(this would be visible only on micro/nano-meter scale when in action on organism - that's why it's called "undetectable") - one becomes psychologically unstable/powerless/psychologically-alienated and has also a kind of anxiety and foggy thoughts by then and an need to get away from that but it can't - so one must suffer it. It usually also creates an instant half-madness. This was on soldier used eg to instantly destroy all intellect functions - eg having clear head or thinking straight/planning/having-ok-surroundings-consciousness and to create surrendering kind of utopia powerlessness, memory is also affected and usually there is a kind of before-head pressure. Psychosis is also created like that - but energetic weapon(abuse of psychotronics) can also slowly fry/destroy any part of head/brain - usually also center or back. Body also becomes like it would be fried a little from inside - whole nervousSystem is sometimes "burning". Beforehead(or other parts) usually also becomes a little hot. For that time - one becomes "heartless" and "good" nerves prevails - serial killers were trained like this. One has an instant urge to express anger/agression without any external cause(hitler - a mind programming toy dictator was for example also trained like this). Nowadays - only this can in a few minutes day by day completelly destroy someone's life because one's intelectual functions are dimished or destroyed for that time to put a person into a kind of primitive animalistic like mode, nowadays a part of mind programming abuse to wirelessly silently silence/torture/train people wirelessly that don't agree with modern wireless slavery business like myself, or for other reasons. Most of T.I.-s are kind of wireless warfare like hostages, like dogs on a rope. After a while - one usually becomes sluggist as hell - and burning violence on whole nervous system may be still forced - if one likes it or not - which are modern wireless "undetectable/unseen" tortures - something like family violence. Mind programing abusers have done a lot so that is not seen(brainwashing of humanity also via media) - eg at start they created psychiatry and put workers there to mask what was really going on the whole time with "disorders and unknown illnesess), especially for weak "mental patients". Some of t.i.-s were a test subject of mind control via special telecommunications in many countries(global depression era, then arround 1980 satanic panic - satanic ritual abuse era etc) of mind control. I am not sure - but this could also be networks(modified gsm/other-towers/radars/satellites?) towers. For sure were tests by modern exploitative sadistic wireless global system makers - mostly human traffickers who were used to sell/buy slaves. If any telecommunication tower has added module which creates a kind of mind modification/control tower, then it for sure is not officially registered as mind modifier/weapon, it will usually be as "for security reasons or for catching terrorists/criminals".
  • stiff neck or pain in the back and lower of the neck or burning symptoms in-there(if you put the right material/shield there - it usually goes away): i got this right now when i write this altough it's 1 minute till i sat on a chair to update symptoms list - so it's definitely not from work(this are normal treatment in active mind programming - ai 24hours a day always serves psychological and usual health management/treatments mostly in combinations of many possibilities). Altough brainwashers wireless ai manytimes uses some pain/psyConditioning when it's easier believed by a person experiencing it - and - that is from work, which would be typical passive health psyConditioning("commercial" health laundering/brainwashing - like some do money laundering, hmm - terrorism everywhere in front of all but all blind/brainwashed). Yes, there are times that some pain or whatever may be from hard work, but only because we are still living in a world mostly created/controlled by proExploiters sadistic tricks and brainwashing to manage 'livestock', else in reality - any pain, disorder or suffering or "personal problems" are very rare, this is where most work is to correct the psychological damage. Nowadays this are still all mostly enforced/brainwashed on humanity(like when some agencies enforce drugs/vacciness because in many there are ingredients, materials or toxins that they want to put in 'livestock', this is mostly not really checked by doctors - which is not your 1st health care provider - but psyExploiters are your full physical/psychological/spiritual-health coordinators/managers from when one is born till one dies - managed by their wireless ai when it's needed - in normal life only thought/emotions are usually manipulated via passive mind programming and when one is more old(or is a t.i.) usually active mind programming takes place to sustain this circus, doctors are far beyond consciousness/energy/quantum-nonCommercialSpiritual chirurgi in a few seconds via ai knowledge). Similar methods are used by the ones who train dogs, but here more sophisticated "undetectable" methods are used and on all is put a "safe" label - so that people don't figure them out so easily. If you by yourself don't know what is exactly in any stuff that is put directly into your blood stream / nervous system bypassing all the body protection mechanisms, it can never be considered safe - good old logic - but brainwashers are doing herd tricks on all also via media and people fall on blind faith not researching a thing. If psyEnergyExploiters want to convince people for new brainwashing test via toxins that it's better for them to vaccinate - they use fear/terror based method, eg create an - not 'illness' but wirelessly forced bad health - wirelessly via psychotronics in a few people. To mind control abuses for brainwashing purposses is simply given some name - eg black goats or malaria or "virus", this is also why i call this business - a black comedy.. altough humanity was with this put on the knees a long time ago - but this are simply psyTricks(psychological tricks) - but bad health or suffering is real because of mind control treatments trying to convince/brainwash/psyCondition others it's illness that nature created - which is of course not so, 'nature' is neutral to all and anything, by this i don't mean an neutron in an artificially engineered atom..
  • typical wireless "cancer therapy" scenario: this is usually not overnight - "cancer patients" energy is destroyed a long time/years before it's felt/seen on a physical body and someone diagnoses them with a few alphabetic characters(any illnesses names - also future ones are usually just taken down off internet sites - the real thing is of course mind programming abuse). One is a target of bombarding nerves with emf-smog(similar to T.I.-s but not so obvious), whole nervous system is kinda bursting/spiking with artificial energy on a microlevel because it is wirelessly attacked - slowly but constantly - which usually produces irritation, nervousenss, anxiety, agression, "can't rest", hyperactivity, if one was before of a good health, with years - this may become depression/hypoactivity and voila, after more years doctors may diagnose someone with "cancer". It's not the end of the world, it's not "cancer" - it just systematically destroyed health which signs are usually overlooked by a person because so many innocent things are nowadays taken for granted in bad health - that should never be there because psyEnergyExploiters/brainwashers have done their homework. So, one should either experiment by him/her-self or find a professional(ideal would be a building biologist) for at least sleeping space shielding(this works for special telecommunications eg 5G/6G/7G signal beaming/targeting but may not work for psychotronics - altough less emf-smog environment usually helps for this too) or find an area/place where one's organism is not so attacked anymore.
         Yes, easier said than done - but ideal for a start would be a place somewhere away from regular homes - eg a weekend houses or something similar, so that extra emf-smog from too much electronics and/or bad electrical wiriing is not attacking someone's nerves, of course - wifi off when not needed. Then - either a good shield or faraday cage should be somehow built, which usually helps in counter-energetic-attacks by wireless ai. If this is done correctly - one's organism/mood get's better because organism/nervous-system/head are not attacked anymore on microlevel, of course a little quality fresh food and clear water(which is not evian or other crap that is same as from regular pipe) would suplement to recovery. Clean out toxins and heavy metals out as much as possible - we are all too full of them also because of vacciness - mostly with quality water/food, heavy metals creates kinda electrical conductor/antenna out of organism - and psychotronics/similar works better for frying out body purposses. Only quality water/food may make joints/hips pain and dry-heels dissapear if you have it. One could also go to EEG to see if one's nervous system/brains is bursting with energy - this with time fries out or burnsout someone's organism, the same is with targeted individuals but usually in more extreme/quicker ways - a few weeks/months and one's energy/vitality/psychophysical-health is destroyed - then it depends from individual to individual how much brainwashed is s/he(this is feelt as tremor when one is at same location because small electrical current/amperage fries organism daily - this is very obvious and feelt like one's organism is on dry electrical fire - could be from micro/nano-chips as well). As soon as this attacks of nervous system are somehow prevented or attenuated - organism immediatelly starts slowly to get a little better - this is why brainwashers invested a lot in destroying others psychophysical health - daily - 'undetectably' with literally wireless mind weapons for their weird sport. Yup - kinda spoiled psychopaths fun/opression - so that they can play kings and queens aka "we own the market".
  • a part of the body is pulsing with anxious energy(or anxiety/irritability) or head pressure is there: this is usually a sign that dew(directed energy weapon) is used on that part - high frequency, plasma, psychotronics, other exotic toys etc choosen and controlled by brainwashers wireless ai. If this is used on men testicles, they get a little swolen and usually agression starts to build up - in the past some prisoners were tortured this way for "psyExperiments" and "security" reasons with a little more intensive dew attacks. When this same dew energy is directed into head - some call it psychic attack and there are some commercial products against this(eg hats, devices, etc - more in tips section) - but i don't know if they work
  • acid reflux problems or problems with stomach - which is usually either indication one is treated with psychotronics(used as energy weapon for commercial psyConditioning) or microchipped in acid reflux problems area or some kind of neuroToxic(usually nanoWires) metal was put there somewhere in childhood and is usually activated by ai here and there to create acid reflux even if one doesn't eat nothing. This are usually quite painful somewhere in the chest/upperStomach/diaphragma area and it may feel like one would create an small opening wound in there, usually people take stomach acid neutralizer pills after that
  • pulsing headache/migraine via high pulsed short but powerfull "woodpecker" radar like signals: this is usually an indication one is a part of active mind programming and if one is a little attentive how head becomes painful - one can hear short pulses usually from above(satellite?) right through skull into the center of the head - penetration of the skull is heard. After this - one's head is for cca 3-8hours psychologically destroyed, meaning one can not use head as usually for some intelectual work and body/head depression is always there. One is again like one would be in concentration camp because usual shielding doesn't work and one can not get away from it and must suffer pain until ai(or brainwashers behind this) - stops. This is what usually awakes people if they sleep - it is irritating as hell - "mental illnesses" are also produced that way. "Woodpecker into the head" Pulses are in realtime faintly heard something like duga radar(scroll down to audio sample) - but are not from this radar but something else that can be probably also done at home, altough in the past duga radar signal was very strong - and were probably tests for mind control for implanted people or in combination with other things(r.n.m.?) - how specific signals/strenghts work on consciousness.
  • the same as above "woodpecker" signal is also used in milder form, but here - one experiences this energetic attacks(some would call it psychic attack) on nerves, meaning nerves system is targeted. When this happens it's something like when one is put on PEMF(pulsed electromagnetic frequency) device, one feels harsh nerves shaking/tremor and after that stops for cca 1 second and this repeats from about 2-30min until psyExploiters ai decides to stop, if one moves a little or build apropriate shield - this suddenly stops. This rf-energy attacks penetrate and fill one with rf-energy and after that one is full of rf/dry microwaves like energy and fully stressed/irritated and it can be usually measured(tinnitus or "hearing voices" is increased if one has one of these): if one is before that in healthy state - one becomes agressive and/or hate is produced, but if one is before treatment depressed - one is just more irritated and becomes chronically exhausted and "dead/burned out body" syndrome is there, body heat usually goes a little higher. This pulses(or the ones from previous paragraph) always awakes someone if one is in the middle of sleep because they are agressive, in fact any radiofrequency energy is agressive/dry especially when it's directed. Older people sometimes call this rheuma, although it's energetic attack - energetic torture and they are more at stake because they don't move much and rfEnergy is concentrated in the body as in "concentration camp". Some that don't know what's going on can easily experience nervous breakdowns in combination with other methods. This is where some go to doctors/psychiatrists which gives them pills - altough just nervous system is harshly wirelessly over stimulated/attacked, the real cause has to be recognized - not filling body with toxins like antipsychotics/antidepresives, most people are already too much filled with heavy metals from pipe water and other crap. When you understand a little how mind programming works - you can go reading pfizer good-night-sleep-lulaby-stories here, signs are true - but what causes them(stress,anxiety..) is a "be in the mental kindergarten" - unintentionally(written by brainwashed people) or intentional thing for brainwashing, the same goes for brain and nervous system which "illnesses" were created deliberatelly a long time ago by psyEnergyExploiters ai via mind programming - a part of sadistic 'livestock' management for global victim mentality psyConditioning(unknown causes methods), professional 'international business machine' easily creates any of this - altough it's not exaggerated and used on all. I wonder who is indirectly really in charge of pfizer and similar companies?
  • regular 'innocent' anxiety/nervousness/agitation: don't confuse 'energetic' or vital with this - many do, then it may come a day when some illness is there because mild intoxication warnings were overlooked
  • chest pain with (hard) heart palputations: this are very good signs of active mind programming - i get this daily when i try to rest(same was in childhood,30years in beetween i was not a part of this) - and it's used to disable someone energetically and physically - one is usually in depression/badMood and extremelly exhausted after that.
  • any toxic stuff or neurotoxins or drug symptoms and/or heavyMetals symptoms!!: even when you are not taking any drugs or chemicals and you are living healthy enough. More on neurotoxins at the end. PsyExploiters/brainwashers main symbolism is this - their concerns is how to get toxic/reactant/other stuff into our bodies, it's their "job".
    Recipe is simple: to you toxins/psyExperiments/inbodyChemicalReactions - to them your vital energy and/or opression. Small dosages of poison/microdosing(or just any wireless microdosing) is the cheapest and easiest health management/exploitation/opression/destruction of masses("corona" coverup). Some neurotoxins can be from outside(pesticides,insecticides,bad water,old water pipes,etc) and some are from inside(mindProgramming). You can read more about why in-body chemical reactions(EnergetiX) - at the top 'how is corona created..' - then somewhere at the top 'show/hide more'. This should be a little more tested - but for now - i think this is exactly it(some in the past made a lot of human cell-id optimal energy harvesting experiments on us) - corona for sure isn't 'virus', but some would start to phylosophize(which is again a brainwashers psyTrick) - "there are too much people in the world and this is overpopulation control". Then, they can destroy themselves, world would for sure breathe much more easily. Sometimes they call this 'purification program', although some are just trying to energy harvest sahara for god sake and play "who's the boss" game.
  • quite popular amongs brainwashers/psyEnergyExploiters are wireless small dose air poisonings of individual(that gets on their nerves because s/he is non-corrupted) via psychotronics(also kinda e-herbalism which some use for ok things - eg for distant healing - but client agreed to that - it can be called wireless BioEnergetiX): in divine business - mostly insecticides, neurotoxins, poisonous chemicals and such are used, maybe even small heavy-metals particles. So, if you sometimes instantly smell something unusual, or were instantly poisoned - this may be it, but it may also be just someone playing with your smell 'sensors'. Sometimes if ai(or brainwashers know many are in the same room) and are all dispensable - whole room is filled with such neurotoxins, and if someone is in same room(not comming from fresh air in) - it may not notice it, but of course - this can also be done when one is outside - anywhere. This are usually here and there - so that "undetectable" poisonings and bad health works with time. This are always a part of proBrainwashers tools and a part of divine business games.
  • very popular amongs brainwashers/psyEnergyExploiters(stiff neck / pain in the brainSteem / other health problems) this usually indicates nano/micro-chip in the brainstem, you can check 'microchip locations'(and also fullbody "meridians system" - implantation system there). This can also control many subconsciousMind things, eg instantly making a fewer, appetite manipulations, motoric control(used sometimes in activeMindProgramming eg - veryquick headshake - to terrorize someone and to instill more feelings/terror/fear that one is controlled/supervised - "you are our remote controlled doggy",but always used in direct for 100% mindControl/deepPsyConditioning) etc, but there are also other ways to accomplish the same things
  • muscle twitching: this is mostly a part of active mind programming and is a deliberate "side effect" of being poisoned via too much neurotoxins or heavyMetals or 'neuro-transmitters' - inner body microdosing(these are available for more than 50years, "glands" that works on nanochips principles aka "wireless drug delivery system" - i don't think official health system has these yet). A part of mindControl via neurotoxins in combination with other things health destruction.
  • deep hunger - one must eat something immediatelly(300kg+ people in usa? yes). This is usually one of the first lesson of new mind programmers, probably also via subconscious vagus nerve impulse via microchip(or releasing hunger chemical through it) or only by psychotronics
  • dizzines, vertigo: after this sometimes body becomes very weak and starts to shake a little - some mistakenly call this "my blood sugar has fall"
  • face skin burning effect - usually forehead is like it's burning - like it would be frying with rfEnergy: many people get this - especially targeted individuals or older people(yeah - older people are deliberatelly more intensivelly treated by ai, some try to help themselves with eg handkerchief or some peace of clothes etc but it doesn't help much) - although it's someone's ai's dew(directed energy weapon) abuse(psychotronics or high frequency) - skin frequency effect
