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To create an article(if approved) - you can go to any online web editor(like thisFull or simple version,
paste article text into it and optionally decorate it(title must be bold and with at least one line-break,like in down sample). When that is done, press 'Source' button and copy all it's contents(Ctrl-a=selectAll,Ctrl-c=copy) into some new created file(desktop=>RMouseButton=>New text file) - eg 'article.html'. If it asks you if you want to make changes to extansion - press yes. Then, file can be double clicked and voila, one has a preview of article in html(webLikeForm).
But, if one does not know how to do upper steps - it can just send me regular text and i will convert it to html form - which is needed to show it on a web page.

Trust(alsoWorldwide) - the most used method of manipulation via mind programming
Sample user article - sex manipulations/conditioning in dreams
1st brainwashers tool/method - sadism, abuse and sistematic torture
add/adhd in children, autism, etc. Disorder?
are side effects from many pills just "side effects"?