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Sexuality is nowadays more like "a little bit of (para)politics to me, and a little bit of (para)politics to you" - exoPolitics sticking their noses
where there's no place for them. PsyExploiters(some kind of exoPolitics) are in this things messing arround with others lifes for a long long time, how?
Simple, because nowadays we are more or less all a part of psyConditioning(mindProgramming) - some more some less, this is automatically included also in this things.
Wouldn't it be good for sexuality to be freed once again, worldwide?
And also having parties without alcohol or drugs?
I am all for it - but first things first..

Here - it's meant for sexual therapy and/or refresher and/or any kind of sexual issues - it isn't necesary a mind programming / exploitations thing,
so anyone that doesn't exploit such things and wants to contribute(as a 'healer'-a volunteer) or wants to be in 'therapeutic' like process, is welcome.
Of course, if someone was a part of sexual rape or sexual violence only etc, one is also welcome. In this cases i don't think that just talking can do much - but it can be a start.
So - this is primarily meant for therapeutic stuff - but don't get me wrong, if someone just wants to have this kind of experience or is interested in this things - one is also welcome.

Some people think "open" sex is only for bad boys/girls, altough this is totally wrongly misinterpreted, since bad boys/girls will usually
involve alcohol/drugs in this kind of things(and maybe unwanted violence), while here we don't. People that are too family type - well, they are simply
psyConditioned by probably unconscious sadomasohism, sometimes only living a certain family life style only because it's accepted by others nourishing 'shell' psyConditioning.
Personally i am not only for monolithic or only for open relationships - as one likes, but: one fearing exposing to either one means there is certain unresolved stuff underneath.
Sexual health is just one part of a health spectrum, most too closed/monolithic relationships can't do here much - eg two people together having sex as a routine but not talking openly about sex with others - which is again a preference - but many times it hides unresolved things.

Although first things first - this kind of therapies are usually not just jumping to sexual therapy/tantra - it depends in what condition someone is.
For example - if one has a very weak body(maybe because of mind programming, or because someone threated someone violently physically every day, or some other thing) - one should 1st unburden a few things.
If for example one want's to resolve physical rape issues etc - talking with a good wo/man psychologists or some of us would be a good start.
Etc etc..
Of course - people that just want to experience tantra are also welcome - although here - someone could be a potential volunteer for this workshops.

In general, if anyone was a part of mind programming(or physical rape),
just usual stuff will usually not work and sexual therapy is highly recommended for anyone that either:
1) is a little serious about unraveling psyConditioning
2) likes to digg into 'subConscious' stuff
3) has a kind of explorative nature
4) just likes to work with that kind of things for therapeutic purposses

Here - two things are meant:
* apropriate individuals that go together - eg a 'healer'(a volunteer) and someone who wants to do something in sexual therapy direction
* a group of people('healers'-volunteers), but also in direction of sexual therapy, unraveling someone's sexual/other (deep/subconscious)beliefs, healing someone's part from sexual rape, etc

Many would be probably surprised how many issues/psyConditions can reSurface in sexual therapies. Also the ones that doesn't have anything to do with sex - this are usually meant in sexual therapies.
By the way - nothing birocracy like here - this 'workshops' aren't meant for too much birocracy.

This will be available if there will be enough people for it - you can write me on an email in left 'links' section to check this out or other questions.

In tantra - there is usually all kind of people, an example on one of the webpages is this or this folk.
An typical stereotipic hype is that this is only for rich and/or classy people. Not so - although personally i don't give a damn about "black tantra", of course - we are not all sadists - so this is not the place for that kind of people.