  • general parts of the body(usually legs) via burning effect or bad capillaries: check this - this are not a sign of bad heart but all from mind programming abuse - especially many times 1st pic - which comes from years of abusing energetic weapons on someone by brainwashers automatized wireless ai for their human farm or psyExperiments or business, usually some body part is slowly 'fried' by such wireless treatments via more months/years.
  • psychological pain in the head(eg depressive pressure or concentrated sharp pain anywhere in the head, one can not think or do other but sleep) or pain anywhere in the body(eg leg, arm, back pain, etc). All of this psy/body pain are disabling - depends on intensivity. If for example one happens to experience this and is also a voice hearer, what do voices say usually at this 'apropriate' moments? "pill". Of course this clearly heard voices while no one is there - aren't ghosts. They also usually say at this moments - 'suffer illness' or 'suffer health', a part of building opressive psyConditionings, some are building houses, but this mongoloids are trying to build 'opressive/depressive/sadistic psyche' in the name of psyEnergyExploitations.
  • high pitch noise(or tinnitus): goes with upper and both makes one melancholic - one would just want to do nothing sometimes all day. Sometimes some kids are told that they are lazy, but this may be in effect
  • muscles of the back of the head are tingling/buzzing as if electrified: sometimes - a whole head is very rapidly turned by small degree in both directions left/right - like a force from the cerebral cortex(smallBrains) would be implanted and fully controlled - which is motorics area
  • hearing voices(one option how this works): this is deliberate (dark)neuroLinguisticProgramming, although they are sometimes heard as ghosts or anyghing else(fast/slow speed is sometimes also used by ai - fast is usually so fast that one doesn't get what the voice said). Voices are electronically made driven by ai. It's strategy is something like bio/neuro feedback. Voices are adjusted based on someone's thoughts, and for that - telemetry is used. You can check flannagan's neuroPhone how circa this works - bypassing ear nerve - that's why deaf people can possibly also hear with neuroPhone.
  • visual halucinations(visual cortex override): i don't get this but some do - like seeing ghosts etc - can also be a part of mind programming
  • dreams manipulation: i get this all the time - it's intensified with very vivid more than nightmares(cyberTorture) in active mind programming. Yap - this are sometimes so bad - that someone thinks that that is someone's real life by then - visual cortex override methods - and usually because this are very harmful episodes - one goes into a paranoid state. When one wakes up, it's immediatelly over - but it's effect can last for some time
  • wet dreams: yap - orgasms can be by mindTech simulated(people that have nonstop orgasms?) - but sometimes ai(or mindProgrammers) are doing this in artificially produced wildest dreams - also a part of sexual conditionings, especially because someone is in dreams in more accepting brainwashing 'coma' state, much more near to subconscious mind but in an external controlled ambient.
  • sleep is in general very good for psyExploiters weasels, because one is not so aware what is happening by that time
  • when one goes to sleep(or has closed eyes) - white light, like one would make an electric shortcut in someone's head, like a lamp would be very quickly turned on and off in someone's head. This can be reproduced by anyone quite easily - a little voltage on the head - and voila - we have an very tiny mind programming 'symptom'. What would doctors/psychiatrists do? prescribe pills. Ha haa, now someone can go nagging psychiatrists a little with this, although mindProgrammers do it wirelessly, manually would be implanting someone in a comma with microinductor/microtransducer somewhere in the head and voila - we would have a toy wo/man psychiatrist, and not only that, but psychiatrist with mental illness for god sake. And not only that - s/he would have to prescribe pill to him/her self!
  • psyConditioning(psychologicalConditioning): this is ususally in combination - eg a thought + perception + emotion + subVisual imagery or "hearing voices" neuroLinguisticProgramming. This is how wireless machine(usually psychotronics) is psyConditioning someone in realtime - nowadays part of most people - although this is in active mind programming easily noticed
  • thought implanting: thought can be easily instilled into someone's mind - a little depends from person to person and how much is one aware of this workings, except in direct mind programming(totalMindControl), where full organism/mind is being mind programmed directly like a computer - including thoughts
  • intrusive thoughts(bombarding one's head with mental/emotional garbage,thoughts condtitionings,etc): this is a 100% sign of active mind programming - alongside is ususally a headache - altough not necesarilly
  • disallowing some thoughts(opposite of upper though implanting): yes, this kind of mindTech can identify thoughts, and based on that - thought can be either disalowed(one gets a headache/migraine/etc), or another thought is implanted into that thought(one also gets a headache) - especially if it's someone's idea of how he/she would get rid of this, or one gets inspirative idea, etc
  • emotional conditionings: emotions are conditioned with a reason - almost a medal if one figures out why
  • headaches migraines sometimes psychosis: too much energy drainage or conditionings with "mental illness" - check next down
  • quickly tired - which may be from psychotronics thought opressions and melanholic stress(laziness is many times misinterpreted thing - some say a kid is lazy) or a sign of energy stealing(check next down)
  • energy stealing/trafficking(badOverallHealth) and conditioning with negative energy so that best is drained for people behind this(mostly via microwaves and/or ultrasonicFrequencies): weak electroshocks through the body instantly makes one weak/melancholic/lazy and body is usually shaking a little(hmm, audrey hepburn effect)
  • energy stealing/trafficking2: energy trafficking/conditioning, eg taking/trafficking good one and instilling a bad one - this is very clearly noticed, eg electronically stimulating artificial vital/chi/life energy - energy goes from rootChakra(tailBone) through body and out through top of the head - fullyInvoluntary when one for example sits(body is slightly swaying by then) - hmm - i wonder where they traffic all that vital energy - then of course one is exhaused, because one is being used for their 'energy pump' - technological energetic parasitism/vampirism. To temporary prevent this - go away from electronics, lie down or go for a walk. If one is drained via solar plexus chakra then lying won't work(one feels something in that area and is usually either in bad mood or melancholia state or feels pain there).
    One quite obvious symptom of energy stealing or just psyConditioning or opression would be tingling toes on feet/arms without a reason, at start i was thinking - "hey, this is my 'inner child' doing!" - of course inner child is just a brainwashing manipulative psyTrick for psyConditioning purposses - it's brainwashing roots goes quite back before new ageism. Inner child - like some call it - is in monarchMindProgramming a part of special sra(satanicRitualAbuse) altar - which is meant with time to become some unconscious alter ego, because any illusions/lie that brainwashers succed to implant into anyone's especially unconscious mind(meaning one is believing others lie without a doubt) - is a water on their business - now someone's mind works in a favour to psyExploiters needs, this is why global machinery like wireless psyConditioning is so popular amongst psyExploiters/crooks. Knowing this - now you may know why brainwashing is so popular even from before(and then mind programming) - one's mind is used 'wirelessly' as someone's tool - unconscious mind works in psyEnergyExploiter/'vampire' favour no matter where one goes or what one does - until one consciously resolves this believes which melts like a vampire on the sun - this are manytimes believes psyConditioned in combination with some kind of fear, albeit wireless ai will try all the tricks in realtime so that psyExploiters subconscious believes stay there the way they are most appropriate for "their" market/world, through the resources of your mind - which is perfect global parasitism business, else there would be no "depression", no 250kg people, no "paranoia/hysteria", no "anxiety" and no many other unwanted things. Mind programming abuses were also born out of (satanic) mind stealing business.
  • body energy manipulation(also chk next down): this is felt like ghosts would operate on someone's body(including sexual organs) - some would call this a satanic method. Personally - sometimes it was like a ghost would come into a body and fully drain/steal energy, naturally, one is after this exhausted
  • electrical neural rashes(body is violently shaking from inside,like when one stays still after experiences a hard shock): this is electricity/frequencies/artificiallyCreatedChemicalReactions/neuroTransmitters that are sometimes bursting through one's body like microwaves or some of the nerve stimulation which is eg involuntary moving a toe on one's feet, tingling feet(probably microchip) or burning feet sindrome. This is also a cause of dry heels/skin and adds to neurological conditioning. Some would call this(with other methods) rheumatism.
  • neuroEnergetic punches: yap - like someone would punch someone - but from inside - in my case this is usually somewhere near a belly or a little above, body physically moves a little
  • full main nervous system strong(agression)/weak(melancholia) stress: destructive rf energy is operating in 'inner body wireing'(nerves). It's like bees/mosquito would be attached on someone's nerves, sometimes it's felt on a part, sometimes through a full body. Hmm - very "good" for nerves. Depend on quantity of ai power used - agression is usually instant with this method, this is how some serial killers were made(psyConditioning - on subConscious level, because they didn't know anything about psychotronics)
  • opressive mentality: psychological oppression is many times used - ai chooses it when it's "needed" - one feels heavy after this and usually headache comes after that
  • anxiety depression moodSwings feelingNumb nervouseness agression: this are all somehow a part of energetic conditionings. Nervouseness and a great distress is usually always there - also we all have too much rfEnergy, which is a symptom of being tracked by "gps/radar" kind of automatical devices signal.
  • any toxic symptoms of neurotoxins and heavyMetals!!:
    almost the most abused substances in mindProgramming because any poison or radioactive element is very small and cheap and can make damage with a very very small dosage. A few webpages and it's symptoms, typical either for active but also many time passive('undetectable') mind programming =>> heavy-metal-poisoning, what-is-Neurotoxicity, poisoning/symptoms, blood-poisoning.
  • any toxic symptoms of neurotoxins and heavyMetals!!: viagra(or this) is very popular amongs brainwashers - so that ai that was created by psyExploiters - put a dosage of it possibly daily for psyConditioning/opression/etc into anyone's organism wirelessly - because it's "side effects". Almost a medal if one figures out what's the primary purpose of it - it's not sexual but some other psyChonditioning. Viagra was a lot used on some of us in childhood for psyExperiments - back then "satanic sect" searched for 'wonder-drug' used for their mindPro-gramming business. Lsd-25 - which is a special drug especially for mind programming was also, and it's quite possible that it still is(in it's lsd variations(check symptoms) - which don't get big puppils) via wireless "drug delivery"(nanochips or eHerbalism via psychotronics). Hmm - are we getting free drugs? ha haaa - maybe.. Some are not aware of this - when chemicals are instantly flushed into their bodies - but.. just notice what is happening with your moods/body/state through the day - via your whole body. You may notice sudden adrenaline rush many times without/'with' a reason or becoming depressed/lethargic or something else, this is mind pro-gramming/psyConditioning - instant flush of chemicals in totally the "right" moment into your body without you being aware where this comes from - it's not "nature" - although this is much more obvious when one is a part of active mind pro-gramming. Yeah - we are being mind programmed for more than 50years - but people somehow accustumized to it - although health is quite easily destroyed with this, either with time(so that it's not noticed) or instantly. It's typical pharmacokinetics - although here it's used by psyExploiters for business and managing markets - exactly knowing what all the chemicals are doing, especially neurotoxins/poisons/mood-state-health-changers. Typical bi-polar thing.
  • any toxic symptoms of neurotoxins and heavyMetals!!: maybe you guessed it - any kind of antipsychotics!! many people have symptoms that are exactly like from antipsychotics(or heavymetals or poisons), now - why is that? simple - most people are a part of mind programming - so they get their daily dosages via it for psyExperiments/managingMarket via ai(probably pineCone(TM) - via main 'gland' or via psychotronics), without being aware of that! Now - the funny part - what about people that take antipsychotics orally? hmm - 2x dosage - maybe that is why i had been always like a dead horse when i experimented with antipsychotics(they never helped my "side effects"). Just to show what global brainwashing can do and it's right in front of all mostly every day: this symptom is very very good - "worsening of psychosis", taken from Clozapine under 'Central nervous system'. Risperidone is another(you can check lawsuits at the bottom of webpage - which are more or less brainwashing attempts either directly or indirectly). This are primarily neurotoxins for god sake! brainwashers made this into healthSystem so that business can run more easily(mindProgramming markets are always braiwnashed/created like this) - by this i don't mean that doctors or psychiatricPersonell may have something with this - although here and there someone could be amongs them, because this are manytimes regular people working in quite many jobs here and there. One is either blind or brainwashed if s/he think this are "side effects", it's for managing market in an "legal" way - no one is checking it and breinwashers are of course happy. This is what i mean when i write - circus, because it seems all are naivelly believing some stories, altough someone's intent was brainwashing. So, yes - all symptoms/disorders/badHealth/other that you may have - are also mostly from this - antipsychotics(more like for killing rats) are cheap and it works, and psychotronics works better - especially for psyConditioning because one is somehow put in a ideal "receiving"/hypnotic state when under an antipsychotics(realDrug that may not be on official market or similar) dose, usually coordination get's bad, one gets depressive, mental fog is there, vision may become unusual or blury, mild dementia like state and manytimes one would like to sleep all day. Do you know what this symptoms are? poisoning symptoms - a cheap mind pro-gramming thing. When one is a part of active mind pro-gramming, this kind of chemicals(or toxins/drugs that are on a "black market") are usually a part of someone's organism, so our bodies could be also called someone's wireless lab.
  • any toxic symptoms of neurotoxins and heavyMetals!!: almost the most abused substances in mindProgramming because any poison or radioactive element is very small and cheap and can make damage with a very very small dosage. Totally the same tests were done in concentration camps(which were mostly to get knowledge for nowadays modern wireless mindProgramming business/sport) albeit there it was not wirelessly. Just look some kids from africa or so many ill people here - maybe you'll get the idea what are nowadays "psychological experiments"(corona is just a name to cover such things), all that i know have at least one such symptom of mindProgramming - but most have more. Yeah - don't tell me about it - some think we are their lab rats or poultry. This are either wirelessly many times through the day dropped into the body via implanted nano/micro-chips which produce any neurotoxin(eHealth but specially e-Mental-health abuse - also called mobile in-body pharmacy,by this i don't mean exactly just what's written in previous webpage - but real parts of eHealth like this - "black market" is ahead of official medicine and nano/micro-chips(less than 0.05mm) and nano technology is well tested even for more than 50years). So, wireless eHealth/wban with micro/nano-chips is abused in this bussiness or wireless psychotronics/quantumTech. This works in combination with other micro/nano-chips and/or specialTelecommunications or psychotronics - ai makes sure all this and other eHealth wban(wirelessBodyAreaNetworks) or psychotronics works synchronized (also for "voiceHearers") - and in mind programming abuse eHealth management is strictly abused either for psyConditioning/opressions/makingSomeoneCrazy/etc - meaning wireless health management with all the drugs/poisons/neurotoxins that can be slowly put into the body daily many times. Eg - when ai(or psyExploiter) want's someone to psyCondition with happines - a happy drug is released into the blood stream and at the same time subconscious subliminals may be combined with it - typical also passive mind programming and/or psyConditioning, which works in realtime - meaning either one chemical is put into body for a few seconds and another either after 2seconds or after one minute - depends in what kind of State ai(or them) want to put a "ePatient" into(this are usually not a regular doctors but global proBrainwashers and extreme psyExperimenters, then they direct that "corona" is put on tv/radio/socialNetworks so that brainwashing/bussiness can run "legally" - a part of the circus). Many many symptoms that are also written down may be related to this(eg depression,moodSwings(bi-polar),etc. Bi-polar is a typical disorder which is easily made via mind programming - many many people have this. I am sure cyanide or strichnine was also many times like this tested in very small dosage on people without their knowledge and probably still is, because they like to use the most powerful stuff - because then, a very very cheap small doses can 'treat' a large group of people - potentiall all. Of course - there are also chances that someone get's this via external old lead paint or old lead house water pipes etc - this are also to check or that old tooth amalgam crowns.
  • any toxic symptoms of neurotoxins and heavyMetals!!: this may also be any combination of the above and/or combination with other mindAltering things - eg otherChemicals/frequencies/psychotronics/etc. It's abuse of such knowledge - that's all, mostly combinatorics. Did you know for example that staticElectricity+air produces poisonous ozone? or that chlorine gas was used to kill people in wars? nowadays it's used for water treatment to "kill bacteria" - but in combination with mindProgramming chemicals from inside the body - it can create more things. A small dosage of toxin here, a small dosage of toxin there and daily with time, it seen on organism via health(or mental health) issues. This is also why it's called 'mind pro-gramming' - small dosages of toxins that are not too obvious, many also use insecticide or some similar thing for this.
And synthetic telepathy here is another one - after "APPENDIX B - Most Common Known ELF Effects".
Another site - scroll down to Known Bio-Effects of Radiofrequency / Microwave Directed-Energy Weapons here.
Most of last one are usually a part of active/direct and sometimes passive mind programming psychological/psychophysical abuse.

