Quick info + a few tips for basic protection

Wireless mind control/programming abuse is very easily recognized,
all of a sudden everything becomes wrong in someone's life - 24hours a day suffering(from wireless electronic torturing) intensifies.
Psychological/physical health as was from normal life/people being taken for granted is gone - tortures becomes a 24hours a day constant
training even for people that would not kill a fly(most t.i.-s don't have criminal records) - the real business terrorists are mind control abusers.
This is usually when someone's life falls appart so to speak.
Someone can usually not function for basic survival needs since head/cognitive abilities are being 24hours a day
destroyed: hard targets - hence many t.i.-s are missdiagnosed with 'mental illness',
mild targets: may only have a mild tinnitus/mild-headache/mild-intrusive-thoughts/etc - hence the term 'disorders'.
Why? mostly to advance tyranic/sadistic mind control by the "good" guys/girls not
for security - but specifically for modern exploitative/global-modern-robbing reasons(it's not personal).
Anyone can become a part of this: regular people/financially-rich/regular-politics(known havana syndrome)/doctors/singers/etc - this is the whole story
why 'bumps' exists(they became t.i.-s somewhere in the past not being aware of that).
By the way - mind control abUse is the most popular thing on the black market for a long long time now and
is 100% the most payed job for different kind of corrupted people for easy money.
The method is simple: attack/exploit people with something they don't know exists or don't know how to defend themselves,
this is the only reason why many people were falselly diagnosed with "disorder" or "mental illness"(a simple mild irradiation of the head 24hours a day).

Symptoms, usually 24hours a day circulating - 1st one/two/three/etc
symptoms/electroTortures simultaneously then after that next one/two/three/etc symptoms/electroTortures etc:

add/adhd(children OR adults - more or less for experiment or opressive reasons if someone get's someone on nerves),
suddenly out of nowhere - one becomes "heavy" like one would be 140 years old(even if s/he is 10,20,30,40,etc) - this is almost instantly,
burning legs syndrome - like feet nerves would burn(too dry heels is also a sign of this),
so called brain fog or sleepiness/tyredness(a part of depression training mostly whole day - prozac/others are mostly toxic - it's not doctors/etc but breinwashers thing),
migraines(i usually get 3 harsh for 2hours a day if it is not treated with something) - pain in temples is also a good sign one is a part of electronicTortures(a t.i.),
tinnitus(i got sometimes harsh 3 at the same time + other things), chronic exhaustion(100% sign one is a t.i.) - one is usually after sleep more tyred then when it went to sleep
which is from irradiating of someone's organism, pain anywhere in the body, heated parts of the body or fewer(this is either from ionized irradiation - xrays/gammaRays or from microwaves etc),
red or burning skin(same as before), body is shaking while at the same position(same as before - try walking here and there to release some of radiation or go take a shower),
sudden aggression out of nowhere(same/similar as before), nausea/melanchonia/general-tyredness/sleepiness-through-the-day/trans/inability-to-think/disorganised-thoughts(same as before),
tooth pain or out of a sudden a tooth get's cracked(psychotronics tricks or implanted tooth via facial nerves), forced thoughts or prevention of thinking(usually eeg/other mind manipulations),
hearing voices(some call this v2k - can be angelic/demonic/bullying/etc) - which is abuse of
wNLP(wirelessNeuroLinguisticProgramming that only the one who is automatically targeted - hears - one of perfect tortures since others don't hear it and one can not turn this off,
it's something like when a bully puts a blanked on and arround a cat's head and wrap it with something that a cat can not get off by itself, anything can be played into someone's
head - radio news / music / etc - but here to make it look like a 'mental illness' - i made a simple software how cca it's heard which is in the "news" section - voices like
3DDolbySurround in someone's heads is poping/whispering out of nowhere 24hours a day - very good for nerves - since it's made for psychological torture,
this kind of mindTech is known by some scientists("Hearing voices" section) and is also sometimes used eg in few modern museums/airports to not bother others - of course in plus).
Etc,etc - i think you get the idea.

The most easy to micro/nano-chip anyone are usually temples(or under scalp) - because one just put it with
two needles that can be bought anywhere in the near temple areas, and voila - one is an easy target(usually done in childhood or some parties/orgies/etc).
Head is usually the most targeted - temples are the perfect spot for any professional wireless torturer/brainwasher.
There are subcategories for mind control/programming - it can be of course also used in plus(and also without micro/nano-chips),
altough t.i.-s are usually implanted for easier harsh/torturing based mind control/programming method tests.
Here is all sort of info on this subjects.

