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Here may be a shop in the future what concerns less emf(electroMagneticFrequencies) products, products for targeted individuals, etc, but for now..

A few online shops that i found about emf: this, this and this, and this which recognizes 'electronic harassment' as a crime,
also - all symptoms written under 'List of Associated Harassment Activities' are true - if not for one t.i. - then for another.

For targeted individuals and/or electrohypersensitive people and/or not-vital in general,
i would recommend testing bed cannopies - altough i didn't test them yet since they are quite expensive - so i don't know if they work.
I only know that if one is a part of serious 24hours a day targeting by brainwashers wireless ai like myself - anything is better than nothing.
For now - i am testing some things - but it may work for some and not for others - besides wireless ai uses something like signal intelligence - smart signals,
which are quite tricky to get rid off - since when one shield a part of an area - targeting may come from some other direction.
When i begin to have something like a wasp would 1st be trapped into left shoulder and then pain starts to be produced there(doctors won't usually know what this is), i put an anti emf hat that i bought here on a shoulder and voila, pain within cca 1 minute dissapears. If i remove the hat - concentrated pain comes back, power/knowledge of either concentrated rf or psychotronics - concentrated laser works similarly.
BUT - the trick is to put it right, if one just puts it over some painful area of 'unknown' cause, it might or it might not work. Not sure - but i think this are microwaves or some magnetron+rf variation of it, since it's nervous/spiky energy and since when i put the hat right on the shoulder, it's kind of weird.. concentrated pain first begins to spread/vanish down all over the body like it would be flooded/dispersed and with time - dissapears. Typical sign one is under energetic treatment since pain is artificially produced by wireless ai, if one doesn't know the real cause - one becomes psyConditioned/brainwashed since then one doesn't search for the real cause, which is exactly what brainwashers want - because this is how they simulate "illness". Some materials probably shield better than others what concerns this.
What concerns using this same hat as it's original function - like hat, for targeted individuals(active mind programming) with a little more intensive symptoms - one is usually not enough, but two may make at least daily headaches/heavy-thoughts(brainfog - a part of depression) - dissapear.
Of course - professional shielding is probably the best option what concerns this.
Also, quality sleeping/resting place is quite important - since most of 'natural'(problems in the electric house wiring system/etc)/artificial targeting of anyone(not just targeting individuals) happens there, since then one has at least a little energy to go through the day.
How one knows it's not targeted at all? simple.. but for now i won't write about it here.

Anyone that would like to check his/her own house of eg emfSmog(tooMuchElectroMagnetic smog - aka dirty electricity) or to check quality of air
let it be regualr person, targeted individual or electroHypersSensitivityPerson, i have enough devices to check this. Quality of air is important for asthmatics.
Testing heavy metals in the body or water is also included - the intoxication effect with them are mostly known to all - so this is a part of this tests.
Quality of water is important for all - so basic water quality tests is also included, it could also be that water pipes are somewhere old/corrosive/leaking/etc.
Less emf(or any other electromagnetic frequencies) means better ambiental living quality - especially important in sleeping rooms where one should wake up rested, not tyred.
An good explanation(although in this video extreme - usually just a few things are needed for better living environment) about emf(also emf/electricity professional) is here.
Although such emf "dissinfection" can release some symptoms either as a whole or from mind programming for one that are hardly affected by activeMindProgramming or are ehsPeople, targeted individuals etc, it's advised to either become a part of 'workshops' or contact one of us, because video like treatment can be usefull and can be a way to release some of the worst symptoms(some advice that on worst 'psychic' attacks one goes to cave or basement under houses - which usually works - but not practical) - but, what happens when that kind of person goes into another enviroment without professional house protection?
If one is interested - one can write me an email. I am not a electrician - but i can check things in house with devices meant for that
and depending on that - advice what should be done to correct some problems what concerns dirty electricity or some other things.
Here - only checking some area is payable - nothing else. Advices aren't payable.

Program - that can plot frequencies/signals data on google earth from data collected when one drives in a car around - virtually anywhere when one want's to check this.
So - basically one needs a few things for this to work: a cheap rtlsdr(can be bought on online shops for around 20-30eu/us, i recommend version3 because it can measure down to 100khz and up to 1.7M), a gps device(i have u-blox7 but others are probably ok too - as long as they can spit out NMEA sentences), a laptop(and apropriate cable which can produce enough power for it via cigarette power), and one of linux os(if there will be interest - i'll try to write it for windows too).
When this is all set up in a car and laptop is running - one just clicks in a program a few settings and then 'record' and basically this is it. File is stored to disk which can be later imported into google earth to view most powerful signals from where one drove to.
It's quite handy app - although for now only for rtlsdr - for hackrf it doesn't work well - so for hackrf version i'll have to rewrite program which will be payable and possibly that 'end' button will work better.
There are some similars apps - but didn't do what i was trying to do - so this is here.
Program is here - although sometimes this site may not be available.

And what concerns all of this..
Of course donations are always welcome - if not for other - for balancing space rentals and/or for some tests.
If one want's to donate - for now one can write me an email.