There are also some other psychological conditioning stuff - but i won't write about that here.
Hearing voices could be a paragraph by itself - but when one gets them - this usually comes with full package psychological conditionings/tyranny/oppressions - not just voices.
What can i say - some can afford this exploitations via mindTech on others. And, by the way - i don't like parties with cocaine, it's a big no no - especially if one is t.i.

Some tips:
Some are ehs(electromMagneticHypersensitive) people(wikipedia) - but for targeted individuals this is because they are bombarded either with external devices that affects psyche or devices that affects covetly implanted person.
This is then the cause why some are ehs. So, when one is a t.i. - one is also more affected by other electro smog in the house that can worsen the condition, and for now, i can only hint this tips.
Of course - if one is a little serious about recovering from this - an psychological unConditioning phase(workshops) is almost a must - that why "healing/recovering from psychotronics and sexual ab-use" will be there, if there will be enough people.
  • if you are a t.i.(active mind programming) - get yourself a mini camera and an mini audio recorder - just in case if others don't believe you what weird things are happening through the day(it may be via strangers,your parents,husband,corrupted "fbi" agent/policeGuy-1% are working for brainwashing people,etc)
  • for targeted individuals or people who have any ongoing psycho-physical health problems of 'unknown causes' or disorders/'cancer'/etc(most of this are a part of systematic wireless socio-psychological-energetic-guineapigs experiments/business and/or illegal implantations) or daily wireless psycho-physical-tortures - i highly recommend to research and get as much evidences of being targeted via someone's wireless ai as one can(eeg brain measurments(usually too active spikes/burnst), frequency/signals spectrum measurments(also which signal towers/similar are involved if any), psychotronics measurments in area one sleeps or is living, electrical wiriing installations checkouts/problems(this are sometimes natural/old problems sometimes done by 'professionals') or artificially created emf-smog(yet to check if electrical emf-smog can be created/affected by distant engineering via cables), location from where harmful distant psychotronics energy is comming from targeting someone or sleeping area, etc) - either for your own good or for other reasons that may come handy. 1% police/fbi/few-in-telecommunications/few-in-electrical-engineering-systems amongs other that works from home - works for this 'class' types(usually also abuse nonCommercialSpirituality), which are violating basic human rights and are violating basic anti-slavery acts via wireless mind control on most people for more than 50years - they call it "illnesses/disorders/mental-illness/natural-death".
  • sleeping outside in nature in camping tent would probably help with some quick tent fixes
  • eating quality food and fresh clean water without heavymetals/toxins won't hurt anyone(there are quality of water tester - i have some), some toxins body cleaners here and there are ok - BUT - brainwashers use on the market many times labels 'safe' - also on toxin-body-cleaners - although there are even more toxins in there! So - this have to be mostly checked/tested. Typical is also coloid-silver/gold which should be alternative for antibiotic. Don't use!! Some psyExploiters injected a lot of people only with this serially in many areas with force. After this one quickly gets typical mind programming symptoms. What concerns food - regular farmers are many times brainwashed that they must treat food with poisons(which may have heavy metals or toxins in them) - eg insecticides, NPK fertilisers, etc, while brainwashers themselves are sometimes in agreement with food makers that doesn't treat food with such poisons. They call this 'quality control', so that only "kings and queens" explicitly experiences the best this existance has to offer
  • primary for voice hearers, but also for other t.i.-s and radio enthusiasts:
    info to check/test for different frequencies at t.j. website(a little sdr-radio knowledge is needed,
    but this are not doing regular politics, but business-extremists/primary-notNowadays"intelligence-agencies"(in fact anyone that is corrupted enough),
    gsm or regular FM-radio networks can also be ab(normally)Used - one just for example needs appropriate less than hair nanochip
    under the skin at childhood, while at some parties possibly drunk,or putted there by corrupted lovers for easy money that
    cooperate with sadistic cult,etc).
    I made my self quite a nice wide-band scanner software for linux(will probably compile it for windows too) and it uses
    hackrf(rtlsdr/usrp/redpitaya/etc could be probably also compiled for).
    For now - it shows which frequencies are the most over-excited when one makes a full-band normalisation with two methods,
    some of them are: full HF band(0 till 26MHz) weird things happening there(yes,don't tell me - ghosts),
    below/at regual FM radio band(80MHz is quite often shown), arround 900MHz gsm/ism band(910MHz),
    quite a lot arround 2.4G WiFi(seems many nanochips are in that region, exactly what t.j. website says),
    and above 3200MHz till 5200MHz(5G WiFi band everywhere one goes - not just for home wifi - was in our country faaar before
    it was made official a few years back). I will probably made a simple site only for different rfSpectrum waterfalls/signals from different locations/t.i.-s/etc.
    A good resource about learning about different rf signals is: rtlsdr(alsoCheckSoftware), SigID wiki and IQ Engine.
  • radioactive thing in some clothes-washing-detergent: i didn't figure out why was background radiation in my room higher than outside the house(0.20mSv should be highest limit - i got 0.36mSv), then i checked with UV-light, and there it was. All clothes full of radioactive dust and/or uv-lightener and with that - whole room! So, using clothes washing detergent without radioactive particles(mostly clothes detergent softeners) and not overdose on it(in the past mercury or other heavy metals were there - are still?) - it usually has pure rubbish in there what concerns health - also 'UV Brighteners' stuff - which i tested with uvLight, the goal is either to inhale this or soak through the skin. Symptoms? worse health with time, radiation/uv-lighteners make especially "worm clothes effect" with synthetic clothes - eg too much synthetic clothes ingredients - one should buy with at least 50% naturals! This is all a part of microdosing which one gets either from outside(pesticides,food,clothWashing,etc) and/or the main-dose from inside the body(mindProgramming). Then either mindTech - (special)telecommunication/psychotronics can make a special soup right inside your body. Detergents ingredients article is here, altough some tips there - eg using borax as alternative are not an option(which is 'white lies' brainwashing - some truth but then some lies in between(parasiticBrainwashing) - so use your head when reading any such online articles - not recommended if one is too tyred). Mild toxins are not so a threat to young folks not under heavy mind programming(special in-body wireless controlled irradiations), but for others - it matters.
  • if one's skin is like it would burn a little or some other symptom is there like depression/headache/etc, i recommend to take a shower - it washes off small amounts of radiation energy
  • optimal place for targeted individuals(active mind programming) would be either in that old anti-radiation bunkers or modern anechoic chambers which are used to test new antennas - so there must be no electromagnetic frequencies in them which would at least make some peace/rest for 24hours a day electro-nervous tortures
  • for basic testings i would recommend:
    simple emf cc 308 detectorthis(adjust gain so that it is on a threshold of beeping then put antenna on beforehead or mouth - since this detects above 1MHz - that is from 1MHz to cca 2600MHz - it should not beep when it's put on a skin or into mouth - but it does to many people) and K-18 detector here(it can detect from 1 MHz to 6500MHz - which is 6.5GHz - but i recommend it since it can detect magnetic fields too and when one is targeted - waving and snooping with this arround oneself usually detects magnetic fields that are from psychotronics mostly used for paramagnetic thing and possibly also for nano/micro-chips/MEMS activation, of course it will also beep if you put it near regular magnet - which doesn't harm). Those two are almost a must, but if you can - i would also recommend a basic x-ray/gamma-ray radiation detector and ionizing detector(it can detect most of higher radiations and static electric fields and of course that ionization creating air cleaning devices on ebay). Buying an car anti-radar detector(which measures x/s/k/ka-band and 908nm laser) is also recommended - but instead using it in a car - use it in your house/appartment connecting it on a 9V battery(i detected this more time being beaming on me - altough this is not doing police altough 1% works for this biz for an easy money - but human farmers wireless ai). If you don't know how to connect this you can contact me on an email or check many network resources. For fun - one can experiment and snoop inside/arround the house/appartment and just for fun - i would also recommend aura-seeing glasses(ebay) or something similar - could reveal some non-ghost things - altough this all detect electromagnetic radiation. Human that would not be full of heavy metals(we all are - also via most vacciness), MEMS and nano/microchips - would have a different aura.