Tips - a must have for any t.i.:

Mind control/programming by itself is not a problem, but it depends who and how it's used(like anything else).
Professional exploiters aka spoiled psychopaths(modern mental/etc robbers) use it extensivelly for cruel/sadistic tortures on people
for exploitative reasons that many people can not even imagine. Abuse of wireless mind control is easily recognized - a little more extreme cases
which are written at the top of the page, or someone goes into school killing eg other people(agression/suffering psyche training) - which is
kindof a tip of an iceberg(this is why i recommend going running or go working to get mind control buildup aggression out).
The most extreme cases are isolated people, eg living their whole lifes in houses suffeing mind control
not being aware they are a part of wireless lab rats experiments/business/sport and a part of regular Sadistic Mental ReInforcenment Mind Control methods,
(this are the most critical people which needs a little help if you are interested - there is a paragraph in 'news' section about this)
since sometimes bullyies(the "good" guys/girls) who get some new working psychologicaTrick(psyTrick) controlling someone's mind/life via wireless psychological
tyranny may get a bonus from their "bosses" on a 'black market' - this are of course sometimes throwing their lower mind control workers
bones - so that they don't loose them.
Whole wireless mind control pyramid(the biggest corrupted business in history) is based on such sadistic abuses.

Wireless mind control/programming is nothing new, it's with humanity for more than 50years(even from before wars)
and extensivelly abUsed here and there through the world for different reasons - mostly sport/business/"psychological experiments"/etc.
Regular non-corrupted mental health "professionals"(nowadays most of them) are not teached about this kind of things in schools,
altough there are some of them that know and acknowledge targeting and try to help such people even with lawsuits/etc.
There are also a looot of non-profit organisations through the world - more on this somewhere on the main site.

Why and from who?
mostly for sadistical "managing of the market" for longterm exploitations/brainwashing-experiments/sport, but
reasons may differ - indirectly could be a few exploitative old business sects or few modern cults which torturing is their method to achive what
they want, their wireless ai(or them or their clients who pay for such services) chooses a few percent of humanity to be sacrified for this
"psychological experiments"(nowadays quite a lot) for testing and advancing and how good wireless ai can lead someone's life
via wireless electronic psyche/organism tortures.
It is usually not personal and mostly not from politics nor "mafia" - but people on a black market
doing business with mind control usually for general exploitative waters - using many either for mind tools for "managing the market"
or doing more tests of wireless mind control - how to advance their psychological methods to get bonus from someone bigger mind control maniac(spoiled psychopaths)
than them. It's just "rub under the carpet" business - don't let others(especially mental 'specialists') know about it, soo - the good old "fascists" way thing.
  If someone is a stab in the back person - it may find people who are doing business with mind control and may pay to activate micro/nano-chips
for someone who s/he is nano/micro-chipped(or use psychotronics) from that moment on usually for maany years - to target some person. This is mostly automatically - but
may be also if someone gets someone on nerves - so to speak - and is usually for them better to be silenced, made "crazy" or disabled somehow - because some like
to play kings and queers(weasels dictators morrons), etc, life is to t.i.-s controlled in very "unseen" ways via wireless ai - altough not all t.i.-s are aware of it.

This is not sentimentalism - many people's lifes have been "undetectably" seriously controlled/destroyed only to test sadistic wireless ai
on people without any reason - just like that like on lab rats. It goes from serial killers programmed human toys to regular people.
It could be - that whatever their wireless ai chooses later for "best of mind control", could be used to later program their 'bitches'/victims so to speak - in
this case many people as mind tools explicitly for brainwashing/exploitation circle. Something like corrupted satanism.
The best of mind control was practiced on quite many - MonarchMindProgramming(also kids) - how to create
a totally mind controlled slave - such kids were preprogrammed for life one of the books is here(also on ebay/amazon/etc).
There were days when spoiled psychopaths competed who will create more - totally mind controlled slave via best of whole history tortures,
so yes - all of this goes easily into crimes against humanity.
There were also days when psychologists couldn't figure out what's happening with folk, it was this.
This is the only time the direct wireless 100% mind control is used along systematic tortures(for "psychological experiments"),
usuall t.i.-s through life are a part of active mind programming(not so intense because it would be too obvious)
and some are a part of passive(the least intense - one can in this mode at least somehow function for basic survival needs).

The first thing their wireless ai will try to do in a t.i. is destroy psyche(harsh headaches/irradiation/etc),
then try to destroy any humanism in a person so that one becomes a "reptile"(cognitive abilities destroyed alla "mental illness/disorder" style)
and then try to lead someone to people that are already programmed(usually mind controlled half-crazy idiots that are already living a toxic life).
In fact - this is the only reason why some women don't get away from husbands who hits them(he is an mindcontrolled buildup dictator and the other person is weak) - both
are tests subjects and programmed via family violence, the same is for preProgrammed "cia" parents in which family violence is a subject of testing sadistic mind control.

Those idiots made a lot of eg making a kind of sadistic art of mind control - since they made fully functional wireless ai via eg programming someone's
head via voices to make it look like it's mental illness, altough just a simple hammer on the head daily in the morning would do the trick for anyone in this
world for such tortures to be in trance whole day not being able to function - including them. Why so? if someone is using violence - eg hitting someone with
hammer on the head it would be too obvious and someone could stop that, but using violent wireless mind control? not everybody is aware of that kind of violence.
Or a simple irradiation of the head(which is used extensivelly) would
also do the trick - why so advanced mindTech only to try to convince mental health "specialists" someone has a "mental illness"?
because it seems they don't have better things to do or maybe they have too much time.
They should be thrown on the mars - and let play weasels dictators and torture there amongst themselves.