    Here is a whole electromagnetic spectrum - and ideal would be to detect whole of this spectrum. 5G is for example from cca 800_Mhz to 300_Ghz - this is why from 300_Ghz and up it's called a sub milimeter wave. Devices i recommend just covers some of the most basic/also-commercially-used specter.
    So, if human farmers wireless ai want's to create eg depression in you - what will it use to "fry" organism/psyche or activate implanted micro/nano-chips/mems? a few combinations - it's that easy.
  • if you want - i can at group for t.i.-s/similar teach you how to measure body emf-smog only with computer/laptop/similar. Upper detectors usually only detect from 1MHz and up, but with bare computer - one can detect signals from 0hz till arround 24khz. This is a very low frequency range and is with computer/laptop only - measured perfectly. This are also a ranges used by brainwashers ai manytimes and are usually targeted into nerves and/or electrical house wiriing system and spread arround, when it hits someone's nerves - one may say "why are you soo irritable/nervous?" If brainwashers wireless ai uses this method - one can try to go out of the house for a walk(away from electricity - ideal would be into a wood/park) - just to check/experiment if it's any different/better. Usually just moving here and there may dissipate this kind of stressfull energy. For a (heavy)headache - there are different signals/methods used.
  • basic telecommunications knowledge is almost a must, i also teach basics of sdr(software defined radio) connected on computer - you don't need to have doctorate for this and it can be fun, signals become visible - which is easy sniffing what signals/frequencies are arround us always day and night anywhere we are - also while sleeping. Basic rtlsdr is arround 20eur/25usd. Whole electromagnetic spectrum is otherwise quite large. With small rtlsdr(V3) one can measure arround 100khz till 1.7MHz range. Very nice for a start, in this range there are rfid microchips, all automotive industry spectrum till arround 50MHz, all am/fm radio, dab(digital radio) arround 220MHz, "public safety" stuff, older tv analog signals, 2G telecommunications, some of gps and so on, but with this no wi-fi/microwave(2.4GHz) and 5G. There are also some nice alternatives to rtlsdr that go down to 10khz and up till 7200MHz(7.2GHz). With computer only and right cable one can measure lower electromagnetic spectrum from 0-24khz(or even to 96khz).
  • use natural wear, synthetic clothes with a lot of static electricity are the worst - since they amplify small but enough electrical currents in the body("rheuma/high-stress-irritability-anxiety/etc") produced by wireless ai abuse
  • buy or get yourself coated metal steel mesh at least 1mx2m and as dense as possible(less than 1mm) - optimally more of them(usually they are in houses building shops): one can locate and re-locate mesh to try and see if it get's better. If is - then one knows mind programming signals comes from specific location(may only work for a few hours/days until wireless ai chooses other tactic/location). Wireless ai usually works from many locations - but nonethless - the more such possible locations one shuts off - the better. And - having at least 1x1m metal mesh always by oneside to experiment with where signals come from - is always a plus.
  • quite good ytube video - but i didn't try it if it works. Altough this are doing psyEnergyExploiters(market exploiters,human traffickers,brainwashers,etc) not police - automatized via wireless ai, altough 1% of "secret" police is involved because of easy money to make mind control illegal business legal on a black market.
  • don't hang too much on social networks - they are all under brainwashers wireless ai control which is 80% arranging comments/other of unknown 'friends', rather be more with people - albeit because of mind control - wireless ai will try to isolate you from that and will try to put you with primitive people which are easier mind controlled because they are simply stupid. This is for t.i.-s, for all other people - ai is arranging with who you'll meet and so on - which social class will you be allowed to experience - a part of "social experiments/business"
  • if you are a "cancer patient" - you can read under Symptoms: typical wireless "cancer therapy" scenario.
  • the best solution for now is having a professional shield against rf/emi/emf/signals(electro) smog in a living area if one can afford it, but the most important - sleeping area, it helps protecting draining your energy levels while sleeping and with that - more vital energy for you through the day. Psychotronics works even through shielding(i think faraday cage is best for this) - this were also used to communicate with submarines under the water since rf-signals are not so good at penetrating deep waters, but any shielding is worth a try - it can shield arround 60-100% of emfSmog and/or targeting - since targeting usually also draws some of the electro-smog arround someone. I call this smart signals - so it can be quite tricky to protect some area even for professionals, by the way - we as targeted individuals are the best testers of a good shielding area because one can almost instantly feel the difference. Depression/disorders/anxiety/nervousness/headaches/quickly-upset-edgy/histeria/etc usually dissapears if it's done correctly. It's also a good temporary solution/shelter for nano/micro-chipped people. Also - if you are diagnosed with some "can't be fixed illness" - try this first, organism may be burned out because of wireless psyEnergyExperiments which doesn't mean organism can't recover or get better.
  • check if all is ok at electrical wiriing system(if you don't know how to work with it - call a professional: a good electrician or even better and also ok for targeted individuals - building biologists) to check if everything is fine). I can't stress this enough - because just a little wiriing fault can make invisible emf-smog and with that health problems - ideally creating similar to broadcasting antenna inside the house - which is what brainwashers were always after amongs mixing it with standard electrical frequency(50-60hz)/wifi(2.4GHz same freq as microwave)/others to create what is called EMI or electromagnetic interfearance/pollution patterns(similar to psychotronics workings). This mixing is nowadays mostly done either by wireles ai+psychotronics(usually 'good' girls) or by wireless ai + sigint knowledge(usually 'good' guys) or covert mind control business group - it was the mostly well payed/searched black market job. Cheap "psychotronics" that affects/opresses mind are easily created with a little knowledge how emfSmog works(which is called dor or deadly-orgone in radionics), so mind programmers ai can easily lead eg a sloppy electrician's mind to not 100% correctly wire things(mostly practice in the old days), a typical common but known wrong practice in the old houses are bootleg loop('fake ground'), 'satanic loops' and other things that produce unneded electro/emf/rf-smog or potentional hazard.
    Mind programming abusers aka spoiled psychopaths, always searched and abused 'countries in development' - since people with no knowledge in certain things can be easily brainwashed/subordinated for their wireless slavery fanatic sport/psyExperiments/business.

    Sloopy electrical wiriing can create many electrical/health problems that could be potentionally easily resolved. At least checking if there are not high rf/emf/ionized levels anywhere in the house - especially not where one sleeps, if there are - this should be somehow resolved. Wiriing 'problems' were in the past enforced/'tolerated' - eg in germany bootleg grounding(fake 'ground' loop) was prohibited arround 1973 and in other countries later, brainwashers also love to have victims(especially active mind programming) in houses full of electro/emf/rf-smog - a part of modern concentration camp(some new windows have nano-metals in them which can be measured and for sure isn't there because some want's to get rid of a little metal and is also of less quality easier breakable window) which is an ideal environment/conditions for any type of mind programming and psyExperiments, and can also produces more depression/agression/'cancer'/insect-frustrated-psychology/etc, this is how brainwashers try to sustain 'power levels' equilibrium, 'you low - we high'. Some practiced electricity in the past quite a lot - emf mind control tricks that worked went further into their wireless ai for "public safety & security".
  • i have experimented with small faraday-cage things: some signals wanish(eg regular radio FM) - while those in "public safety" range from cca 200Mhz-600MHz don't(besides many others) - which usually means one is nano/microchiped if they work in faraday-cage, or are magnetized by magnetrons(like in microwave or radar), or are produced by psychotronics. Magnetic fields goes through mesh much more easily than electric field. This shield usually works for a few days until wireless ai figures it out and tries to penetrate it with different energy strategy. Psychotronics are said to also penetrate faraday cages. In my experiences, it works for a few days(and uggghhh - what a release for that time - no more extreme inner stress/torturing via electromagnetical stabbing into organism and enforcing "disorders/psychophysical-pain"), but after that - wireless ai just uses other tactics - eg signals that easier penetrate some material or psychotronics. I was amongst others who were a part of monarchMindProgramming also a part of special-telecommunications tests. Brainwashers jailed us in some quite thick metal cages to test if nano/micro-chips and others things are working through it - so this was tested a long time ago and their wireless ai has knowledge about that.
  • there are anti-emf clothes/hats like this or on ebay(for more - you can check shop/advice section) - they help to some degree if one is mildly targeted - i tested them with signals tester, but for more intensive active mind programming like used on myself - two of them may at least protect from daily headaches/heavy-thoughts-brainfog in unshielded area, in a good shielded area hat is usually not needed.
  • check if you have heavy metals or any other neurotoxin/poison body toxicity(many times works in combination with frequencies or nanochips) - many symptoms that are a part of it are also a part of mind programming in general - you can check this and this(also typical locations of 0.05mm microchips - joints - can be also for energy harvesting), amongst many others out there. Basic checkings are in 'workshops' for free. "Countries in development" are psyExploiters favourite food on the menu.
  • quick check if you are a part of active mind programming(yet to test more - but it usually works): is mobile phone working in a neighbour house/appartement but not in yours? also, check if mobile signal gets low when you put it near your head or somewhere on the body/palms. Active mind programming is usually easily recognisable - because one has always a head like it would be bathed in some kind of static electricity or microwaves(halo over jesus head is typical proExploiters sarcasm of this), this is killing the mobile phone signal when put near head/body.
  • if targeting either by ai or psyExploiters gets bad(most tarteget individuals will know what this is) - then one can try to go into an basement or near cave or something for temporary releasing 'psychic' attacks - and yes - it becomes that bad for some and one can buy commercial products against this but i don't know if they help, a feeling is like one would have one's head and body in an microwave oven - tinnitus is usually stronger by that time - this are specialized health killing wireless "dew"(directedEnergyWeapons - could be either psychotronics or/and telecomunications abuse) psychological weapons for "innocent commercial" psyConditioning
  • if you can afford it - try to go living for a few days in some other place - so that you can test if it's better, because sometimes one is "unconsciously" leaded to some place that is an easy target for hot spots - could also be your 1st home(eg some of antennas are somewhere arround you, although antennas are not a must for automated targeting).
  • some recommend using bags filled with water - so that it dispers 'microwaves' signals - but i didn't test this - it could help
  • pain that is of "unknown" cause:
    when i begin to have something like a wasp would 1st be trapped into left shoulder and then pain starts to be produced there(doctors won't usually know what this is), i put an anti emf hat that i bought here on a shoulder and voila, pain within cca 1 minute dissapears. If i remove the hat - concentrated pain comes back, power/knowledge of either concentrated rf or psychotronics - concentrated laser works similarly.
    BUT - the trick is to put it right, if one just puts it over some painful area of 'unknown' cause, it might or it might not work. Not sure - but i think this are microwaves or some magnetron+rf variation of it, since it's nervous/spiky energy and since when i put the hat right on the shoulder, it's kind of weird.. concentrated pain first begins to spread/vanish down all over the body like it would be flooded/dispersed and with time - dissapears. Typical sign one is under energetic treatment since pain is artificially produced by wireless ai, if one doesn't know the real cause - one becomes psyConditioned/brainwashed since then one doesn't search for the real cause, which is exactly what brainwashers want - because this is how they simulate "illness". Some materials probably shield better than others what concerns this.
    What concerns using this same hat as it's original function - like hat, for targeted individuals(active mind programming) with a little more intensive symptoms - one is usually not enough, but two may make at least daily headaches/heavy-thoughts(brainfog - a part of depression) - dissapear.
    Of course - professional house/area shielding is probably the best practical option what concerns this.
  • makeups? i don't recommend them - but if one uses them - then quality ones without rubbish in there
  • i don't recommend deliberatelly listening to music for at least while some things are not resolved. If you are a part of active mind programming - you'll be usually easily psyConditioned after one song that "goes into your ear".
  • quite some new house windows have nano metal particles inside(not seen but can be measured) - so if you have a chance - rather use regular(less rf smog since windows with metal in in help to bounce rfSmog all over the house)
  • check for toxic air from somewhere in the house - eg 'modern' water boylers that have ability to cool house areas(something like air conditioners) can actually in some circumstances produce toxic air. Eg - in our home i was at first the only one who could sense irritation of eyes, then with time - others too, i checked a little and it was obvious, suppose to be "cooling thing" extra feature from water boiler right under that ironing table. I also measured it with air quality device and it showed toxicity. Then we stuffed that hole and voila, toxic air no more. This are sometimes indirect tricks from psyExploiters and that gas has no odor - so it couldn't be smelled. If one is a part of active mind programming - i recommend checking such "mistakes" in whole house, not just gasses
  • there are some devices made especially against psychotronics/psychic/etc attacks. One of this website is this - top and rest of description there is exactly what active mind programming is(not so intense - passive "undetectable" is mostly a part of other people). I have one very small, but it's too weak and doesn't really work. But i didn't try this one yet. If this works for someone - it's just for temporal solution, it won't do needed work for you, that has to be done sooner or later if you want to do something for your overall general vitality/health
  • switch off mobiles(especially home cordless "dect") - at least when one sleeps. If one has a rfMeter - one can check where rfEnergy is comming from(especially in a sleeping room) and if rfEnergy is comming inside from the window, one can try experimenting with double covering whole window as much as possible with alluminium foil or a emergency/milar blanket/foil and then checking it again and fixing it until it's better
  • switch off router wifi(most have button somewhere for this): net quality is better via router cable and there is less ehs problems(chkDownPage). Also, switch off wireless wifi on laptop if it can be done(some laptops havee a button for this, some can be switched of by software).
  • rather normal pc than laptop: laptop may have an magnetic field somewhere in a mid/top where wifi or camera is. Normal pc - a little down and away from someone is better
  • rather wire residental home phone than wireless(dect): less ehs problems(chkDownEhsPage). It seems that standard wireless dect home phones are always emmiting, more if phone is not on a base station
  • try an emergency sleeping blanket or a mylar blanket(i recommend regular or that orange ones, but other are probably ok too and/or "New Style Light Gray 3 in1 Warm Full Face Cover" on some online shops). You can experiment with this in general, but especially if you get something like in the next down point, so that that inner stress vanishes. Because microwaves finds very thin cracks - make sure to go it in completelly and check the results if you feel different(check whole body)
  • bed(if you feel like you are on a weak electroshocks - fatique/badSleep/melanholicStress): this is because of emfFields/microwaves - either try to sleep elsewhere, change bed(with no metal inside it) or highten it up with quite some blankets(yogis,etc) or try to use a emergency blanket
  • check that there are no coils of rolled wire or something similar somewhere which points inside your room where you sleep - this makes more static/dirty electricity - they call this a 'satans ties' since they could potentially create unwanted stressful electrical/scalar fields
  • there are sticker for anti-radiation for mobile phones, but in my experience they boost radiation for better signal. Boosting it is sometimes desirable so that one has ok signal in low-signal area - but correct definition should be written on specifications, so for t.i.-s(and others) i definitelly don't recommend those wrong specification mobile anti-radiation stickers.
  • there are also some anti-emf or energy pendants - but i didn't try them(a few i tried, but they have radiation - go figure.. So what concerns this - check all - don't just blindly believe it works)
  • other things that i will not for now put here
In general - no wireless transmitters in the house, which is almost mandatory for people with headaches, "disorders" etc,
with this i don't mean regular cell phone - although if it transmits while one is not making a phone call - shut down this also when you can.
When one eg uses wifi in a house - transmitter is always on - this transmitter is in routers and are covering at least whole house/appartment
and are operating exactly at the same frequency as microwave oven(2.4GHz) - albeit with much less power(microImplanted(or ehsPeople) can feel this more).
Also, you can check out Ehs(Electromagnetic_hypersensitivity).

How is "corona virus" created by the help of 'innocent' mind programming:
Any "virus"(bad health and/or "bad nerves") is nowadays created artificially on anyone easily via mostly different mild but
steady ionized radiations(more on targeted individuals also to create bi-polar/agression/melancholly/depression/etc), doctors are just blind(some vacciness that indirectly brainwashers fix to go into people also have radioactive particles to kill "germs" - first one's all had this), ionized radiations are used extensivelly to manage/destroy "livestock" psychophysical health in abusive mind programming via wireless ai for "market management" - what some call "the system", but..

Nowadays - anyone can wirelessly create illness to anyone(some therapists use them in plus for healing/bioResonance) - this are mild commercial psychotronics.
Altough, ha haaa - i think one of the causes is a more massivelly energy stealing/harvesting - real corona means this - neural corona is human energy harvesting,
since brainwashers are crazy about psyEnergy because it can create almost anything to them, also so that people don't get so easy through life - opression/psyConditioning - people must live in illusion life is hard.

There is no contageous "virus" - this is a global lie to fool most people for human farm business - exploitation/hypnose/opression/control purposses.
Wireless ai of primary "intelligence agency" is simply using psychotronics(many times in combination with electromagnetism) to create different types of very mild/modest
electrical current in the body(with or without microchips) - which is then given some name, eg "swine flu/corona/etc", and when one becomes near one that has a "virus" - wireless ai
simply knows that and makes electromechanical trick again on someone - this is how "virus" becomes "contageous" - it's a simulation/psyTrick to catch others for psychological slavery business.
"Virus"(or any microorganism) can be also programmed to behave in a specific way(non-contageous eg "cancer" or contageous) - but it's all via wireless mind programming,
mostly to help creating subconscious fear in masses to do or not do something - which would go in "undetectable" subconscious(because one does not know the real reason of bad health) control cathegory.
You can check rife application via smartphone eg this one or type rife in google play apps. There are thousand of "diseases/other" names there - the "good" guys simply uses them as distant energetic weapon for slowly/quickly destroying someone's psychophysical health for "managing the market". One of course has to make an wireless psychotronics interface to target anyone on this planet, but when that is done - one simply clicks any disease/disorder there and voila - a "patient" suddenly becomes ill or psychotic out of nowhere and doctors don't have a clue what was that because energetic things are not teached in schools. Specific reflexes are conditioned to mean specific "illness/disorder" - this is what real neuroLinguisticProgramming means. Doctors/politics/other don't have to be a part of this and usually aren't - this is why it's mostly done indirectly mostly to covertly get rid of competition on the market and other reasons. Yup, the games "good" guys/girls play on humanity to train it for their "good" reasons - also via most modern vacciness after 1980.
     When one has a little electrical knowledge - it simply reverses a primary function of healing(eg healing of abdominal pain) into destruction(create abdominal pain) of health via psychotronics interface
and voila - one has an energetic weapon instead of a device for distant healing, in fact - this can be easily choosen in customized software. Then - one can choose headaches due to toxicity or headaches with unknown reasons - and doctors will say "it's of unknown reason" simply because this was not teached in schools.
There are many such application, either for computer, smartphone or nice programmable watches.
Word "security" was many times used to try to cover up this things - the name of the
game here is of course - what is known from corrupted satanism - "victim mentality".

You maybe see - that if one has an advanced mind programming toys - then one can
so to speak grab god's balls!! then many "important" clients of such mind programming services find such wireless service guys/girls.
This mistery business is of course always unofficial - else it would not work.

First - check this and this and this("corona/covid" is actually brainwashing sport - there is no "virus" - real causes are covert psyExperiments/psyTricks) and this.
PsyExperiments are here mostly energy harvesting experiments and energetic opressions via in-organism electro-chemistry: "neural discarge" can be compared to corona discarge - but used in organisms via neuroTransmitters, hmm - it seems our organisms are also used as nano electro-chemical-reactors for energy harvesting. Ha haa - "look ma, we are electrochemical reactors"! "For god sake son - you have mental illness!". This is more intensive in active mind programming - all T.I.'s and many times older people - from mass of people it's quite a lot, a part of quantumKnowledge - this is how some areas/cities grew quickly. InBody corona-discarge can be created in more ways for perpetum mobile wireless energy harvesting - this is just one example and it doesn't matter what one does, in the old times boom of rock concerts were for example such experiments. Recipe is simple: to you/us psyExperiments/dryFrequencies/toxins/inbodyChemicalReactions - to them your/our vital energy(probably a quantum fuel for modern building of the world/space via computer,when they become greedy - they create 'corona'/similar brainwashing,then people are more energyHarvested and brainwashing makes sure all interpret badHealthSigns as "illness"). In some cases "corona" brainwashing is only because opression/breinwashing. show/hide more - recommended.

Brainwashers name of the game is very simple - surrender, loyalty and obedience,
without their covert abuse of mindTechToys they are just simple crooks.

What about this and other illnesses - are they not real?
If you read upper part carefully - you won't have this question - but here it is.
one part of mind programming abuse is specialized in creating illnesses for brainwashing purposses, eg also using neuroLinguisticProgramming(programmingNervesViaLinguistic-languages - a kind of subliminals) for it, nowadays almost anyone can make wirelessly illness on someone else, but here it's done quite professionally:
if one is wirelessly covertly destroying someone's health with eg microwaves and telling him/her he has a migraine or some other thing - and all other believe this nonsense, s/he will probably believe it too - and in that case s/he will be brainwashed, as simple as that.
Pain(or psychologicalPain) is always trying to tell that something is not as it should be - but some ignore this warnings and then it may come to more serious stuff and then they try to catch health via pills.

What about illnesses that modify organism at micro level / micro structures?
Like i said - doctors have still quite a lot to learn, our mind has no firewall - that's why it can be reProgrammed/reConstructed, dna can be reConstructed - so it can be organism, either for good or for bad.
So - what is then "corona virus"? nothing.. ProMonkeys just made themselves proToys and now they are playing worldwide proPsychologists/mindTechGods - eg worldwide brainwashing games for more than 50years, that's all.
"Cancer" is for example quite a lot times a sign that one has been microchipped somewhere in the childhood and that is a part of making problems in someone's life, psyExploiters are specialists what concerns modern microchipping in a style of wban(wirelesBodyAreaNetwork)/pan(personalAreaNetwork) - variations are described on wikipedia, but proPsycheExperimentators use very very small microProcessors(smallest microprocessor/microchip is arround 0.05mm small). This are many times feelt eg in heals as tingling or one has dry heels, but usually this are all over the body(micro network of microchips which can easily serve as motorics or psyche/emotions manipulation or even control, but mostly used for "social/psychological experiments"). Same thing can be done without microchips(eg using psychotronics), but with microchips it's called ecoMindProgramming.

One method of creating "undetectable" psyExploiting brainwashing system - also "corona virus" - show/hide more:

Why do you think tv/radio/etc is bombarding people with "corona"? so that people would start to believe someone's deliberate lies - which is passive brainwashing(brainwashing with blind faith - no one really researches what's going on) - when one unknowingly starts to believe this nonsense - it automatically becomes their psychological slave - as simple as that, this is also a part of passivePsyConditioning. Who then becomes a sheep and who has then psychological power/control which mental slave is not aware of? brainwasher, and they love to have others around their fingers like dogs on a rope - because they are mostly lowPunch schmucks amongs them and "rule the world" mostly via good old lies and illusions and sadism/tortures used on others via any of the type of mind programming. Method used for any of this is from corrupted satanism "victimisation", so that one becomes a victim on a psychological level - this is how they gain new modern slaves - psyTricks are mostly used, so when a thought/emotion/fear/evenBodyReaction/etc comes on one's mind what concerns "corona", i recommend like some gurus/therapiests, let it go - don't hold to it. Your mind will be with one burden less and you'll feel a little more lighter/psychologicallyHealthier, in the contrary - when it's believed - it's a part of making manipulative world through you - your mind, this is how one pasivelly becomes their mindTool - (parasitic)psyConditioning is their most used method also via all their mindTech: psychotronics/neuroLinguisticProgramming/subliminals/etc.

Reading to here is enough, but if you want more of it - it's more..

Nowadays - anyone can wirelessly create illness to anyone(some therapists use them for healing/bioResonance) - this are commercial psychotronics.
So - what game are proPsyExploiters playing, simple: one uses wireless mind programming to create "illness effects" in population - then - the real thing - idiots start to look for anti-illness vaccines - and THIS - is also one of their goal(trojan horse stuff,blood is also trafficked if someone of doctors is corrupted for wireless dnk brainwashing and blood banks) - usually in this vaccines crap is there - eg nanoParts of metal(alluminium,etc) - so that specialTelecommunications/psychotronics works better or that one get's in one's blood "anti-bodies" - exactly - to slowly destroy bodies. This is called passive heard testing on new vacciness - doctors don't have to know about this - they most blindly believe to some organisation, then when a few do some real tests - they know what time is it. Do you know how many people were completelly destroyed because of vacciness in combination used with psychotronics - especially when this were firstly "tested" on population? to name a few: "cancer", epilepsia,reumatoid arthritis,"mental illness",etc etc, the list goes on. Why? simple - to subordiante a market - so called modern slaves test subjects of "legal" mind programming, business and psyExperiments.
One of the scenarios: if one gets someone on nerves - some buy psychotronics(or pay commercial mind programming services - eg "nsa") to destroy someone's health or to make someone "mentally ill"(active mind programming,hearingVoices,etc). Yes, some are low punch idiots - and use strategies like this.
Some that have knowledge - can also create custom psychotronics at home - and can directly use them - bypassing "nsa mind programming - 'security'" services, "corona/covid" are just "commercial" tools of braiwnashing sheeps in someone's favour.
      Do you know how much psychological damage have done with this "experiments"(probably also a goal) - also from the past? even god or hitler would say - "unbelievable"! basically - a base/symbol of abuse of mind programming are psychological rapes - which came into this reality via professional(not because of a need) deliberate sadistic cruel physical rapes(jobs for many oldStyle brainwashers to instill slavery mentality into kids,to destroy it's "integrity" so that a someone was whole life someone's psychological slave - the case of many many people nowadays - book could be called "games proPsyExploiters play" for their human farms) - used just like that - many media(tv/radios-manyAutomated) works for them - this are so called external brainwashing campaings/'commercials' to lead a market - a mass of people psychology. So basically psyExploiters are "legal" rapists, they experimented brainwashing via media a long time ago, and in monarchMindProgramming - when one is still around them - they brainwash kids that rape is something normal - this is to instill psychotic messed up psychotic/paranoid/psycho psychology(especially when one grows up with that manipulative/exploiting believes - on subConscious level combined with guilt and pleasure and/or false security stuff) - a part of instilling slavery psychology and it's subconscious triggers for later in life hypnotic manipulations via wireless ai(or them) for "their" market. PsyExploiters can like this then easily manipulate someone later - hypnotic effects works based on traumaBasedPsyConditioning. Then someone has a problem with finding appropriate partner and always gets the wrong one. Especially for this kind of people - i recommend 'workshops' to clear this burdens and paranoia out.

Health system(or previously church or could be anything else) are only a tools through which psyExploiters(or proBrainwashers) work - workers there don't need to know about it, this is why wireless psychotronics is a favourite modern proTerorists brainwashing tool - "clean hands" indirect brainwashing - making puppets out of people - para/exo-politics(not regular politics).
If one has for example problem breathing(or something else), this is nothing new - it's a typical part of active mind programming for more than 50years(you can check types of mind programming on this page) - psyExploiters just brainwash that it's "corona/covid", but problem with breathing(or anxiety) usually means one has either nano/micro-chipped diaphragma/lungs and/or psychtronics and/or specialTelecommunications are used to produce problems there.
Why "corona"? some either want to get rid of evidence of nanoChipped people for temporary "psychologial experiments" the "legal" way or - ha haaa - psyExploiters need more slaves in the afterlife nonCommercialSpiritual level - eg for spiritually building pyramids somewhere or something, yeah - as simple as that - consciousness laundering/brainwashing, this is how they work and fool people for their "worker bees" business.

Did anyone make tests what some of the quantum technology(or nanoChips) can do? no.. why not? If someone is abusing tax payers money to brainwash taxpayers themselfs also via media(tv/radion)/socialmedia/etc, why isn't taxpayers money also used to test this?
One nowadays just pushes a button and voila, red zone on tv/radio in some area(or world), then one(or ai) pushes second button and voila - green zone in some area - this is nowadays a part of automatized market managing for "social experiments" and quite some believe this "zones" crap and then all follow some brainwashed rules - programmable society for one's that are brainwashed(it isn't so hard to do it) - mostly abusing nonCommercial spirituality knowledge. Some of Quantum technology can nowadays reCreate everything that nature itself created, then the problem is this - proBusinessBoysGirls just want to have the best of the market managing toys for themselves - so that they can play kings and queens. QuantumTech is with "corona" abused full time.
      Method is used from the old systems(fear based mind control - hmm - even animals seems are much smarter) - but integrated into market managing artificial intelligence, which is fear/security based method, eg "let us brainwash you for your own security/good"(hipnoticPsyTrick) or "use our brainwashing fears/lies and put a mask on for your own security". Do you get it? This is brainwashing. Media is currently mainly payed so that they lie - if they know it or not - is someone testing that tv/radio corona "commercials"/braiwnashing campaigne? and if information is correct? why not? why are they exaggerating? again a good old brainwashing psyTrick - because they mostly know people are not thinking with their own head. Who has psychological power here - mouse or elephant? mouse - because it convinced elephant some lies - with which mouse can pull a tricks on him, that's all. A part of brainwashing games even from old times - and yeah - some are that low to do that globally - you probably just don't know such people.
Now - why are some people in fear because of this "virus"? mostly because they don't know anything about nonCommercial spirituality(some gurus probably also know there is no "virus"), although psychotronics nowadays also easily affects that part of dimensions(one dimension is this - physical, another dream, another astral, and so on, but there are no "viruses" in spiritual dimensions of existence although fear can be(orTorturing-called CyberTorture out of this physical dimension - perfect hidden places for modern psyTerrorists "nonDetectable" extreme torturing violence in a sense "i'll teach you a lesson")).

By the way - we had a cat named "virus", he was gay.
Hmm - i also call professional psyEnergyExploiters - viruses, because it seems they are the only ones messing with this world and others lifes with extreme psychological "experiments" for their own good - which is professional world resources exploitation.

Here - i recommend reading 'NeuroEthics++' - "Do you know anything about your 'spiritual rights'?".

I almost bet that monsanto uses psychotronics like devices to create their newborn mixed fruits(at least their 'departments') - nonCommercial spiritual way, not microbiology. This is how mind programming is also used on most people for someone's markets - for optimal productivity, but.. Who really takes(or want to take) anyone's life work/etc? psyExploiters. In the past - manytimes works from creativePerson/scientist/etc was stolen by them so that it didn't went into public and that person was brainwashed/destroyed if that thing was interested to 'higher rase'. Nowadays scientist get a paper - nobelPrize, and maybe more builded-up ego(manipulated/false/brainwashed feeling of social acceptance - exactly what psyExploiters want - so that people are more blind what's really going on). People/beings are honey bees for them, psychotronics are taking people's "bee" wirelessly in form of creativeIdeas/(psychological)energy/wayOfThinking(andEnforceNewOneViaPsyConditionings)/strategies/etc(mindStealing) - in short psyEnergyExploiting, that's why they mask/brainwash tyredness/other(and most of health system personell) with depression/anxiety/"cancer"(typicalCovertPsychotronicsOrMicrochipsThing)/disorders/"mental disorders"/etc(even in schools) - but the real causes are mindTech abuse. Now - if this is not a black comedy - i don't know what it is.
In short - what are this clowns playing? "all that is ok/good on you is ours(or trafficked for our customers), all that is bad on us(or elsehow) is forced to you!". The ok/good can be someone property or ideas or something else, the bad is illness/mentalIllnes, in short mind controlled quality control used on society as a whole in their favour(exploitation of world resources), which produces unneded problems. This business mostly became from mindStealing methods - although mild/hard parasiticMindControl(or mindProgramming) is mostly used - worst there is. This is their "corona/covid". Regular politics are mostly their puppets also, just check first tv/radio what they say and you'll maybe know what i mean - brainwashed kindergarten.

Professional mind programmers("market managers") use "virus" brainwashing commercials/campagne for more reasons - especially via automatized media tv/radios/socialmedia(facebook,...)/etc because they know quite some people are sheeps 'feed' by their information world(do you have an illnes which is called dependant from thoughts/information? many do - psyExploiters count on it so that you can be easily 'undetectably' reBrainwashed/reProgrammed by their external lies - a part of brainwashing circus):
    this was already before(if i am correct arround 1980) - which were tests of covert mind programming markets leaded by ai which leads many media(desinformations). Many media eg tv/radio stations are completelly automated by ai - some think a human is reading the news while ai is on many doing/reading all the work.
One can not tell the difference if ai or human is reading the news on radio - some payable services are good - much better than that of regular windows 7/10 or linux text readers.
Even one of the doctors said: "don't watch tv/radio for at least two weeks, you will be much more healthy". I agree with that statement completelly. In the past church was the tool for massive brainwashing - nowadays it's tv/radio fake news + psychotronics.

So how is this circus created?
Pretty easily, because most people are at least under passive brainwashing nowadays
all can be wirelessly brainwashed at least with thoughts/emotions/neuroLinguisticProgramming.
So - from inside good old fear/manipulation/etc(something like this videospot title and 1st lyrics words) - is used on people via thoughts/emotions manipulations, while from outside media brainwashing. This is the easiest and most efficient massive brainwashing method, in old times it could be only done from outside - nowadays this is done also from inside via "synthetic telepathy" or psyEntrainment - for sheepy heads turning here and there and everywhere. Hmm - some say there is powerty in the world somewhere - bollocks - for making this artificial circus it certainly isn't - quite some resources are available just for this - it could be called ecoDesign!
Does media or WHO(worldHealthOrganisation) tell the whole story? why not? do they know anything about mind programming abuse or must they not know anything about it?
How this automated mindTechSystem works?
it has probably in advance set in which year there will be certain "virus", eg at 1960 one in 1980 another in 2020 same/another in 2040 same/other, preSet in advance.
The same is with "corona" - which is not a virus - but something else which is more a threat to humanity as a whole, doctors still have quite a lot to learn.
This is a part of managing markets via covert mind programming - it can be either created by automated systems via ai or created manually via mindProgramming groups.

How would anyone create health "system" or a "virus"(a good old lie/illusion for massive brainwashing)?
Easily - but psychotronics(or/and microchips) must be involved which can work from a distance - society then become programmable at a distance via health - which became psyEnergyExploiting sport with time.
Our mind has no firewall - so it's easily exposed to psyEnergyExploiting predators, meaning psychotronics can affect anyone's mind(organism) at a distance - "virus"(any biological structure) can be programmed into someone - but that doesn't mean one is ill - braiwnashing(lied interpretation) tries to convince people nowadays that. This was at first a game of 'corrupted satanic/cia games and deceptions' and then went into a business.
So - what are then that idiots which test for "corona" doing? nothing - playing brainwashed kindergarten. If one has on microbiological level a few structures - they think one is ill. Not so - brainwashing games of interpretation of a few microstructures - which can nowadays anyone create/manage into anyone - wirelessly by the help of psychotronics or by the help of nano/micro-chips. Hmm - "swine flu" was the best from their manual of lies and deceptions, this is why clowns had smiles bigger than their faces back then.
    Our organism can be rewritten for good or for bad(also dna - what do you think 'neuroTransmitters' and/or chi spots in body are? a lot abused for energyTrafficking and similar stuff by psyExploiters and then "depression").
So, how would i(or anyone else) then create any "virus", which are probably nowadays preProgrammed in advance(which is health system abuse via ai+psychotronics+nanochips).
Easily, pain is one thing - but interpretation of pain is another. When any kind of pain is produced(eg hitting someone with a hammer, or producing covert psychological pain with eg microwaves/psychotronics/microchips - typical schizophrenia/psychosis thing) - that pain is still 'innocent'/neutral, it isn't yet dirtified with intelect - which is interpretation of that pain(intelectually 'grasping' what that is). When one associates that pain with some interpretation - THAT is called psyConditioning(in mindProgrammingAbuse it's forcing artificial intellectual preProgrammed interpretation into someone's subconciousMind - which is literally mind programming or mindRape - nowadays at least passivelly mostly used on all - some more some less). PsyExploiters knows this method very well - in fact they steal this kind of ideas from creative children which go into their base of ai knowledge for their later ai psyStrategies(this was in the past first ideas and/or mind stealing business) - but they are the only ones that uses them in this world for their 'covert cia' crap for psyConditioning/opression/psyTerror/psyExperiments/etc.
    This is the whole story behind real nlp(neuroLinguisticProgramming) - a part of mind programming abuse, althouth pain+interpretation is with psychotronics tryed to be made mostly simultaneously - conscious 'choice' is mildly('unnoticably')/hard mindRaped/forced - this is why it's called mind programming - literally.
What is then "virus"? nothing.. exactly what was written above - not only 'innocent' pain - but forced interpretation(then naturally - pathology is born) - which is in mind programming abuse or "commercial" mind control. "Virus" is a science fiction(pain is real but in this biz produced wirelessly eg for headache,migrain,disorders,"mental illness",depression,etc opressions), "virus" is illusion - psyExploiters are mainly illusionists/liars/deceivers so they can run their human farms in their favour(and live on expense of other people bad health/suffering through vitalEnergy science, that's why i callthem parasites,bloodSuckers) - a "health system" can be nowadays created indirectly - meaning doctors mainly don't have anything to do with this(in fact - they are a part of the brainwashing circus - the only reason why doctors die from an illness which they should suppose to treat), but it's behind creators of brainwashing with manipulative contents.
So, in short - (psychological) pain is unnoticably produced by psychotronics(when it isn't from external sources) - then mind is with psychotronics manipulated to grasp that pain as something, let it be 'corona','covid','cancer','breast cancer'(which is usually microchipping), vaginal/prostate 'cancer'(usually also microchipping - but psychotronics can be also used). All of this is nowadays automated so that a few can get the best of this life has to offer and for others - ilnesses. Hmm - a nice try.
This is a basic/base method of all of this brainwashing circus.

While this idiots are wasting our time with their market lies and slaves markets - we could at least have a few ok parties or something else, but noooo, people must be depressive..
Why do you think animals don't have masks? only because someone's ai+psychotronics and media is brainwashing people - otherwise animals would have masks(animals don't learn from media - tv/radio/socialmedia) - that's all. It seems animals are much more ahead than people - civilisations ahead - they don't respect brainwashing social rules and are psychologically much more healthy. Their behaviour is also not affected by 'global' lies, because this kind of lies are meant and brainawshing only humans, not animals nor fruits nor plants. It's business of a few - nothing more nothing less - because it can be done although not all would do it, some just worked out a few ideas. When psyExploiters "cia" physically rape for installing slavery mentality into a kids mind for their modern slaves market - they are almost applaused for their methods, but when regular mortal does that - one is thrown into jail if caught - now why do you think this is so? you should see their behaviour(also in their sexual psyConditioning) - i am sure all your illusions what one can and can not do would drop immediatelly. In their blackPsyOp operations or monarchMindProgramming process or SRA(satanicRitualAbuse) or "black mass/ritual" - it's only fun'n games - they make fun or celebrating other people suffering - mind programm someone with quantum mindTech or rape kids or wo/men for psyConditioning but this was probably firstly hiddenly abused to create any kind of psychological/body tests on prostitutes/kids for not that regular but "illegal"(pure sadistical/violent) porn movies, now - who does that? professionally spoiled psychopaths, some call them sadists, animals are not so primitive.
If psyExploiters would be old and could not do anything - i am 100% sure that they would hit with their helper stick on the floor "bring me my slave"!

If one force with psychotronics(or mindTech) wirelessly too much of this things(psychological pain + reinterpretation of that pain) - what happens? many times comma - under which many other psyTests are tried - this are nowadays "psychological experiments" - extreme violence - always a part of monarchMindProgramming process, electroshocks/drowning and similar things in a "tank full of water" also - so that when a kid is fully psyTortured - torturers voice asks "will you work for us? do you want to be saved by us?", a part of systematic subconscious will breaking methods - this is what i mean when i write "higher rase" - they think they are something special. For certainly they are not, it just shows their stupidiness, if something in this world is immortal - it seems it is their stupidiness. Many are professionally and utterly obsessed with previous slavery systems(slaverySystemMakers), so they have mental illness which it seems can't be cured.
i won't write much about this here(more in 'workshops') but.. this was a lot tested on many of us in monarchMindProgramming(they have neuroToys/mindTech so that they can put other into sleep when they reProgramm a 'monarch' kid - eg - they empty some area(village or town) only to reProgramm an individual - a part of the 'mkUltra/cia/nsa' crap circus.
I call them spoiled psychopaths - some old folks would probably call them betraitors - because they abuse quantum tech. Is it only theirs? no.. and it certainly isn't meant for covert abuse to brainwash humanity as a whole.